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[FFXIV] Character Creation  (Read 1287 times)

Posted on 03 Aug 2013, 12:04:19
The second benchmark for Final Fantasy XIV was released a few days ago, which includes the awesome character creator players can use to design their avatar/s for use in the full game. The system is a marked improvement from XI's and gives a ton of options to play with, so share your creations and tips on making your character look his or her best here!

All of the options from P3 beta are present with no new additions, though the game's developers have stated that they intend on expanding options via in-game salons on release. You can see how your character looks in a few gear items separated by level range, the race-specific starting costume, high-level Paladin equipment and a swimsuit which looks terrifying on male Roegadyn. Let's see what you got! :sparkle:
Here's a few I created earlier just to get the site going. No idea what I'll end up with in the end as I tend to get OCD with these things, though I'm considering one of the top two...

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Posted on 03 Aug 2013, 12:47:59
Femroe <3

Posted on 05 Aug 2013, 01:58:12
I think this one is improved. Would love some feedback!

Posted on 22 Aug 2013, 00:45:58
this is my 1.0 character

and this is my 2.0

i will add a close up of Tai in a couple of days
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