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Aqri Application  (Read 549 times)

Posted on 13 Jul 2013, 14:14:33
Like my brother said, we are looking for a nice people to do some raids with. I live in the Netherlands and am 23 years old. I study Applied Physics and in my free time i enjoy gaming, watching movies/series and a bit of reading every now and again.

As for ingame I have a lvl 50 Knight (full defense), and experience in the Normal modes of Bapho and PVE Arena, and ofcourse the RHDs.

Well i suppose that's about it.
Hope to hear from you soon!

Best Regards,

Posted on 13 Jul 2013, 14:23:36
Welcome to the forums O____o!!

Jorimoni's brother, right?
both of you are quite young, and me saying that makes me feel old... so taicho is a grampa!
I like that logic

heeeh, so both of you guys are lvl 50 and has been going to Raids with PUGs all this time?
at the very least you have a ton of patience and some free time to play, huh?

well lets have some fun XD!!

Although I dont have the last word when it comes to accepting people, I bet Taicho will see your applications soon
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Posted on 13 Jul 2013, 15:05:16
Yup Jori's brother idd :)
well it's vacation time here, so time is something i do have alot of :P
and most PUGs aren't that bad, if maybe a bit frustrating at times xD

Posted on 13 Jul 2013, 19:38:45
Aqri welkom :)

Ik heb het al gezegt in de solliciatie van jouw broer, PM mij of een andere rawrling om in het gilde te lid worden!

(sorry for my broken Dutch, it's my third language :D)

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Posted on 15 Jul 2013, 08:24:49
Welcome Aqri :smile:

Posted on 15 Jul 2013, 13:34:39
Welcome to the guild!  Applied physics.. D:

Thanks for coming along for the N-raids yesterday and helping out with OT duties!

Posted on 16 Jul 2013, 14:54:49
thanks for the nice welcome :D.

always happy to help :)


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