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Scrolls  (Read 1090 times)

Posted on 20 Jun 2013, 01:40:56

GUYS! From the creators of Minecraft, I bring you Scrolls.
It is an online single/multiplayer collectable card game for PC and Mac. If any of you have played anything like Magic: The gathering, Yu-gi-oh or even pokemon, you're in for a nice treat.
The game's goal is to try to destroy the opponents Idols by lowering their health (10 hit points) to 0. You have to sacrifice a card (known as scrolls) to gain resources which then allow you to play a creature, spell or enchantment on any slot in the field.
  • It is a very tactic game and there's alot of stuff going on even though it looks very simple.
  • The art is very cool looking.
  • You start with one of three decks of your choosing (You can opt to buy the other 2 with in-game currency or real money.)
  • Very easy to pick up and you can play vs AI on easy, medium, hard and do challenges. Quick match and ranked is also available for multiplayer.
  • You can trade or sell cards to other players.

Even though you can use real money to buy some stuff, it really doesn't help you that much. Once you buy the 3 starter decks, you can't re-buy copies of them and thus, you are left with buying card packs that you can only get with in-game currency.


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