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Raid Revamping  (Read 2208 times)

Posted on 26 Sep 2013, 18:10:11
Upon seeing these times i was stricken with violent diarrhea... seems like a serious issue.  :cry:

But in all seriousness times seem fine, NA ones work for me. I guess i could save this for the NA raiders IF that comes about but i wanted to propose that we take Bapho H off the docket as well since its just.... not H anymore. Think about it peoples.

P.S. This in no way means screw the people that need it there are pugs, unofficial raids (had a beautiful one for CoA led by Armonna last week), and theres always the Sunday wildcard raid.

Posted on 27 Sep 2013, 03:30:29
Thanks for everyone's feedback! Since a lot of people like the NA/EU split, here are the proposed times:

EU: Fridays @ 10.00 server time (PDT) (13.00 eastern, 19.00 central Europe) for H or CoA raids.
EU: Saturdays @ 10.00 server time (PDT) (13.00 eastern, 19.00 central Europe) for H or CoA raids.
Sundays @ 10.00 server time (PDT) (13.00 eastern, 19.00 central Europe) for whatever's needed.

So far so good for me on the EU side, I could be a bit tight on time on Friday, but nothign I cannot manage.
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Posted on 27 Sep 2013, 06:33:14
The answers provided will be strictly towards the questions asked and for my own benefit. It may sway a little but yeah... take it and go.

1. N Raids
- Does your main character still need majority N gear?
My main, no.

- Would you like a ... dildo? No.
Regular raids are fine. Normal, my main doesn't need but will help if required.

2. Raid times
- How do the current raid times work for you?
The usual current server Friday time works for me best as it is Saturday morning for me. Every other time is a no, given the time difference as I will be either out on Sunday (my time) or it will be Monday super early morning for me on Monday (my time) and of course I work on weekdays.

- Are you able to raid on weekdays (not including Friday, the wannabe weekend day)? If so, what is a good time?
As above, it all depends on the proposed times. When I get back from work, most of the guild is about to log off or are sleeping.

- Are you open to having a separate EU and NA raid (from timezone perspective only)?
No, because AU isn't included :P. If it benefits me regarding time, I'll support the proposed time that suits me best. But I will put the guild before myself given that there's only one of me on this side of the planet and more of the guild on the other side.

- IF there are separate EU and NA raids, AND you are already sufficiently geared (Eg, colo .. or higher!) OR don't care about tokens, are you open to doing 2 of the same raid run, just to help out, even though you might be locked out? (Eg, do the EU raid in the morning, get locked out for it, then do the NA one at night to help out. Also, it might be the case that these raids happen on different days so it's not just a matter of having to raid all day)
Yes, I'm always able to help the guild and the people within the guild.
No, only if I'm online given the timezone differences between Australia and the majority of the guild.

- Would you like to see us having 2-3 time slots for raids and dedicate a raid to each time (Eg, PvE H only on Fridays, CoA only on Saturdays) or any raid for those time slots?
I would prefer the higher end raids on server Friday such as CoA or PvE H, as this will be my Saturday morning and will be mostly available at this time given the current normal proposed time we have.

3. Pugs and Recruiting
- Are you open to the idea of looking for pugs to pad out a raid if we don't already have a full one?
Yes, provided they don't do a Dark and reset and if we absolutely need to. I'd say maximum is 2 or 3 pugs only. That way there's a better chance for a guildie to get gear than the pugs.

This is for 2 reasons:
1. It might be easier/faster to do a raid with pugs/more people if it is only a small raid party. (Really emphasizing the might)
2. It gives us a chance to recruit people who are already 50 and willing to raid.

My experience with pugs, I've recognised good social players. Pugs that I have played with will usually add me and vice versa. I won't add them if they add me and they've been unsocial and shit. I sometimes get asked to run a party or raid with these people to fill in. If we can build a relationship with some good pugs, it may work out for the guild. Plus, I've pugged with people that's on my side of the planet. So as your previous question, if we can recruit people that benefits people on my side of the Earth and close to my time zone, it will help me, help them, help the guild.
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Posted on 09 Oct 2013, 17:31:07
How do we feel about the raid times last week?  Were these better times? Worse times?

I know NA didn't have a big enough group either night (although we did have a successful Bapho N gear run), but that Sunday was okay. I'm not sure about the EU times.  What do we think we need to work on? 

As always, feel free to discuss your concerns here or PM one of our lovely officers or fearless leader.

Posted on 10 Oct 2013, 08:22:00
My question is simple : What slots do we need to flesh out raids (eg: heals, tanks ect.)? Because I could rotate out and work on a more needed class if you guys need I have pretty much 1 of everything and so far like them all,though most are less than 1/2 my mains lv. who himself is not raid ready I would just rather be useful later rather than be dead weight. (I am on some time from 8-11pm to 8-12am U.S.Central so this might all be moot anyhow.)

Posted on 10 Oct 2013, 09:48:07
Your availability is actually great for the NA raids (they start at 9:30CT).  While two of our regular NA raiders do have priests, they aren't their mains, so keep on priesting it up. 

Posted on 10 Oct 2013, 12:17:56
I think the new times work well, it's just that we don't have enough people to flesh them both out. It was to be expected and I'm not too concerned about it, since it was unlikely that people other than current raiders would pop out of the woodwork to join. If anything it gives us a kick in the pants to promote recruitment and get more awesome people raiding with us. Also last week was in the middle of daily raid resets and I'm sure some of us were pooped from whoring out their embus (myself included, abusing things gets tiring ok).

I do think we should re-evaluate the European time though. I posted the proposed time and no one had huge objections (hint hint ZELL) and yet our fearless leader is unable to make them (ZELL).

Lexy LoliPants

Posted on 10 Oct 2013, 15:47:52
I think Zell did mention that the friday 19:00 EU time would be a bit too early for him but that 19:30 would work out. 19:30 might also work out for more folks as dinner and stuff can run late after work.

Proposition: Move the EU raids to 19:30 as well
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Posted on 20 Nov 2013, 13:35:23
Well i only can raid with guild at saturday, because of the time zone im form Portugal i think everyone allready know that.
So i would like to raid more whit the guild but dont know when you guys can, to get my hard token gear to start doing CoA.

At week i can do it almost all days at 22pm Portugal time, if would be possible to make some would be nice.
Hope im not asking to much to my guild mates. 

Posted on 19 Feb 2014, 04:58:02
1. I don't know what an N raid is.
2. 1am server time is 5pm for me. Sooo... 10pm-4am server time, occasionally up to 8am. ^^
And if the times were okay, I'd be able to join 24/7 xDD Not just weekends~
I'm also a horrible morning person.
3. What are pugs? o-o

Posted on 19 Feb 2014, 17:45:50
1) N raids are normal raids, as opposed to H raids which are hard raids.

3) Pugs are random strangers we pick up to fill holes in a raid (no priests? time to pug it up!).  Sometimes they're great, more often they're very bad.  We try to use guild mates and friends of guildies before we go full on public channel searching.

Posted on 19 Feb 2014, 22:30:08
Ahh I see, thank you! ^^


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