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Dungeon Cheat Sheet~  (Read 5120 times)

Posted on 20 May 2013, 16:08:58
June 25th Update! Now that I've gone through each dungeon a few more times while keeping up on WP forums, I have new insights into bosses (and have added the missing ones). Also, I have added information to help with HARD runs as well. New material will appear in blue!

So, if anyone is like me, they like to have an idea of what they're getting into before jumping in. I decided to make a mini guide for dungeons that lets people know recommended levels, quests/kharas (including how many runs are needed), and boss strategies. If anyone has something to add, please post. :D My info comes from playing DPS and trolling forums, so hints from the other jobs would especially help!

General Tips for All Dungeons!
* All parties should have a tank, a healer, and several DPS (damage dealers), preferably a mix of ranged and melee. 4 person parties are okay, even when at the minimum level, but five person goes faster.
* Go slow and have the tank pull mobs to the group. Charging in will likely get you killed.
* The tank should use tab to screen for "traps" on the ground (unidentified monster). At higher levels, DPS can likely snipe these (must do 1k ranged damage, usually a crit), but at lower levels, the tank should run up and hit it. Otherwise, they tend to like to spawn behind the party and hug the healer. These traps can be stunned! Feel free to use your stun of choice and dps it down in comfort. HARD mode traps have around 1.6k hp.
* DPS should always prioritize saving the healer - if they're hitting a mob and see one switch to rush the healer, the DPS should switch their target ASAP.
* The healer's main focus is keeping the tank and themselves alive. Everyone should have pots, but especially make sure to have plenty on DPS in case the healer is busy.
* With few exceptions, DPS should kill boss adds as soon as they spawn, as these tend to rush for healers. However, some bosses buff up with their last 10% hp or so, so when the boss is almost dead, switch to full DPS on boss.
* Despite what it says, gear CAN be traded in the dungeon after it drops, as long as it has not been worn. For Kharas, pass around the weapon before leaving the dungeon.
* If someone dies, wait to loot the body until they respawn/are revived. You can't roll if you're dead.
* To reset a dungeon, make sure everyone is out, then the leader needs to click the swirly icon on the mini-map.
* HARD mode monsters do NOT count for kharas - if you want your board to look neat and tidy, you must do all kills on NORMAL. You can always leave the dungeon and come back when overleveled to solo, or help out guildies as they go through.

Minimum level to take Kharas: 12
# Runs for completion: 1
# Quests: 3
# Kharas: 3 (ep1/col2/row4, ep1/col3/row5, ep1/col5/row8)
# Item Kharas: 1 (ep1/col4/row5)
Important Item Drops: Male Thiefbug Card, Female Thiefbug Card

This dungeon is easily soloed by pretty much any class, though FS aco would take long. I recommend sticking to the edges (there are unexpected summons through the center path) and bringing some pots for GTB. If you're a thief, you can just sneak around in hide and get everything done in a few minutes. In HARD mode, this dungeon is just as easy. Reno the tank and send him first on a run through - in the third room, hang left and climb the stairs on the edge to where you can run to GTB in peace. GTB himself is a miniboss, so use stuns/debuffs to your heart's content!

Wolves Cave (WC)
Minimum level to take Kharas: 17
# Runs for completion: 2
# Quests: 3
# Kharas: 4 (ep1/col1/row5, ep1/col2/row5, ep1/col2/row6, ep1/col2/row7)
# Item Kharas: 2 (ep1/col10/row1, ep2/col5/row9)
Important Item Drops: Red Rackuf Name Tag, any Rotten Molar weapon

In order to get all 3 story quests, you must have finished all of the quests at Jacob's Cottage and completed the treasure hunter's quests at the base of the hill (including killing Gold Genius, a miniboss).

The quickest way to go through the dungeon is to take the first left, kill boss, continue forward to next place, turn left to kill boss, then go back and go straight for the last boss. You only need to worry about killing 2 Rackuf Trainers the first run since you need to return a second time to kill the bosses.

Adventurer Poporing: Kill adds, move out of green poison (which means if it hits the tank, you need to run out of it and the boss will follow), and be prepared to become a poporing - it goes away quickly!
Arachnoa: The tank should face him away from the stairs and ranged should park there. Kill adds as they come, but nothing really special otherwise.
Red Scar: If you pull him across the bridge and midway through the platform, his buddies should reset. If you continue on to the stairs, he'll reset, so don't go that far. Keep him turned away from the ranged. Kill adds as usual, and if he puts a red crack on the ground, move away from it - it'll explode in a few seconds. If you take too long to kill him, he'll enrage (increase damage/aspd).

Izlude Cave (IC) + Temple of the Sea God (SGT)
Minimum level to take Kharas: 24
# Runs for completion: 5 (IC) + 3 (SGT)
# Quests: 3 + 5
# Kharas: 4 (ep2/col5/row3, ep2/col7/row3, ep2/col1/row3, ep2/col2/row4)
# Item Kharas: 2 (ep2/col10/row3, ep2/col5/row9)
Important Item Drops: Leviathan's Heart, Broken Trident

These are two separate dungeons in Izlude, but the Kharas are shared and completing IC opens SGT. The fifth quest is easy to miss - if you talk to the Merman Merchant at the base camp, you can buy a quest starter.

The most annoying part about IC is the khara requires 10 Medra kills, but only 2 load (and they are at the very end). If you have a good party, it's not a bad idea to kill the bosses each time since the gear is nice, but it's also possible (though a little tricky) to run through/past bosses and kill them. You can also nicely ask a higher level player to blast through and kill them, or have people with a hide move to sneak through and kill. The kills count as long as you're in the dungeon, even if you're on the other side of it and/or dead. This last sentence might not be true now.. last I tried, killing mobs while the rest of the party was at the entrance did not count. It could have been a bug, but it's possible it was a deliberate change, too.

Except for the marine sphere sinew (and purchase ticket) quests, the SGT quests are given inside the dungeon. To collect the Marine Sphere Sinew, have people attack the Marine Spheres with ranged hits. If they explode, you can't harvest the sinew. The most I've gotten on a run is 9, but you need 3 Leviathan kills, so don't stress about completing it in one run. It's much easier to avoid the bosses in this dungeon if you just want to power through to Leviathan on later runs.

Vadon King: Easy boss - have ranged stand a bit away so ranged DPS can pick off self destructing Sandistars quick, but otherwise kill adds and whack away. He does a lightning aoe that's hard to see, but as melee DPS I've always just sat there and potted if need be. However, on HARD, he becomes one of the toughest (go figure). Now, you definitely want to keep him far away and move out of sparks, plus focus on adds ASAP with ranged. He summons tons of bombs and they LOVE to kill people. As melee, I recommend avoiding them unless you're well-geared.
Penomena: This boss is really tricky if your group is not on top of things. There are actually several topics on WarpPortal forums dedicated to strategies. Since the boss is immobile and ranged (as are his adds), there is no safe place for the squishies. As a result, feel free to stack everyone on top of the boss to allow for AOE heals. Kill his adds ASAP since they gather threat before they are visible (so they will all mob on healer), be prepared to use pots, and try to use heal-over-time skills instead of large burst heals to help with threat. Peno will randomly switch targets and can easily one-shot with crits.
Chief Vanuatu: Super easy, can just wail on him. Feel free to kill adds, but ignore the healer add. He does summon a blue whirlpool that does AoE damage around him. If you find you or your DPS are stressing your healer, move him out of it.
Big Medra: Easier form of Penomena. Kill all adds but the giant hermit crab, but otherwise, he's not much of an issue.
Mortal Nukakruka: Slightly tougher than the other SGT bosses, but still not bad. He will spawn bombs on people (run a little away and DPS it - ranged keep on top of these) and kicks out a whirlwind to avoid. Still, he shouldn't cause too many problems.
Sea God Leviathan: He's big and angry, but seems to give significantly less issues than Penomena. Kill his adds right away, avoid his black tornado of doom, and ranged should move out of the huge blue glowy circle. The damage from it isn't too bad (melee DPS can easily pot it off), but making things easier on healer is ideal. He'll sometimes decide he feels like whacking someone other than the tank, so if you're a melee DPS, just move away from him until the tank gets his focus back.

Secret Forest Tomb (SFT)
Minimum level to take Kharas: 30
# Runs for completion: 3
# Quests: 4
# Kharas: 5 (ep2/col3/row4, ep2/col3/row5, ep2/col4/row5, ep2/col3/row6, ep2/col3/row7)
# Item Kharas: 3 (ep2/col10/row3, ep2/col2/row5, ep2/col5/row9)
Important Item Drops: Bell Collar Ornament, Vile Spirit weapons, Bell Collar

The first run, you have to collect Cordyceps from Grave Mushrooms, then once you turn in these items, you are given fourth quest (kill Cursed Grave Flow). The limiting factor, other than Moonlight Flower, are Wandering Sohees - you have to kill 10, but only 4 load per run. Otherwise, everything else can be done in 2. While skipping bosses or not is up to the party, it's recommended to make your way through the shortest path with killing things for most rooms (to avoid wipes), though you can easily make it from the rat room to level 2 with running past tigers, even on squishy characters. The tigers aren't for a quest or khara. The one caveat to this approach is some tigers might not reset, and if they're stuck near the portal, it might make some people stuck in combat. You can switch floors until everyone is good, but, it might be worthwhile to regroup at level 2 then go back to level 1 (tank first) to clear out whatever's camping the portal.

Mau Commander: Fairly simple boss, no AOEs, just kill adds and whack boss. When he's almost dead, he summons a Plague of Rats, then calls a ton of his adds - ignore all these and just go full DPS to finish him as soon as possible.
Horang Mushroom: Also pretty easy, same deal with killing adds. Only thing special here, when he spits out his dust, get out of it. It will turn you into a mushroom and you'll be unable to use skills.
Cursed Grave Flow: Simple again. He spawns ranged adds and they tend to go for the healers, so kill these as they appear. They also tend to spawn inside of the boss, which can be annoying. They do not disappear after he dies, so be prepared to kill one or two before looting.
Evil Phantom Fire: This is one of the special cases - do not kill adds. If you do, he will rain fireballs down on you and it will be angry. This also means you should not summon any skills that randomly do damage (like ranger's falcon, or sorc's genie). Otherwise, he's pretty simple, so meh.. adds aren't a big deal. He tends to flip himself into the air (and go invisible) - you can play with the camera (zoom way out/move it down), but, you still hit him even if you can't see him. Tab to retarget if necessary.
Sehee: Back to the adds-killing. She'll silence people, so be prepared to pot if need be. When she has 10% or so hp left, she will put a debuff on everyone that will kill them in 30 seconds, so proceed to nuke her and ignore adds. Her black shadow things stick around after she dies, so watch out.
Moonlight Flower: Here is where things get interesting.. if you are not on top of things, the entire party WILL wipe. Periodically, she will ring her bell then put a blue circle on the ground. GET HER OUT OF IT ASAP. In several seconds, she will put down a second circle of the same size, and if they touch, it will do major damage to everyone on map (and can easily one-shot people). Make sure to pull her far enough! Though, don't touch the walls or she'll reset. Otherwise, DPS should break open the tombstones as soon as they appear (they spawn helper mobs) and kill adds ASAP. When you keep her out of her circles, her second attack still does do AOE damage - it just drops to 50% instead of much much lower. If a sorc is there, land of recovery helps to get ranged back up, and deluge can help if the tank does slip up and people survive the huge AOE.
From forums trolling, this is one of the bosses I've gained a new understanding of. When Moonie OR her clone-adds are standing on the blue circle, it gives her a buff that increases all of her damage. That means, when she does her AoE, it will increase in damage for each one on it - one Moonie on it is maybe survivable, but 2-3 is instant out-of-nowhere wipe. One other thing to keep in mind, though.. she has a soft enrage when low on HP that also increases her damage (and incidentally, stacks with her circle buff). If she AoEs at this point, your party is at risk - so as soon as she gets low, DPS her down ASAP.

Abandoned Labs (AL)
Minimum level to take Kharas: 35
# Runs for completion: 3
# Quests: 4
# Kharas: 4 (ep2/col7/row4, ep2/col7/row6, ep2/col6/row7, ep2/col7/row7)
# Item Kharas: 2 (ep2/col10/row3, ep2/col5/row9)
Important Item Drops: Ripped Freyjanity Acolyte Robe, Gedenhard's Necklace

Two of the quests come from inside, so don't worry about finding those. The third run can be just to grab the Iron Mace Goblins, and luckily, they're at the front! The minibosses needed for kharas are in the side rooms and are quite wimpy, but I don't believe they drop gear.. so additional runs only need to worry about 3 bosses if going for gear. There is a cutscene in this dungeon, so wait until everyone says they're ready before going for the bosses in the final room. In HARD mode, there are 2-3 invisible Scout Researchers that roam the halls (I've seen someone say they saw one at first, but it fell through the floor within seconds). Watch your HP, and if you notice it going down, everyone should use untargeted skills (certain AoEs) to kill it. Tab/clicking doesn't always work, though if you see someone did manage to target it, selecting them and using target-of-target (~) can let you use your normal rotation.

Kiel MK-II: Very simple, though I think he does do a silence attack. He'll put purple circles on the floor - get out ASAP, or it spawns the shadow things that Sehee had. It's not a big deal if they spawn (DPS can take them out easily), but you can avoid all adds if you're quick on your feet.
Invincible Venom: His name is a lie. :( Super easy, just kill adds (especially his crystal) when they show up.
Elder Gedenhard: Another boss with an interesting mechanic! You'll want to pull him to the center area where Venom was. At 60k HP (50% I believe?), he will spawn 4 adds around him, one at each corner of the area. If you do not kill all of these adds in 10 seconds, he will spawn a level 50 moth that will wipe the party. Coordinate who will take which spot at the start, and save the high damage skills when he gets close to 60k. If you can get past that, the rest is cake.

Hell of Deadly Poison (HDP)
Minimum level to take Kharas: 39
# Runs for completion: 2
# Quests: 5
# Kharas: 4 (ep2/col8/row2, ep2/col4/row8, ep2/col5/row8, ep2/col8/row8)
# Item Kharas: 3 (ep2/col10/row1, ep2/col10/row3, ep2/col5/row9)
Important Item Drops: Venomous Abaddon/Abyssal Twilight weapons, Ungoliant Jawbone, Large Insect Jaw Bone

Two of the quests are inside the dungeon. When you enter, the path to the right contains khara mobs whereas the path to the left is needed for story. I recommend going left first, then figuring out what is leftover for you to kill after. The fighting mobs in the arena on the left side respawn, so walk the edge to avoid endless combat. Turns out there is a way to get to Venomer from the right path, too, so feel free to avoid the arena altogether.

Venomer: This boss is a little annoying, but really not bad. Kill his eggs ASAP, though ignore the mass egg spawn when he's close to dying. They will likely hatch right around when he dies and not disappear, so be prepared to have heavy mobby combat after he dies (and before looting). He does put a large amount of poison on the ground, so get out of the green to avoid taking damage over time. If your party is quick to nuke him down, the mass add spawn will not happen.
Huge Centipede: As a melee DPS, this is THE WORST BOSS for me so far. >:( If you do it right, he will have no adds, but it is extremely kiting-heavy. He regularly "jumps and spins," doing about 1k damage to everyone close to him, so have high grade red pots ready. However, three times in the battle, he sends a white dust cloud at people - run around avoiding it until it's done. If you touch if even the littlest bit, it will spawn a ton of babies on you.. so it's pretty easy to wipe here.
Ungoliant: Much much easier than the Centipede. He does have some adds he spawns, but they are easily taken out. The only thing to watch for is when he puts his web down - you have a few seconds to get out of it, otherwise you are stuck taking damage over time.
Maya Purple: This is only a storyline boss. He doesn't use any skills and won't switch aggro.. so just have fun beating a kid. :D..ant thing. He still drops gear, though, even in HARD mode, so feel free to use him as a DPS test/punching bag.

Cursed Ghost Ship (CGS)
Minimum level to take Kharas: 41
# Runs for completion: 3
# Quests: 2
# Kharas: 4 (ep3/col6/row1, ep3/col8/row2, ep3/col7/row3, ep3/col8/row9)
# Item Kharas: 2 (ep3/col8/row4, ep3/col6/row10)
Important Item Drops: Pirate Token, Ripped Captain's Hat, Flaming Red Beard

One of the quest comes from inside the dungeon. This one is a long one, but fairly simple - many of the bosses are tucked away and aren't needed for quest/khara, but they do drop nice gear. The Wild Fury Skeletons take four runs, whereas Drake takes three. Individual bosses are pretty weak and not-special (no adds), so no special strategies there. Watch out for AoEs and random targetting.

Drake: He has one of the weak minibosses next to him - it's a priest, so it will mostly try to heal him and not attack that much. If the tank hits Drake and DPS focus on the priest, it should be pretty easy to take her out, and Drake likely won't use his skills. However, once he does start skilling, there are two major ones to look out for (and he will stun/switch targets sometimes). The first, he summons a whirlpool of the abyss or so - just run out of it to avoid getting caught in damage. Secondly, he will fire his musket wildly. He marks where he hits with black circles, then will repeatedly shoot them (they turn red/do damage, screen flashes) several times. As long as you avoid getting stuck in his damage, it shouldn't be too tough of a fight.

Sandstorm Fortress
Minimum level to take Kharas: 45
# Runs for completion: 2
# Quests: 5
# Kharas: 4 (ep3/col2/row2, ep3/col2/row4, ep3/col2/row6, ep3/col6/row7)
# Item Kharas: 3 (ep3/col4/row2, ep3/col6/row2, ep3/col6/row10)
Important Item Drops: Ripped Cape, Black Mask, Broken Sword, Broken Bomb, Blunt Sting, Broken Mask Piece

Another dungeon with quests found inside! With the first quest in the center of the room, be warned that things do respawn there (cadets/skeletons) - you can jump to the interior and avoid aggro, then jump to the center and fight the mobs while people take turns grabbing quest. Once everyone has it, jump across to the edge and kill off everything you pulled. Each of the big rooms has a similar layout - mobs around the edges you can kill to advance, center mobs that respawn, and two minibosses. It's recommended to clear some space in the random mobs, then pull the miniboss. There are some cutscenes before the big bosses at the end, so be prepared to wait for party members. Also, the khara cadets in the rooms at the end respawn, so the tank should pull them out to kill instead of running in.

Random Assassin mini-bosses!: I don't remember who is who, sadly. For each one, when you pull, two trainees will follow - kill these off before focusing boss, and kill adds as they come. Each boss has its own little gimick it does - several AOE, one throws smoke down that disables skills (so move out of it), one puts down snake traps that it then breaks open into snakes (kill those), and um some others. I haven't ran this dungeon as much as the others, so I don't remember it too well - a sorc for aoe heal helps, but even without it goes fine.
Jeiwatch: He does an AoE, so having a sorc in-between melee and ranged so that everyone gets the benefit of LoR helps. He's fairly simple, though.. even on HARD with party members getting randomly disconnected (including tank and healer), I was able to get past it.
Tau-rin: His AoE hits a little stronger, but still weak enough that having ranged scoot to be in a LoR is fine. He periodically spawns adds that should be killed.
Abrahim: Minor difficulty bump here - he will put down snake traps (ignore at first), then will swing his long whip-thing to detonate them, which does AoE damage + short stun and releases snake adds. Be prepared to pot and focus on those snakes when they appear. He summons a larger snake add towards the end of the fight, but it's easier to just focus DPS on killing him rather than to go after the add.
Mustafa: This boss is quite chatty, but we're back to AoE + some adds. I believe he spits out a little whirlwind, but other than maybe some additional damage, it's not too worrisome. It's helpful to pull him to the stairs you come in on, but first make sure to peek around the corner and pull the mobs closest to the door - they tend to come running in to join the party and may overwhelm the healer.
Hazard: He's probably the most annoying boss.. you're better off pulling him to the edge of the large room instead of into a hallway, so be sure to clear the closest mobs hanging out (I'd go from doorway to the next hallway all the way to the corner closest to Hazard). When you pull him, get as close to the wall as possible - if you're too close to the interior of the room, his respawning trainees will keep jumping in. In addition to adds and AoE, he likes to toss down smokebombs that silence anyone standing in them, so be prepared to run up and down the hallway to get out of clouds.
Fury Jeiwatch: Hahahaha... x infinity. This is a slightly stronger form of Jeiwatch I guess? As a DPS, there are less things to worry about than the previous four bosses. Fairly typical watch-out-for-AoE-damage here.

Assassin Elder: This one is a little tricky, but isn't too awful. Partway through, he runs to the center room and summons those mini-bosses from before. If you fight him on his throne, they can't reach you - so when he totters off, everyone should stay on the throne and the tank should taunt the boss back. He does spawn a lot of high damage adds, so DPS should stay on top of protecting the healer.
Eremes Guile: Noo, not the fan service. ;_; As soon as you kill him, two cutscenes occur - one is extremely laggy, and if you skip that one, there's a more real-time one. At the end of the second cutscene (but while the first is still playing!), the next boss attacks, so someone should get its attention and run out the room to reset it. Anyway, for the fight.. Eremes is a badass that doesn't believe in tanks, so, he pretty much runs around beating the shit out of everyone. Also fun, he likes to summon a whirlwind - if it touches your character at all, it will start to fling you around repeatedly, doing high damage and preventing you from moving. You have a second or so in-between hits to pot/run, before getting slammed again. If you are taken by it at the start of its run, you will probably die. Eremes also clones himself at one point, though the close is low HP so it should be taken out first. Kite and run, and be prepared to pot, and you should be fine.
Juliana Russil: Similar to Eremes, she will chase at random. Luckily, the whirlwind and clone attacks are gone, though she does summon a black whirlwind of pain (avoid it, but it won't trap you like Eremes'). She should be simple after dealing with Eremes.

Fortress of Sandarman
Minimum level to take Kharas: 48
# Runs for completion: 2
# Quests: 1
# Kharas: 3 (ep3/col6/row4, ep3/col5/row7, ep3/col5/row9)
# Item Kharas: 1 (ep3/col6/row10)
Important Item Drops: Fragmented Black Horn

I actually haven't done this quest yet! It seems a lot of people get to 50 then don't care to finish the story, and find party is nothing but melee DPS, so it might be awhile before I have anything to say here. :D I did run in and peek through in hide, so I do know there's a cutscene by the boss.. but it appears there's only one quest.
As you can see below, Lexy provided a wonderful run-through of this dungeon (with picture even! puts me to shame). However, I do have a few things to add~

Alloy Supere: He puts cracks on the ground, Red Scar style. He's not very good at it, though.. he seems to put them randomly instead of under people.
Hudson Zerom: You can pull him to the lower set of stairs and have your tank/melee DPS stand up there to get pushed around with the whirlwinds, whereas your ranged DPS/healers stand at the bottom and can skill without getting hit by it.
Flash Gaebolg: My theory on the Light Crystals is they assist him in his stun attack (it's party wide, but short duration, so not much to worry about). Their HP makes them not worth DPSing, so I suggest focusing on the helper adds and boss instead.
Dostroyev: His add is pretty nasty, and I've heard some people suggest it randomly one-shots people.. but Zell mentioned the name's connections to Russian Roulette. Likely his beam (which hits a random person) has a high chance to one-shot someone, not the add. On slow runs, I've seen him kill two people, but usually he just smacks down one. If the rest of the party is pretty strong, you can usually just leave them dead and respawn/run back after the fight.
Lapparman Von Cherva: I've taken to leaving the clones alone and focusing on the boss. She will hover up and float around in thunderstorms (which does some AoE damage), but it's easily healed through.
Solomian La Christ: He does have a chance to silence (and it's party wide it seems), but he doesn't hit too hard. Like the Drake fight, if you focus on Solomian, Kiel should stay fairly meek and just resort to tossing out some AoEs (thanks, Lexy!).
Kiel MK-III: He silences, spawns his tornados, and does some nasty AoEs. However, if you just let him do his thing, he'll hold back on the silence and tornados. You can kill him first instead if you'd like.. you'll end up with people getting silenced either way.
Executer Meister: You can pull him closer to the staircase to avoid aggroing some of his adds, but if they do catch sight of the party, make sure to kill them since they hurt the healer. He should be fairly easy to DPS down to form change.
Prophet of Doom: In addition to the fireballs and AoE Lexy mentioned, he also has a habit of silencing. I've been (cheaply!) killed by him before when he lobbed a fireball then immediately silenced me and scythe-AoE'd. Watch out for his soft enrage at low health - DPS ASAP since the damage increase affects his AoE. If you're unlucky, damage buff + AoE will wipe the entire party when he dies (recently, this happened to us in a RHD.. Zell had full health with RHD gear + one epic raid item and colo weapon and still died to it. :( ).
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Posted on 21 May 2013, 08:56:01
raela, you truly earn the name raelapedia. Thank you for posting this guide, it is quite helpful.

Posted on 21 May 2013, 13:13:26
Sandarman has a thousand minibosses as well and it's the only available khara, along with the standard dungeon one. Once you complete the dungeon once another khara will be unlocked to kill a boss again. Compared to mini bosses, main one isn't too hard. I don't remember all the mini boss names and I don't remember all of their special powers. If I have time tonight/if Raela hasn't done so already I'll skulk around the dungeon or run it again and provide some summaries.

Main boss/story spoilers:
(click to show/hide)

Lexy LoliPants

Posted on 22 May 2013, 19:13:47
Sandarman Bosses and Mini-Bosses: (most of them, there's one or two I left out because they didn't really do anything special) The ones in bold are needed for khara.
Hudson Zerom - spawns tornadoes that follow people around (like Eremes)
Flash Gaebolg - spawns light cyrstals, not sure what they do, kill adds as they hug healer
Gorgonzola - spawns adds that can do a lot of damage, so kill them as they appear
Dostroyev - he turns you into puppies (seriously), kill his add as it's quite powerful and can hurt healer, also silences randomly
Lapparman Von Cherva - has two lives, spawns a couple of clones but they're easy to kill
Solomian La Christ - spawns Kiel, but focus on Solomian first, Kiel has a very powerful aoe so be careful
Kiel MK-III - has a really powerful aoe, spawns black tornados
Executer Meister - has two forms, first one isn't too bad but has a powerful aoe
Prophet of Doom - Meister's second form, he spawns a couple of adds that wander around and a couple that target, so watch for those. His big move is targets a random player and lobs a fireball at them, player will get a blue circle indicating range of fireball so they should run away from other people immediate if they have a blue circle around them. He has a couple of really devastating aoes (that does like 2k damage) so everyone be ready to pot to help the healer out.

Khara and main quest is only for bosses and mini bosses in the dungeon, so it's not worth trying to kill everything. You can avoid a lot of the mobs by going around. I don't recommend running through mobs because bosses are dotted throughout the map and you could run straight into one.

Here is my shitty 2 second snippet drawing sorry :(
Bosses are pretty linear up to this point until you reach the area where the star is. Your gut will tell you to follow the red arrow but don't do it! It's just pain and suffering down there (which you'll eventually have to get to). Follow the blue path, #1 houses Dostroyev.

After that, hug the wall on the left side and you should avoid most of the mobs in the room, be careful though, as there are mobs waiting on the last corner. Take out all the mobs in there and you should be free to get Lapparman Von Cherva (#2, blue path). Keep in mind she has two lives.

When that's done, re-converge at blue star, kill cat ladies and wolf guys in the way, and hug the right side, following the red path. Skip Solomian for now and go to #3, where the main boss is, and fight her. (See spoilers above)

Now go back to Solomian (black path, #4) because he's pretty much the lesser of two evils at this point, finish him and Kiel off, then finally, deal with Meister (green path, #5) to unlock the khara.

You will need to kill Meister's Phase two form twice for the Khara. If you need help don't hesitate to ask! I often don't pay attention to the game/chat because I'm vending or I'm just plain not looking.

Lexy LoliPants

Posted on 24 May 2013, 23:29:30
Thank you both for this very useful thread <3

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Posted on 25 Jun 2013, 15:07:14
Bump, additional information has been added in blue!
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Posted on 26 Jun 2013, 00:29:56
For prophet of doom, it might be easier to have all ranged characters stand at least the circumference of the blue circle away from everyone. (look math terms!) it's easier for healer to take care of ranged if they all stack near the healer, but in this case, it might be doing more harm than good. Here is the reasoning: the blue circle targets people inside it, ideally only one unlucky person. (this pretty much only applies to non-melee) This person, let's call him rangerzell, will have to run away from everyone else when blue circle targets. Now, if he was stacked on top of sorcraela, bestrangerlexy, and priestrinny, there's a chance everyone will panic and at least one of them will be in the blue circle with rangerzell. Priestrinny is running and she cant heal bearallu who is getting owned because everyone else is busy running and not dealing damage. Now she has to heal bearallu, rangerzell, and all the other ranged dps who were unlucky enough to be stuck in rangerzell's blue circle.

if everyone was spread out, they wouldnt have to run and healer only has to assump+h.heal the person targeted. Sure it's harder to heal after aoes but it's not like priests have great aoe heals anyway :|

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Posted on 16 Dec 2013, 12:18:44

This is the self-made utility I used in order to take Ratmaster down, it is called Raid Timer since I have the expectation to put all the raid timers in there, but for now its only tuned for Ratmaster N.

The window will always be in front, and has 2 listeners, one is the F8 and another the F9. Its a simple utility so it will not bind any key in the OS, so you have to select the utility window in order for any of the keybinds F8 or F9 to work.

If you press F8 they will start to count down, and if you press F8 again the hadouken counter will be manually reseted to 45. F9 will stop and reset the entire utility.

Hadoukens are exactly once every 45 seconds apart from the previous hadouken. This means that if at the time when a hadouken was supposed to happen occurs another skill like an AoE or an HP mark skill, the hadouken of that time will be pushed back to be executed AFTER that skill, and then the next hadouken will occur 45 seconds AFTER that pushed back hadouken. For those cases, it is best to press F8 again on the utility to re-sync the hadouken counter.
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