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Posted on 07 Jan 2014, 11:45:25
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Once upon a time, Carlos created a weight-loss challenge thread that intended to motivate our users into becoming more active and advance towards living a healthier lifestyle. It was a huge success with Sheepy, Allu and a few other users making incredible progress and I think the concept is worth a revival, especially now that we've left the silly season and are prone to make New Year resolutions to work off all the excess padding built-up from holiday snacks.

There's a lot of misinformation and ineffective plans/diets floating around, so I'm going to try my best to provide you guys with useful information on how to achieve the best results possible - I can safely say that I'm speaking from experience here after losing 17kg/38lbs during the last thread so with any luck this will be helpful to those of you seeking to improve yourselves.

How To Lose Weight

Right off the bat, let's clear up this common misconception by saying there's a difference between losing weight and losing fat. Muscle is denser than fat (meaning 5lbs of fat is larger in size than 5lbs of muscle) and I'm willing to bet that you're wanting to lose the latter (especially if you're a guy), so you should always factor this in when aiming for a goal if you have some actual muscle on you already.

Losing fat honestly isn't nearly as bad as it's purported to be. The media often presents diets as a kind of hellish torture where you only eat one handful of dry cucumber every second day, but the truth is that you can safely lose weight by monitoring your intake and making some slight changes to your eating patterns as needed. You'll want to start a food diary to log your daily consumption, and fortunately there's a great site to help you do this.

MyFitnessPal is an incredibly useful tool for keeping track of what you eat, and comes with a large database of existing foods with their caloric value and a useful calculator. You can split entries between the three basic meals of the day and snacks, easily re-add common items like breakfast cereals, and keep track of your friends also on the site. There's also a great app for smartphones that lets you scan in the barcodes of store-bought food for quick entry so you don't have to manually input everything.

If the idea of counting calories seems daunting, don't worry - you're not going to be crunching numbers with every meal and you can get the info down in just a few seconds. I truly believe it's the best way of reaching your goals and the little effort will go a long way - Mark Haub of KSU proved this point back in 2010 by losing 27 pounds on a diet of Twinkies, Doritos and other notoriously unhealthy food, which you can read about here. In short, you don't have to worry about giving up the food you love - just factor it into your daily calorie intake and use common sense to make sure that you're still getting key nutrients (while you could lose weight by only eating packs of fruity Mentos, it's not really a good idea).

One other thing to note is that you should start drinking more water if you aren't already. If you're one of those people that can't give up softdrinks and feel that water's too bland, read this, watch this and then grow a goddamn pair. The only reason water may seem unappealing is because you're not used to drinking it - give it a week or two and you'll find it hard to go back to the Mountain Dew as you'll be able to taste the excessive amount of sugars and additives in it. Here's a great bit of reading from that talks about how godly this magical lubricant is - one small addendum is that too much water can actually be toxic (even fatal), so don't go crazy and read this for more info.

To wrap up this section, one last thing... Fad diets are total bullshit. The 5-handful diet, Biotyping, the Dukan diet and so on are usually overly complex, unsustainable and at times dangerous as you could end up depriving your body of crucial nutrients.

How To Gain Muscle

This is a section I'll have to expand on later as my knowledge isn't as sound as I'd like, though I do know a fair amount. Don't skip this if you're a girl! You're not going to grow biceps as large as your thighs by touching a barbell and could benefit greatly from the toning of weighted exercises.

Squats might be a little overrated, but they're still an awesome way of working your core, quads, glutes, hamstrings and other stabilizing muscles - all you need is a good barbell/olympic bar which even the most ghetto gym should have. They're great for shaping up your butt and thighs if you're female (see here), and important for guys as we tend to neglect anything that isn't our arms and chests which would ultimately result in weirdly developed proportions. I can't stress enough about how important proper form is. Not just as far as development goes, but also in preventing back injuries that may set you back in future - watch this video to make sure you're doing them right.

Always strive to challenge yourself and lift the maximum you can without overexerting yourself into an injury. Other great workouts include leg presses and military presses. Though you might be tempted, avoid bicep curls with dumbells as you can work them out more effectively with other routines that target other muscle groups as well.

Workouts - Cardio/Fitness

Running out of time so I'll expand on this later, but meanwhile you can check out this rundown of good routines on Scooby's Workshop. I personally swear by Bas Rutten's MMA Workout as it's simple, incorporates HIIT and takes almost no time at all to melt away fat.

Don't ever let me catch you kipping or I will goddamn end you.

Health At Every Size, Fat Acceptance

I was debating whether I should mention this as I don't want to get overly condescending or insulting, but it's something I feel should be addressed. Self-acceptance is something we should all strive for as long as it doesn't lead to complacency. Aim to be a better person than you were yesterday, and don't settle for being "fine" because you think exercising and food logging is too much effort. Accept that you will never be healthy while overweight, set some goals and work towards them. It isn't just about getting fit. Become the kind of person you want to be, or stand aside for the dedicated and determined to pass you.

Work In Progress

Like getting into shape, I guess this thread will take time to form up :sparkle: Let me know what you think of it and I'll add and expand on it later! Will definitely add more pictures in a few hours, sorry for the wall of text.

Meanwhile, post your current weight and what your goals are so we can help each other reach them (or mock you endlessly if you resign yourself to being a marshmallow atrocity for the rest of your life). I'm currently at 94kg and aiming for 82kg, which is when I'll start bulking to put more muscle on.
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Posted on 07 Jan 2014, 13:42:24
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Thanks for posting this Nick :sparkle:

As most of the poor souls on IRC and what's app know, I work out up to 6 times a week, and my average intensive sports time is around 12 hrs/week.

I'm 175cm. I have had (and still have) a lot of weight issues in my life, and peaked at almost 130kg in 2006-2007. Went down to 83kg (but with a lot of muscle), thanks to a lot of efforts, sports, and an unhealthy diet consisting of a dried cucumber every other day.

I stabilised at ~88kg and stayed there for a couple years, until I wound up with severe back issues, causing me to be sofa-ridden for the best part of 2 years >_<;

This put me back up to 107kg, but ever since my back (seemingly) has fully recovered, I have been gradually going down! This happened around 4 months ago. The first phase was very quick as my muscles still had fitness memory, so it made a big difference when I started working out again.

I have also adapted my diet and didn't make the same mistake as I did last time (skip meals). I just decided to go for a semi-balanced diet but with very very low grain (and only in the morning/lunch when doing so), no refined sugar, no excessive fat, and a lot (A LOT) of veg, fruit and protein. Combining this with working out mostly during lunch (I have lenient working schedules and can afford going to the gym up to 3 hours during lunch), a few casein shakes (+ the infamous tuna shakes here and then)...and a lot of cucumber :>

Workout-wise, well...I am lucky enough to have a personal trainer AND a physiologist who designed a specific program keeping in mind my goals, and my back issues. Because the objective is to reinforce the bottom of my back, mass-gaining  and muscle toning exercises were very few and far between at first.

Now that this is more or less completely sorted out, I have a rather regular workout schedule which consists of cardio (usually an hour or so: either 30 mins of stepper at moderately high intensity - highest range of fat burning heart rate then 30 minutes of interval training on a bike; or an hour of biking - 45 minutes of moderate intensity fat burning rythm then 15 mins of HIIT), and muscle toning. I am not looking at gaining mass but have been doing so anyway through my workout and protein intake, but at the same time I have been losing a lot of fat, and toning up.

This is to me the best suited method to my own situation, as I really don't want to start a mass gain/leaning routine, which can be really tedious and not really recommended for people with fluctuating weight.

Sometimes I don't actually lose weight for a couple weeks but lean up anyway, which is a great feeling.

I have lost 18 kilos in 4 months, and amazingly enough, managed to survive December without putting any weight on, despite a 4 day food & drink orgy trip to Normandy, and about 8 more parties over the course of 15 days.

I am now at 89kg (but with more defined muscles as when I was 83kg) and I would like to keep leaning up and eventually reach 79kg. This might still seem high for 175cm but I have a lot of muscle mass and feel like it would suit me. I don't expect to reach that goal before May or June, as I am aware that building muscle hinders your "scale progress", and losing fat becomes increasingly difficult as you get nearer your optimal weight.

I feel that I am on the right track as everything is falling into place, my muscles are really getting shaped up, I am able to drink and eat silly every now and then without keeping the weight back on, and I am most of all extremely motivated about it :love:

For picture examples, refer to my facebook and check back pics of me over the years to see the various weights I was at, you'll see that it is very noticeable when I put weight on or lost some :sparkle:

If anyone is in the same situation I was in a few months ago, I would be happy to offer personal private advice and work out a starting program^^

Get inspired by Outrack's post and be on your way to a happier and healthier life NOW!  :heart:

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Posted on 07 Jan 2014, 22:03:29
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..I had great plans of buying a scale to show how ULTRA serious I am.. but.. the place where I was gonna buy it closed around when I left campus.. so I had no time. :( I will do that later! As silly as it is to be all "YES I WILL START WITH FITNESS...later", sadly I will be traveling for a week starting Friday.. so I do have to wait. :P

But!! From past times.. I am about 5'9" (175cm) tall and have been around 190-200lbs (86-90kg) for the past 8 years or so, with some fluctuation. At my last doctors appointment where I paid attention to the weighing bit, I was up at 200.. but that was like 3 years ago, and from what I saw this summer, I was around 19x (was freaking out too much to notice much around me at the time..) Ideally, I would like to go to 160-170lbs (72.5-77kg), though the lowest I have ever managed since early teens was 166.. so we'll see. :(

My plan is to use DDR (well, home emulation) for exercise since going outside is scary. I've been sorta somewhat trying to lose weight already by eating a lot more carefully.. so uh, I'll keep up with that, too. Going to start tracking calories and weight when I get back from traveling! I dunno how much my current effort has done other than I think I'm down a pants size.. but, given there will be FREE FOOD! where I am going, and we will be eating at restaurants a lot.. perhaps not having a "before" weight is a good thing. I have pretty poor self control when things are free, but I will try to be better about it next week. :(

SO! I figure, post my plans so I have committed (somewhat) to this plan.. bully me when I get back and don't let the thread die. >:( Maybe we can make it as awesome as the old Carlos thread.

edit: since Kurie was brave and did pictures.. I looked for two examples of my own! Just uh.. excuse the hores. I tried to get ones with similar angles ok. :(

I am preeeeeetty sure this is around the time I was at my lowest. I could be wrong, but uh, looks about right maybe?:

And this is probably a bit more typical for me. Again though, don't remember weight around then:

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Posted on 07 Jan 2014, 23:05:12
I could do with losing a little bit of body fat, toning up a bit and possibly putting on some muscle mass. I'm 5' 7" (about 172cm) and weigh 11 st 6 lbs (72.5 kg) the heaviest I've been was 12 st 8 lbs (about 80kg)

 My issue is with going to the gym. I'm a lowly student and don't have a job at the minute so i cant afford the gym membership fees. (Plus i hate the gym anyway, too many sweaty people haha) I'm just gonna have to figure out which exercises will be best for burning body fat and can be done at home haha
Building muscle will be difficult though with out weights etc. So I may have to hold off on that until i can afford a gym membership.

I should also start eating properly. At the minute I'm only eating one meal a day because I just don't feel hungry the rest of the time :/
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Posted on 08 Jan 2014, 11:27:24
Well guys, most of you who know me well know that I've struggled with my weight a lot in more recent years. My weight is a major issue for me and really embarrassing but I'm going to post about it anyway because it's about time I take care of this mess. :angry:

I am 5'5" (165cm) and weigh 195lbs (88.5kg) today. My highest weight was recorded on 1/1/12 and I was 208lbs(94.5kg)... that made me realize I needed to get my shit together and start being healthier. I got down to 185 at my lowest since then, which happened this year around September. After that I started getting stressed and having anxiety issues again, and totally went off track. Now that the holidays are over I'm weighing in 10 lbs heavier.

I'm actually pretty great at losing weight, but I get bored/discouraged/frustrated after about a month or two every. single. time. I'm making a big effort to get my friends involved in helping me. My husband has agreed to join a gym with me and wants to make going on walks together a regular thing. I am going to my best friend's gym with her tonight to work out and check it out. Another friend is "racing" me to see who can be down 60lbs first (this is an old bet that neither of us have done very well with over the past two years). And of course there are all of you! :love:

Bonus pics for proof I am a fatty mcfat fat.

Around 2006, when RAWR first met me... somewhere between 130-140 lbs:

My wedding day in 2011, at my highest weight, probably actually around 210lbs:

I don't really think I look like I did on my wedding day anymore, but I'm far from my high school body.

I will disclose that I have some very disordered eating habits when I am trying to lose weight. I usually start off well with something like MyFitnessPal, with a healthy caloric goal. It always (ALWAYS SERIOUSLY WHY HAVEN'T I LEARNED) gets out of hand and I end up eating less and less each day until I go crazy and binge for a week straight. So right now I'm just going to focus on working out, drinking enough water, and adding more healthy foods into my diet.

Posted on 08 Jan 2014, 18:18:36
Well i could always do with a bit of competition, i really suck at working out and never really stick with it past 2 weeks. I made it to 2 months once with a workout partner but as soon as he stopped i stopped (partly cuz i used his home gym, mostly cuz i get bored easy). I dont know my exact weight because my dad took my scale when he was here around thanksgiving cuz he thought it was his -_- but yea i should be about 245-250lbs right now, which is more or less the most ive ever weighed (peaked at 260 last sept). I'm 5'9" and just want to get back to being a 180lb fatty like i used to be, from there I'd probably want to get to a built 180, but I'll take it one step at a time. I'd post pics but i've never taken many and the few i have ive lost to reformats/online albums expiring ;_;

As far as working out goes i've always just done jogging/pushups/situps/planks because i dont have money for a gym and also being a total fatty im a little self concious about being super weak at a gym with all the fit ppl around... silently judging >(

So where was I? Oh yea, so I really dont see myself going to a gym until i've lost some weight and want to bulk up (though for all the people who are into it lifting weights is super easy and enjoyable if you hate running like i do). So I guess im just looking for input on what i can add to that general routine (also did planks and that thing where you sit with ur back to a wall for a while sometimes) without going to a gym or needing weights or equipment.

And since im already editing, no point making a new post.... grats kichi, way to show off   :angry:
Also 2006 kurie was pretty cute... what happened to you  ::>:
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Posted on 09 Jan 2014, 06:00:18
I'm about 171cm tall and weigh around or less than 60kg...

>.> <.< I don't need any weight loss  ::>:

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Posted on 09 Jan 2014, 09:21:42
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I thought I'd do a quick review of some apps that may be helpful. I'm not doing the MyFitnessPal app even though that's the one I use the most, because I think most of us use it already and also I don't feel like screenshotting my stuff.

Plant Nanny
This is a really cute app that is great for people who have trouble remembering to drink enough water! Very simple, you water your plant every time you drink some water. Your plant grows as it receives enough water each day. You can set up push notifications to go out at whatever interval you want to remind you.

I don't really use this app because I don't eat a lot of processed food (and when I do I'm already aware that it's unhealthy). This is great though for people who don't know much about nutrition, or frequently have to eat processed/convenience foods and want to find some healthy alternatives. You can scan or browse for your food item, and see not only the nutrition facts but also see a letter grade for the item and warnings about additives, etc. A lot of the cooler features are only in the paid version of the app, but might be worthwhile for people who have food allergies.

Will add more as I find more. :love:

Posted on 14 Jan 2014, 13:21:49
I'm about 171cm tall and weigh around or less than 60kg...

>.> <.< I don't need any weight loss  ::>:

That's great.  A lot of our members are also at a healthy weight for our height.  However, we chose to be encouraging rather than trying to boast about how lucky we are to have a naturally high metabolism (or in my case, put in a lot of hard work).

I don't want to see another post of this nature again or I will discuss with the rest of the admin/mod team how to handle them going forward.


Former fattie checking in.  About 2 years ago I lost about 75lbs.  I've since put about 15 back on, however I am ready to push for my final 25.  I'll be happy to support any of you and provide any advice you may need.

For what it's worth I am approximately 5'6" (167.6cm) and 150lbs (68kg).  My all time low was 137lbs (62kg).  My end goal is currently 125lbs (56.6kg).  LET'S DO THIS.

Posted on 14 Jan 2014, 15:10:02
I'm sorry, I didn't mean it like that at all :/ But I do now see that it was kinda unthoughtful.

It won't ever happen again ;_; Please feel free to slap me at any time.

You're all wonderful courageous humans (or cats), I really mean that  :heart:

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Posted on 15 Jan 2014, 09:06:00
Today is my favorite day, weigh-in Wednesday! :sparkle:

For accountability I will be sharing with the internet how much weight I've lost each week. I fully expect you to harass me if I miss a Wednesday.

Starting weight: 195
Week 1 weight: 194

Weeeeell okay. I'm actually pretty confused about this. See, I've been gaining and losing weight off and on for the past 7 years or so, and I generally know what to expect out of my body. Any time I've been off track for several weeks (or in this case months) - eating fast food, drinking pop instead of water, not working out... the first week back on it (eating whole foods prepared by myself, drinking tons of water, moving more), I usually lose a couple pounds of water weight. This is satisfying and motivating to me to see the first couple pounds come off so easily.

It didn't happen this time and honestly I can't tell you why. I've been consistently drinking water, cut back on coffee to 1-3 cups a day, kept my calories between 1200-1400, and have increased activity. I only had one day "off" with two restaurant meals but dramatically increased my activity on that day to counteract it a bit.

Granted, if I continue at one pound a week I'll be happy. This week's goal is to increase activity a bit more.

Posted on 15 Jan 2014, 11:56:16
Dont know if this is the case, but your weight often fluctuates a bit and can depend on other factors to (especially for women) i wouldn't be disheartened especially because it only week one.

I dont have any scales at uni so ill have to wait until i visit my mums to give you an update 
Scribble92- beastmaster extraordinaire

Posted on 15 Jan 2014, 12:27:19
I wouldn't even bother with a weekly weigh-in, to be honest....I'd do a weigh-in ater the end of each cycle....::>: (seriously, it does have an influence)

One pound is already something nonetheless, so well done and keep going :love:

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Posted on 16 Jan 2014, 00:41:44
Heyyy, i miss you guys and this sounds like a lot of fun so lets do this.

I lost a lot last time and ive kept it off mostly. I've found that if I watch my weight it's easy to catch small gains and stop them from beginning big weight gains pretty easily. That said I've been vacationing in the USA and trying a lot of terrible (but great) food. I've ranged from 130kg (285 lbs) at heaviest while I was 18 down to 89 kg (196 lbs) at my lowest after my initial losses. I'm still on vacation but decided to get a headstart on my diet with eating out only a few times, so im a bit bigger atm.

Current: 95kg (210 lbs)
Goal: 85kg (185 lb )
Height: 6'0"

Posted on 17 Jan 2014, 14:05:29
Sheepy! Glad to have you here. You and Allu have been incredible inspiration.

As per the advice of the wise Zell and Scribble ::>:, I think I'll switch to a monthly weigh in post. It's more satisfying to see bigger changes anyway. Still plan on checking in on this thread frequently to keep it alive.

Wanted to mention that the Plant Nanny app I showed you guys is helping dramatically with my water intake. After a little over a week I'm totally used to peeing all the time again. :cross:


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