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VG Collecting  (Read 2815 times)

Posted on 17 May 2013, 05:21:43
I know most of the users in Ashtear are(were?) gamers and still do so.
I also assume some still have a lot of games. (I have seen lots of pics of Racky buying ps2 games) and since it has become one of my hobbies to collect different kinds of games, first of all, I'd like to show my collection and if possible and then have people show their precious collection or select favorite games they currently own.

  • This is my main cabinet and it's located on my VG room and it's split in 3 columns: Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony

  • I decided to get a smaller shelf to put in my "retro gaming room" and only contains NES, SNES and N64

Collecting video games (specially retro games) is becoming a serious thing to me. I've been getting at least 5 games per week and gradually increasing in price.  Of course I have the consoles plugged into an old school tv and play some of this games randomly  ;D

Oh and I also have a bunch of gaming magazines I collected through the years as well :3
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Posted on 17 May 2013, 09:11:30
A friend of mine has a massive collection of video games (he keeps track of them via an Excel spreadsheet). I think the only system that I would like to collect games for is the Super NES, I really enjoyed that system as a kid (despite the fact that I actually owned a Genesis).

Posted on 22 May 2013, 04:39:15
I actually added a whole crap of games to my collection xD including some n64, nes and snes with their boxes 8D! it just makes me so happy to see them all complete and stuffs :3


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