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<.< >.> do they bite?....  (Read 1120 times)

Posted on 09 Oct 2013, 00:51:58
Hi All,
     I think the first place I ran into RAWR (and I am not sure it is the same RAWR) was Forsaken World, I am a veteran of many mmos more than I can remember but short list: Shaiya, WOW, RIFT,12sky, Aion, PW, the aforementioned Forsaken World, and others I can't evan remember the names of, like this one Final Fantasy knock off centered around pvp (I swear they need a Fallout mmo). I also played a lot of FPS mmos if you have been head shot by KillShy or helped out by WolfReign it was probably me. I am new to the Ragnarok games (and full of that "omfg i am a newb" anxiety  :sweat2:). As for irl my interests are all over the place, I am a total nerd, and always interested in learning something new, and if I cook for you you will be an addict for life (I am told I have an unholy way with food no lies). Anything more you can find out by meeting me And I hope to meet you all in game!! :love:

Posted on 09 Oct 2013, 09:58:00
Hello!  Thanks for introducing yourself properly to all of us!  Im not sure if we ever played Forsaken World, although there were a lot of games I didn't join in on... Also there are multiple RAWRs (we aren't the only one on the RO2 server, but we are the first, most active, and best).

If you have an interest in cooking.. I highly suggest you start hanging out over here.  We love food.

Also only some of us bite, but we make sure everyone is up to date on their vaccines.

Posted on 21 Oct 2013, 07:36:29
Thanks for the input Dinocat ^^. I have edited to post what I am currently running, but it will be awhile before I make any more changes.


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