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Dream thread reborn!  (Read 2723 times)

Posted on 15 Dec 2013, 23:35:44
huehuehue kichi smells  :lol:

Posted on 16 Dec 2013, 10:15:54
More weird stuffs...

This one is kind of a variation of a re-occuring dream I have....

I was back in high school and we were doing some kind of trip with the marching band. We went to this other school up the keys and were doing a pep rally. In the middle of it the younger brother of the boy I liked back in highschool walked up to me and kissed me and then just walked away. My friends were there and they were all like "wtf?" I didn't know what to make of it, other than I had minty lip balm on and my lips were all tingly.

 Then we were going to go somewhere else with the marching band but the bus broke down.

This is where my re-occuring dream bit popped up...

We had to cross the 7 mile bridge, except for some reason it was the OLD bridge only, and it was missing a bunch of spans like it currently is. My dad was there and he was saying I should just swim and don't bother with the bridge cause it takes too long. But I had already talked with all my friends and they had told the band group to walk the bridge to get where we had to go.

They started to walk it and I went with my dad and this smaller group. The younger brother of the boy I liked was there too. We somehow got onto the underside of the bridge from wading through sandbars and had to liek monkey-bar climb along past the deep bits as far as we could. I looked back and I saw the whole band group struggling to make it up the bridge and then I remember why it was easier to swim. For some reason in the dream the bridge spans were all like, going uphill, also it was crazy windy. So by the time you made it to one of the huge gaps where spans were missing, you were too tired. I was worried about them jumping from the spans cause its deep water and the currents are strong. Also there were sharks so swimming wasn't necessarily easier. You just had to time it right and pray they didn't eat you before you could get back onto one of the bridge bases.

So pretty much you were doomed either way....

Posted on 03 Jan 2014, 12:51:43
I had a dream about pee.

That's right.



I was first at "home" (nowhere I had ever lived) and the toilet was really oddly sized/shaped and covered in pillows.. and when I pushed the pillows off and lifted the lid, I saw it was being used to store packaged food for some reason, so I put everything back and went off in search of some other place to pee. The bathtub was full of furniture, so I decided to head out to public instead. I kept following signs to the bathroom, but I couldn't find it.. there were study cubicles.. swimming pools.. even a surgical prep area/room where the bathroom sign pointed me. I ended up paired with another girl looking for a bathroom, and we got a bit frantic and were moving faster and faster.. then uh, she became a bird.. sparrow or something. Still needed a bathroom though.

We went outside and were in some large zoo-like park, where again, bathroom signs lead to nothing useful. I was so distraught at this point that I broke down crying and scream in the middle of the walkway about my need to pee and lack of an appropriate place. Some girl came rushing over to help and guided me to the "bathroom"... aka a really rusty sink at an awkward height that I probably would not have been able to reach. this point, I woke up because I was so upset about the pee situation and realized I did actually have to pee.. and uh, overslept my alarm by over an hour. Whoops.
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Posted on 03 Jan 2014, 12:57:56
chirp chirp :love:

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Posted on 03 Jan 2014, 17:22:00
Last night i dreamt i was a pop star.... but only well known down here. I did concerts in the middle of the streets, and they turned into strange musicals/parades. Anyway, after one of these concerts, my parents came to get me. They somehow got in a terrible car accident and died. The rest of the dream was me bawling through many concerts, my old band teacher trying to console me, and weird high school friends trying to have sex with me using sympathy card <_<;

Posted on 04 Feb 2014, 13:19:05
So I came home from uni crawled into bed for a wee bear nap and had one of the weirdest dreams ever. Some of you were starring roles. So from what I remember here goes.

So it started when Zell unexpectedly turned up to my flat and started banging on the door whilst I was asleep. I got out of bed then staggered towards the door and opened it to only be greeted by "come on dickhead, let's go out for a bit."  And so off we went.

We arrived at a big green meadow where i had to create a new character to play even though we were in the real world. So i turned to Zell to ask for advice seen as i had never played before and he suggested I become a class called "a dealer". Lots of jokes about dealing drugs ensued. Anyway, the dealers choice of weapon was a Deck of cards. So char made and class chosen i continued until i came to my first enemy (a condor btw). I thought no probs I got this.......but then the battle started. To win the battle i had to play poker against the condor which i had forgotten how to play. Needless to say i lost and Zell found hilarious.

We were then suddenly in a wild western saloon bar drinking. it was very loud and very busy but then silence fell over the room. At the front of the room was a stage where an announcer stood introducing the next act. So in come Allu, Lexy and Raela wearing the showgirl outfit from RO2 and singing hit the road jack- Ray Charles.

Unfortunatley, this is when i woke up hahaha so yes a very strange dream all around
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Posted on 04 Feb 2014, 13:26:20
Come on dickhead, let's go out for a bit.

:love: hilarious dream

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Posted on 03 Mar 2014, 07:56:12
So I had another dream last night.

It was some weird video game I was in, I think.. I was a normal person at some sort of fair type thing, and the idea was not to die. Dark spaces were more dangerous, and to get to some light places, you had to go through the dark. I had some guy with me (no clue who he was, but he was a friend?), and we decided to stick to the light. After wandering around, we went to get some food.. and while eating, everything switched to dark, and it turned out we had been hallucinating or something and it was bad. ;_; The food was actually covered in cobwebs and bugs, and when we ran for the light, there were some sort of monsters after us (I think I had to smash a zombie?)

After wandering in the light some more, I somehow ended up in a shady motel room on my own. Even though there were multiple rooms (including one with a bed), I slept on the couch. During the night, some dude busted in, but I glared at him and he stepped back. Then, at some point, a red skeleton came after me.. I woke up and held it off, then realized there were multiple in there.. so to avoid dying, I had pulled off a long bone and was beating the other skeletons with it. ;_; I eventually managed to break them all apart and stuffed the limbs under the couch. The lights were busted, so I replaced them and went back to sleep.

I woke up when my dad shoved his way into the room.. and uh, for some reason, now I was naked.. so I covered myself with a pillow. He said he'd come back, and I found some clothes, then he pointed out I signed an agreement to not replace the lights, NO MATTER WHAT. I pointed to the bones under the couch and said it was because of them, and he said we needed to just run before the person who owned the place got there. I for some reason had a bunch of things in a back room, so I ran back there to pack.. and the woman came because I was too slow and yelled at me.

...then my alarm went off and I woke up. I guess fighting the skeletons in the dark was really scary, because even though my house is kinda on the cool side and I had my thinner blankets on the bed, there was a bit of cold sweat on me/the sheets. Someone hold me. ;_;
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Posted on 03 Mar 2014, 08:41:58
Wtf raela :cross: ....I had a dream with the same kind of atmosphere last night....we were in a sort of survival horror/creepy mansion exploring setting and my team consisted of Forge, Outrack and raela...I don't remember much of it except we were exploring rooms and eventually got upstairs and found a naked dead Lexy in a bathtub covered with a plastic sheet...except she stood up, let out an unearthly scream and ripped her own reptile-like tongue off....then I woke up :shock: (her body was well maintained for a dead person :lol:)

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Posted on 03 Mar 2014, 09:48:29
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I had a dream Miley Cyrus stole an amtrack train and I was watching it on tv and sports announcers were commentating on it.

Posted on 06 Mar 2014, 21:17:54
This is what I get for forcing myself to stay awake cause MUST FINISH BOOK  :angry:

I had the weirdest fucking dream...

We were at some house with my sister's "friends" making things for her wedding. It was mostly table decorations and flower arrangements and whatnot. I didn't like my sister's "friend" people... they were all sluts and kept sneaking out of our craft room to go screw the guys who kept coming in to see what we were doing. They made it very obvious what they were going to do  :stoic:

Anyway they kept sneaking out and i got more and more mad. I was getting really ticked off when the power went out. Some dude came in with candles and matches. Somehow I knew he was like the owner of this place we were using as craft room, and that I had to be nice to him. So I turned around and bitched out one of the sluts who had just come back from her "funtime" with one of the dudes. She picked the candle up off the table and shoved it in my face. I slapped it down but I was pretty sure it has singed off some eyebrow. It didn't hurt though so I figured all was fine.

Then the dream jumped/fast-forward to the next day. I woke up and went to the bathroom. My right eye was feeling funny. I looked in the mirror and freaked the fuck out. My right eye... like the eyeball.... was completely scaly/scabbed over and a gruesome shade of pink. I freaked out cause I couldn't really see with it. It was all pink blurry and it felt like there was something on it.

So naturally (this is the part that still makes me want to vomit) I reached up and started to peel said scab off my eyeball. It was disgusting and goopy and like.... my eyeball gloop was coming off with it. My eye underneath looked like I had pink eye but I hadn't peeled it off completely. The damn scab thing was really stuck on my pupil area.... so I had to kinda yank extra hard to get it off... it was so gross... but I got it off somehow. Then I looked back in the mirror and realized I must have ripped my pupil out or something because it was all white where the pupil should have been and my vision was all blurred/fuzzy on that side.

And then I woke up.

Goodtimes  :cry:

Posted on 23 Apr 2014, 23:07:18
I recently had a dream that someone at work wanted to paint my department like a rainbow and i had to convince my superior that it wasnt a good idea.

Posted on 06 May 2014, 11:58:07
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I dreamt I was a potato once  :cry:
Or more of a first person rolling game...
I could feel my hands making mouse movements but I didn't actually have hands... when I moved I rolled and got dizzy very fast...
It was kind of scary because I was stuck rolling for a very long time..

That was last week. (I keep a dream diary since I have lucid dreams often xD)
Yesterday I had a very fun one. I destroyed everything in my house then burned the whole neighbourhood down. When I ran out to the main road there were weapons everywhere. Most of them were too heavy for me (damn my brain) so I picked up a scythe kind of thing and started smashing cars with it. It was kind of awkward holding it because wth knows how to hold a scythe properly xD

I have destructive dreams most of the time but I do get the occasional "what the hell did I just do..?" dream. Like I dreamt I was in an outdoor swimming class with faceless people. We had to dive down to the bottom of the pool and read a word, then do the action the word was connected to. So I dived and saw the word 'croquette' and I was having a brain muddle before I realized everybody was clinging onto the edges of the pool and jumping like rabbits. So I panicked and started copying them. After we went round the pool once everybody dived again and I didn't bother, just waited to start copying.
The surroundings were very eery, I did say it was night time, the sky was auburn-ish and the pool glowed like the moon e_e
Also I can't swim. Dreams are weird

Posted on 17 May 2014, 10:30:38
I dreamt I was a potato once  :cry:

+1 rep for making me laugh hard and unexpectedly.

I had an ~epic~ dream last night; the kind that felt like I lived an entire lifetime in just a few hours. It was a huge elaborate adventure with an extremely fulfilling conclusion and I can't remember anything about it :cry: I woke up thinking about how awesome it was and that I had to tell someone but immediately fell back asleep and can't recall anything else...
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Posted on 17 May 2014, 17:40:53
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According to my mum and sisters when i was asleep on the couch last night i randomly sat up and sung a bit of Michael Jackson- cant stop til i get enou :love:gh then lay back down. I'm not sure i believe them. I don't remember it
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