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Suppa in TERA  (Read 1509 times)

Posted on 02 Nov 2013, 04:07:32
Since i can find any raid in RO2 because i'm Embusless. I started to play TERA until next patch Embus nerf.
After raping my Hard Disk with 25gb download and 25 gb unpacking total of 50gb free space needed
(using my neightbor wifi  :lol:), got some issues when patching... BUT, finally i started the game, and you know, the shitstorm of playing a new MMORPG; Character race, class, face, aspect exc exc...
10 Minutes creating a character, the choice of name was easy because Suppaman is FREE :D, can't tell for you if you start to play it, ahaha.
I started to play a Castami (something like a demon, with horns) with Lancer Class (because i see the tank class have sense to exsist here), ah i love shields :3.
Later i made another Character because i don't like the Castani race. not for me play as demon @_@
And the first guy i met in game is:
Find the Difference

I made a Panda, but i deleted it, and my defeinitive character was a Human... a Old Guy that looks like to Gandalf.
One hour to learn the game basics.
The game is really different to RO2 (not the gameplay), it's because the one is Pay 2 Win Free 2 play and the other is previously Pay to Play? I don't know, ahah.
Talking about gameplay, I FAQQInG LIKE IT! no stats boost to dodge block miss hit or crit, means, all the game need is the player REAL SKILLS and not some over powered skills in game like other MMORPGs. You dodge by yourself, with great timing, and the tank classes have a sense to call him "tank".

The UI si pretty disappointing, not made for non full hd displays.

That's all for today, i wish to play with you sometimesm, it's boring and sad to play alone :(

The game have a lot of servers... unless than RO2

(how do i put the youtube video in the thread?

Posted on 02 Nov 2013, 06:59:49
To add youtube video's take these tags [youtube.] [/youtube.] (without the dots!) and in between paste the part after 'v=' , f.e.: > paste '5d6dFFhF608' in between ^^

(does that make sense  :sparkle: )

...and seems nice Suppa ^^ if I ever got loaaaaaaads of time I might join you

retired from RO2 - Playing FF XIV!

Posted on 02 Nov 2013, 09:51:09
To add youtube video's take these tags [youtube.] [/youtube.] (without the dots!) and in between paste the part after 'v=' , f.e.: > paste '5d6dFFhF608' in between ^^

(does that make sense  :sparkle: )

...and seems nice Suppa ^^ if I ever got loaaaaaaads of time I might join you
Thank you Kichi, i'm was using the codes given by youtube, but didn't work, ahaha

Posted on 11 Mar 2015, 08:55:16
Lost child reporting to be back -

You guys must think "what the hell shu, wtf , where have you been" and I don't really have a real answer? I've been all over the place and I rarely was online because I had my hands full with things etc

Anyway, I'm kind of back. And on TERA. (Idk if you still play suppa, this thread is super old but hmu??)
After having a real issue with the EU version I switched to the NA server (no trouble installing here...looks at EU..) and I've been playing for weeks, I'm at level 47 now with my Mystic.

And I've been having trouble finding a guild that is as great as RAWR once was. So while the forum itself has been dead I'm seriously wondering if I could convince you guys to play TERA with me? Because I seriously don't have the money to play FF and Aura Kingdom pissed me off so bad that I just stopped playing.

There's no guarantee that you'll like TERA, I know. But it really is a nice game with wonderful graphics and nice classes and an interesting quest line. Not to mention that you can't reach max lvl within 3 days like.. in RO2.

I'm currently in a guild but I'd ditch them in favor of guilding with you once more because I'm seriously so tired of all the jokes about weed, dicks and other different stuff (not to mention that their guild rank system is flawed and doesn't make much sense at all).

I just want to play with you again?? I miss you??  :heart:

...tiny shu over and out
(this is embarrassing omfg)
I have both the EU and the NA version installed so I'm pretty flexible here. JUST PLAY WITH ME.

Posted on 11 Mar 2015, 13:25:52
Hey Shu! Nice to see you back :smile:

A few of the old guildies including myself, Zell, raela and Lein are playing FFXIV now, and I unfortunately don't know if anyone else is currently active on Tera. We've formed a new guild in the same spirit of RAWR that's doing pretty well and you'd be more than welcome to join if you ever decided to start playing - otherwise hope you can reconnect with other guildies and keep in touch on the forum!

Posted on 11 Mar 2015, 14:44:16
oh man i really wish I could play with you guys again but last tme I checked FF was too expensive for me to play so I'll have to sit out this time ; v ;

thanks for the warm welcome though, I'll try to be more active again  ::>:


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