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Grandmaster Je'Hoon's Training Site - What to do?  (Read 1277 times)

Posted on 20 Nov 2013, 19:52:31
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With the release of the new 5v5 PvP mode there has been a lot of confusion regarding the mechanics of this map. So let me clear up some of that confusion and provide you with the basic information regarding this mode. First we start with the basics, like mob positions, stats, and buffs.

1. Gameplay
The goal of the game is simple. Each team has 3 towers ranging from small to large. When the final tower is destroyed or when your team reaches the point limit you will win the game.

To help you gain an edge over the enemy team you can buy items with a currency called Chakra, Chakra can be earned in many different ways and can be used at 3 specific vendors back in your base near your spawning point. This guide will list every possible way to earn chakra.

1.1 Monsters & Chakra
The map is mirrored, so both side have the exact same layout and mob/tower positions. We'll go over the mob positions and stats first.

Enemy Player
Chakra: 10 to the player with the last hit

Blue / Red Minion
Health: 3160
Chakra: 5 to the player with the last hit
These are the standard mobs that spawn in your lane, they will slowely (and I mean really slowely) walk towers the enemy base and attack enemy players / towers along they way. They die really fast so they shouldn't form much of a problem. they provide 5 chakra to the player that deals the last hit

Fang Wolf (Blue circle on map)
Health: 15100/36100
Chakra: 10/20 to the player with the last hit
These mobs spawn in a pack of 4 at the blue circles. There will always be 1 big wolf and 3 small wolfs. The 3 small wolfs have 15100 hp each and provide 10 Chakra to the person that deals the last hit on them. The big wolf will have 36100 hp (not certain, correct me if wrong) and provide 20 Chakra to the person that deals the last hit on them.

It is possible to pull these mobs 1 by 1 and if you are without a healer it is adviced to do so. You're probably alone when you get assigned to kill there to get a big chunk of 50 chakra immediately.

Dummy (Orange circle on map)
Health: 36100
Chakra: 5 to the player with the last hit
These mobs spawn in a group of 3 at the orange circle on the map and have a big hp pool. They can be pulled one by one and provide 5 chakra to the player that deals the last hit. As the entire pack is only worth 15 chakra and it takes a while to kill them it is hardly worth it to kill them.

Spiders (Purple circle on map)
Health: ???
Chakra: ???
I have not yet seen these mobs myself nor killed them with the team. If you got any information on these things please notify me about it.

Dragons (Red circle on map)
Health: 189000
Chakra 40 for the entire team
This is the strongest mob on the map and killing it will provide 2 benefits for the entire team. One benefit is that the entire team will gain 40x Chakra. The second one is a buff called [Protection of Dragon]. The buff will provide the following benefits to everyone in your team for 3 minutes.
  • +10% movement speed
  • +50% haste
  • +50% vigor
  • +50% MATK/ATK power
  • Recover 30% HP on critical condition(??) I assume they mean either when you get crit or if you're about to die

It gives a great bonus that you can use to push their towers.

1.2 Towers
Each team has 3 towers that defend their base ranging from small->medium->large. Once the final tower is destroyed the match is over. When you kill the opposing team's small tower you can go for the medium tower and the same goes for the medium to large.

Red / Blue's 1st tower
Health: 137000
Chakra: 30 to the entire team

Red / Blue's 2nd tower
Health: 137000
Chakra: 30 to the entire team

Red / Blue's 3rd tower
Health: ?? (I think it was 436000)
Match is over once this thing is destroyed

Besides the 6 main towers for the red and blue teams there are 4 towers spead around the are with 2 of them on each team's side. When these are destroyed they debuff the enemy party for a few seconds. All towers have a respawn timer of 6 minutes. You can see if they are up by looking on your minimap.

Tower of Order
Health: 53300
Chakra: 20 for the entire party
Effect: Polymorphs the enemy team in horongs for 20 seconds

Tower of Wind
Health: 53300
Chakra: 20 for the entire team
Effect: Roots the entire enemy team in place for 20 seconds

Tower of Life
Health: 53300
Chakra: 20 for the entire team
Effect: Prevents any form of healing on the enemy team for 20 seconds

Tower of Voice
Health: 53300
Chakra: 20 for the entire team
Effect: Silences the enemy team for 10 seconds.

1.3 Buffs
To help get an edge over the enemy team you can buy items from 3 seperate vendors that are next to your spawning area. make sure to right click the scroll after you've bought it. Also remember that you can only equip one scroll per vendor. If you use a 2nd scroll from the same vendor you overwrite the previous buff.

Vendor 1 (Secrets)

Vendor 2 (Scripts)

Vendor 3 (High Scripts)

1.4 Victory Conditions
You can win the game on 2 conditions. I believe the point cap was supposed to get increased but currently it is still sitting at 10.000

  • Destroy the opponent's 3rd tower inside their base
  • Be the first team to the 10.000 points

The first condition is straighforward. The second condition requires knowing what gives you points. We have found the following values so far:
  • Enemy tower kill: 2500
  • Dragon kill: 2000
  • Side Statue kill: 350
  • Player kill: 150
  • Minion kill: 10

We have often achieved victory by reaching the point cap. At this point we killed 2 towers (5k points) and Dragon (2k points) that means the final 2.5k has been achieved by killing side statues and players.

2. Group Layout & Strategy
Now that we know the basic gist of the game it's time to talk a bit about party layout and strategy. Of course it differs a lot per game what the best strategy is because your opposing team will have a strategy of their own, but having a basic strategy will help a lot at the start.

2.1 Group Layout
You can have 5 folks in 1 team. Practically all classes are a viable option for each role and it differs per class what their best role will be. A basic layout will look something like this.
  • 1 Priest
  • 2-3 Ranged DPS
  • 1-2 Melee DPS
It is practically mandatory to take at least 1 priest with you for healing. This will make things a lot easier. The ranged DPS will fulfill 2 jobs in this game. 1 Will be the designated tower DPS and 1 will go for high PvP damage to rape the opposing team. The reason you would want a designated tower DPS is because of the amount of damage this player  can do on a tower due to the stat buffs. Optionally a 3rd ranged DPS can join that should balance between the things but mainly focus on PvP damage.

There should be at least 1 melee DPS in your group. Be it a tanky character or a rogue/sin. The tanky players can take the towers at the start since they hit quite hard (side towers ~2.5k and team towers ~4k, reduced by armor). If you take a sin/rogue with you this player can be a vital part of the team by taking a lot of PvP damage buffs and instantly target the casters in the opposing group. This can clean up the enemy healer very quickly (A ranger with hide could also do this).

Before a match make sure you know what everyone's role is, you will want at least 1 person designated as tower DPS'er and at least 1 person with PvP damage increase.

2.2 Buffs
Now that you have assigned each group member to a specific role it's time to think about the scrolls you will be buying. Remember that you can only activate one buff per vendor and that you need to right-click it to activate it.

The items you should take would be something like this, in order of priority to get them.

Pretty straight forward here. You WILL get targetted by enemy players and you do want to survive that:
  • Endurance script - 80% damage reduction from enemy players - 80 Chakra
  • Wild Vision script - 20% increased movement speed - 20 Chakra
  • Awakening Storm Secret - 50% increased damage to players and towers - 40 Chakra
Total: 140 Chakra

I think this list speaks for itself. You will want the damage reduction as soon as possible and you should take the Wild Vision to move faster to outrun players and be able to rejoin a battle as soon as you can. If you have Chakra to spare you can take the Awakening Storm Secret to help out DPS if you're not busy healing your party members.

PvP Damage DPS
  • Awakening Secret - 100% Damage increase to enemy players - 50 Chakra
  • Wild high wave Vision script - 10% increased movement speed - 25% Damage increase to enemy players - 30 Chakra
  • Endurance High wave script - 40% Damage increase to enemy player / 25% Damage reduction from enemy players - 60 Chakra
Total: 140 Chakra

The first item you should definitely take is the 100% Damage increase to players, this will determine the main portion of your damage to the enemy team and has a very cheap price considering the effect.

The 2nd item you should take is up for debate, if your class already has a movement speed increase by default you should go for the Endurance High wave script first (given enough Chakra). Otherwise get the 10% movement speed increase with 25% damage increase to players. It is a very cheap item and 10% does make a difference (especially for melee dps).

Tower Damage DPS
  • Training Secret - 200% Damage increase to towers - 70 Chakra
  • Train of Storm Script - 40% Damage reduction from towers / 50% Damage increase to towers - 50 Chakra
  • Wild storm Vision Script - 10% increased movement speed / 50% Damage increase to towers - 30 Chakra
Total: 150 Chakra

Just like the PvP Damage player you should focus on the highest dmg increase first, in the case of towers this is a HUGE bonus to your damage and will help you a lot.

Squishy Casters
  • Endurance Script - 80% Damage reduction from enemy players - 80 Chakra
  • Awakening Secret - 100% Damage increase to enemy players - 50 Chakra
  • Wild high wave vision script - 10% increased movement speed / 25% Damage increase to enemy players - 30 Chakra
Total: 160 Chakra

Squishy players should opt for this option if you are not assigned as a tower DPS. The order in which you can take the first 2 items is up for debate, if you do not get targetted a lot you can take the dmg increase first.

It will probably take a while before you reach a potential where you can help the team since it won't be likely you'll have priority on Chakra.

The main reason for this build is the following truth: Dead DPS does 0 DPS.

2.3 Basic Strategy
Now that you have assigned a role to each player it's time to decide who does what at the start. You can't predict too far into the game as you will always have to take the opponent's actions into account, but a basic stategy is recommended. For this example I will use the following team markup:
  • ZellKFF - Warrior - PvP Damage
  • Armonna - Priest - Healer
  • Lexy - Ranger - Tower DPS
  • Renges - Ranger - PvP Damage
  • Snorkel - Soulmaker - Squishy Caster
It is most important to get the folks with the PvP Damage and Tower DPS roles some Chakra as soon as possible. This means it's very inefficient to move as a big group destroying jungle creeps / lane creeps as only 1 person will be getting Chakra.

We have been using a strategy where we will be using 3 groups being Lexy as jungler, Renges as lane farmer and Armonna, ZellKFF, and Snorkel as tower pushers. Let's go over each party member's strategy one by one.

Lexy - Jungler: A jungler is the person that will go for the jungle creeps, being the wolves, spiders, and dummies. Since dummies barely give any Chakra and have big HP amounts it's best to leave these alone. Depending on the HP value and the Chakra that spiders give it's a good idea to take these as well. But for now they're not known.

Renges - Lane farmer: A lane farmer will be getting Chakra from the opposing team's minions. There mobs are worth 5 Chakra per kill and have very little HP. They move very slowely thus the lane farmer can go with the tower killers until they have gotten the first statue down.

Armonna / ZellKFF / Snorkel - Neutral Tower Killers: These folks will be going for the Towers first. ZellKFF being a warrior will take little damage if the statue aims for him thus he might easily be able to tank them. Once the first tower is down they should immediately go for the 2nd tower. When both are down they will have provided 40 Chakra for the entire team.

At this point the team can opt to go for Dragon or Kill the enemy team and then go for Dragon.

If you try to mark it on the map it will look something like this. (more awesome paint skills incoming)

Let me elaborate a bit on this picture. You got 3 teams, being Lexy, Renges, and Others. Lexy (The blue line) will go straight for the wolves on your side of the map. This will immediately net her 50 Chakra for the first camp. Afterwards she can opt for the wolf camp on the enemies' side of the map for an additional 50 Chakra.

In the meantime we have the Others group (Red line) consiting of ZellKFF, Armonna, and Snorkel go for the first statue. They will kill it to silence the enemy party for 10 seconds and give the entire team 20 Chakra. Afterwards they go for the statue of life to kill it and prevent healing on the enemy team for 20 sec and get an additional 20 Chakra. After this they can choose to go for Dragon or try to get a tower down.

Renges (Yellow line) will be going with the Others group (Red line) to the first tower. This is because it will take a while for the first enemy minion to reach the middle of the map where they can be safely killed. After the first tower is dead he will take the fastest route to the middle of the map to intercept the minion as soon as possible. He will keep farming minions until he has enough for his items.

The first group to be done with their assignment will probably be the tower group (without killing dragon). At this point the leader should give them an assignment to do. If out of options they should go for Dragon to score an additional 40 Chakra and get the buff.

After both statues are dead the groups should have approximately the following amount of chakra
  • Lexy - 90 - 140 (depending on progress of 2nd wolf group)
  • Renges - 60-80 (depending on amount of minion that reach mid)
  • Others - 40
This allows Lexy (the tower DPS) to get the 200% increased tower damage buff for 80 Chakra. Renges to get the 100% Increased damage to players buff for 50 Chakra. And the Others team needs a bit more Chakra for their first items.

After the first items are bought you should group up in mid and push the first enemy tower. The healer has to be careful on the Tower DPS'er as he does not yet have decreased damage from towers and the towers will hit for ~2k on this player. The player with Tower Damage should focus purely on the tower while the others deal with the enemy team.

It is very important for the PvP Damage player to keep an eye out for his healer as the healer will likely be the target of enemy attacks and does not have decreased damage yet. If you see things go south, like your healer dying, tower DPS dying, or a neutral tower debuff on you (silence, no healing possible) you should retreat and counter their attack under your own tower. If they do not counter at that point you could see if the different packs have already respawned.

3. General Tips & Tricks
Now that you're familiar with the mechanics of the place and have a general feel of the tactics it's time to discuss a few tips and tricks on the battlefield. These will vary depending on the situation.
  • Make sure you have room in your inventory. If you do not have room you can not get chakra and items, thus potentially lose the game
  • Always do something. Standing still gives the enemy time to farm up chakra and catch up to you or increase their advantage over you. Always be farming creeps, destroying towers, pushing the lane, or kill the enemy team.
  • When you need to get an item make sure to use the item [Return to red/blue]. This will immediately place you back in your base and saves you the time running back. This item will appear in your inventory upon starting the match
  • Do not dive. Diving is the act of following a player beyond their own statue because he is low on HP. Let me give you a hint: The statue hits for ~3k on a ranged player and ~1.5k on a warrior. Unless you can catch up and apply DoT's / give the final blow before you get a 2nd hit from their statue let the enemy player slide. We have lost a good amount of players due to this.
  • Make sure to last hit. Unless you deliver the final blow to a creep / tower you will not receive chakra. It is possible to hide and sneak the last hit from a tower if the enemy is killing it. This is difficult to pull off though.
  • When you have just killed several players of the enemy team it's time to push. Gather everyone up and make for their tower to get some damage in. If you got enough chakra to buy an item just wait since you only get a timespan of 25 seconds with their team destroyed, so get the item afterwards.
  • Have a designated leader and listen to his/her calls. One of the most important aspects of this gametype is to have good teamplay. If everyone would do what they think is best you end up having players all over the map doing their own thing. Voice Communications will improve this a lot since it takes away time from having to type.
  • Learn the location of every statue / mob pack. This way you immediately know where you have to be if the leader calls something out.
  • If you notice you get steamrolled by enemy players you can opt to go for the Endurance Script to reduce damage received. This will cause the enemy to deal 5x as much damage on you before you die
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Posted on 20 Nov 2013, 21:38:28
Find a map and circle the advised areas. Mark them on the map. This will be helpful if you can find one :)
War has changed.

Posted on 21 Nov 2013, 06:54:31
Find a map and circle the advised areas. Mark them on the map. This will be helpful if you can find one :)

I got those already, I'm still in the process of marking, uploading and placing the links though
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