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Posted on 20 Nov 2013, 23:52:38
My FPS is still absurd so I decided to write a story. Hope you like it.  :bongun:

Here it is:

     Imagine a place where the ceiling is beyond sight. A place where hundreds of maids work. A place full guards and dogs. A place where food is unlimited. A place where you get any material thing you want. Is it not great to live in a place like that? No it is not. Why? You might ask. I know because I live in a place like that. Sure it is a place of prosperity, luxury, and security, but it is also a place of coldness, hatred, and guilt. And it is written in every people's face. In every wall. In every floor.  You do not get it? Allow me to explain.

     I am a weak child. I was born like this. I can't do things on my own. Can't walk, can't run, and can't even stand up straight. That is why my mother hates me. She always yells while pointing her hands at me, "You're a disgrace to this family!" Yeah right, this is a "family". And what right does she have to tell me that I am a disgrace, she can't even read or write. She was just lucky to have wed my father. My father rarely goes home because of work. My mother is always yelling. So ever since I was a kid, my heart was tainted with hatred. I hate my mom, I hate my dad, but most of all I hate myself.

     One day, a new maid entered the house. A mom. Standing behind her is a little girl. A girl with rosy cheeks, curly long hair, and big black beautiful eyes. My heart was beating so fast. I was sitting there frozen for hours and I did not even notice that she was already gone. Interested was I, I started to find her. I crawled from one room to another. Disturbing the cleaners, chefs, guards, and gardeners. After a long time of crawling, there she was. She was holding a net and trying to catch a butterfly. She is the exact opposite of me. She's always smiling, she's loves butterfly. And she can stand on her own feet. I admired her. I did. Every evening, she goes back to garden to play. And every time she was playing, I was there. Watching her run, laugh, and be the person I always wanted to be.

     It was a cold and breezy evening. She was outside playing in the rain. She was dancing and running all over the place until she saw me. She waved her hands at me and yelled, "Play with me!" At first I hesitated. But after gathering all the courage in me, I started crawling towards her. When I finally reached her, she held my hands and pulled me up. And then we started dancing. I cannot believe myself. "I... I... I can stand on my own feet! I can dance!" She smiled and said, "You know it the first time we met, You are just too scared to admit it. You'll play king and I'll play queen" I started running, and doing things I've never done before. I smiled, walked, and tried to catch butterflies. It was all going well until my mother found out about it. "Mark! What are you doing? Get back here! That's it, tomorrow you're going to America and live with your father! I can't do this anymore!" She was too angry to notice that I can now used my legs.

     Ten years of my life was spent in America. But not a single day passed by that without me thinking about that little girl. Wondering where is she right now? What happened to her? Did she got a boyfriend? Is she prettier now that she's older? When will I ever see her again? I wrote to her everyday. While I was thinking about her, I dedicated myself to running. In my stay here, I became the fastest runner in America.

     How much longer will I have to live here? It felt like forever until I received a call from my mother telling me to come back to the Philippines. I immediately packed all my things and took the first plane to the Philippines. When I arrived home, not many things have changed. The house still looks the same. The workers are still the same though they looked a bit older. Mom is still cold-blooded. But neither of those mattered to me. I was back there for a sole reason. And that reason is gone. Where is she? I was resting in the couch then I fall asleep. In my dream I saw her once again. My first love. It was going well and then something woke me up. A scream coming from the hallway.

     "Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllllllppppppppppppppp" He yelled. I ran as fast as I can only to find out that I was already late. The worker had his legs cut off of him and a dagger was stuck to his heart. I was trembling in fear. I was rendered speechless. I thought I was going to past out but a voice brought me back. The sweetest voice in the whole world. I turned around and I saw her. And just like that, all the fear and nervousness disappeared. She asked, "What happened? Are you okay? Did you got hurt?" Having no idea, I just shrugged.

     She was still beautiful but she no longer smiles. She can't even walk now. She is on a wheelchair. We took a walk and she started telling me her story. A story that I did not want to hear. A story that changed everything. The story goes like this...

     Mark, the moment you left me. There is no passing moment that your mother did not despised me. She hated everything about me. She called me a slut, a whore, and a bitch. My life was a living hell. But what can I do? I am just a daughter of a maid here.

     I tried to intervene and say sorry but she stopped me and continued her story.

     I grew up being a sex slave. It was during New Year's Eve, your mother ripped off my clothes and threw me on the floor and she said, "Have fun with this bitch!" I struggled, cried, begged for them to stop but they did not. They enjoyed me. After many hours of being a toy. She came back and hit me with her famous whip. That kept going on and on, it never stopped. Eventually, I got used to it. See that dead guy over there?

     I nodded.

     He was the most perverted man here. He is always there. Never been absent. One day when I got tired of being used, I tried to escape but hes too fast and he catches me. Guess what he did to make sure that I can never run away again. C'mon Mark, I know you know it. You are just too scared to admit it.

     "Stop it. I've heard enough and I'm sorry. I should not have left. I know apologizing is not enough and will never bring back what you've already lost but..." then she interrupted me again.

     No Mark, you haven't heard the best part yet. Since last week I started...

     Then I stopped her and hugged her tight. "I don't want to hear it okay? I don't want to hear you're suffering anymore. I came back! I came back to make you forget everything that happened to you. I love you."

     We continued the everything we started when we were just kids. We laughed. I ran and she applauded. I danced and she watched. The sadness in her eyes was beginning to fade. The crying has stopped but something kept on happening. Every day, a worker dies. Legs cut off and a dagger was stuck to his heart. We got alarmed.

     One day we started to investigate. While I was searching for clues, I heard a scream. "Heeeeeellllppppp, shes trying to kill me!" I rushed out to witness it but I was a second too late. And then the victim started talking. "Who did this to you?" I asked. "Your Ma... ma..." He whispered before dying. My heart skipped a beat. Mama?

     Come to think of it. I never saw mom till I came here. Is she really on a vacation? After that I approached my girl. I asked her if she knows anything about the crimes. She looked away giving a hint that she knows something. I begged her. "Please, tell me everything you know. This needs to stop and the criminal needs to pay." "You don't want to know who the criminal is Mark." She said.

     "Yes I do!" I insisted and held her hand. "After this is done, we will be together forever."

     "She is a dear person to you Mark. She's the one who gave life to you." I was shocked.

     "So it really is mom."

     "What will you do Mark?" she asked.

     "I'll tell her to surrender to authorities and pay for everything she has done to the workers and to you."

     We went to my mom. We entered her room and we found a diary in her shelf:

                                                                          December 31, 1995
                                                                             They raped me!
                                                                    The took advantage of me!
                                                                  How can they do this to me?
                                                                     They should respect me!
                                                                       After all I am a Queen.

     Then my mom entered the room with a gun. "Mark! Get-away from that girl! She will kill you!"

     "Mom it's over, I know the truth! Stop being the Queen who does everything you want around here."

     "What are you saying Mark? I'm the Queen so I'll do everything I want! And I want you to be safe so come here and I will kill that girl."

     Slowly I approached mom and I stole her gun. "Mom you should take responsibilities for your actions. You've done enough."

     So I took her to the Police.

     After everything that happened we are happy now. We wen't to the garden where we first played. The sun was setting. The wind was cold and comforting. She was sitting behind me. Then I asked her, "You what's funny? After all this time I never knew your name."

     She answered, "Mae, its mae"

     "That's a really pretty name."

     I was looking at her shadow, a shadow of a girl in a wheelchair then tears started to fall from my eyes. But something happened that turned those tears into fear. The shadow became larger, the girl stood-up and is now holding a knife. Then it hit me, the worker who whispered, "Your ma... ma..." wasn't trying to say mama. He was trying to say mae. The diary in my mom's shelf. That's not hers. I mean she can't even read or write. And the queen, I remembered mae telling me to play king and she'll play queen. And the best part she was talking about is she started taking her revenge on those people who hurt her. "You're the killer!"

     "You know it the first time we met, You are just too scared to admit it"

     When I turned around............

     "Mark, now that we are together again, you can't walk away anymore. We will be together forever!"

Posted on 21 Nov 2013, 19:20:10
ooh, thanks for sharing :love:"

That is one interesting story^^

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