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Time converter  (Read 954 times)

Posted on 07 Aug 2013, 15:42:09
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Well guys, got a bit bored at work today and felt like doing this because we are all in so many time zones...

Is nothing great and I know there must be tons of these things in the world... but well w/e...

Like, if my current time is 13:00hr and in GMT-0 is the 20:00, what time would be FOR ME if I need to be somewhere at 17:53 GMT-0 time?! well, I just open this little tool and set the GMT to 0 (which is the default) and will take both my computer's time (which I hope is accurate) and automatically input the GMT-0, just fill in the 3rd text box with the date info and click on the BUTTS! button to get the date conversion for my computer's time!!

Well, thats that.
To test out the accuracy of the program set the GMT to your time zone and fill the 3rd box with the same date as in the 1st text, then click on the BUTTS! button, if it answers with the same info then the time translation is being precise...

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Posted on 09 Aug 2013, 18:26:30
Thanks a lot for this app Lein! Will tell ya what I happen in about 2 days when I'll dl and use it  :smile:
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