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Elemental attributes  (Read 2970 times)

Posted on 08 Jan 2014, 14:45:42
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After 1/8 patch, elemental stuff started dropping. There are 5 different type of drops, feel free to correct me if im wrong, Firmament, Sinister, Earth, Life and Destruction. Every element buffes your attack by 200% againts certain type of mob. And it reduces your attack 50% against certain mobs. Im gonna start listing this stuff. Feel free to add stuff, correct me if im wrong etc.
You can see what element mobs use by hovering over that ball over mobs Hp bar. If your element has effect it either shows blue pointer down, or red pointer up. Blue meins it reduces damage, red increases damage.

You apply these elements just like whetstones etc to weapon.

Firmament:  increases damage against earth using mobs, reduces damage against Thought

Sinister:increases damage against Firmament using mobs, reduces damage against Earth

Life: increases attack 200% against thought using mobs, decreases attack against ruin usin mobs

Earth: 200% increase to thougt using mobs, 50% decrease firmament using mobs

Destruction increases attack against life using mobs, decreases attack against thought using mobs

Im starting to list what element mobs have, its long process and i'd appreciate any help.

Dayr mobs:

Sandman (lvl. 53)
Golem (lvl. 53)
Scorpion ( lvl. 53)
Deserter (lvl. 60)
Sander (lvl. 60)
Hyena (lvl. 60)
Kepri (lvl. 60)

Muka (lvl. 60)

Sapphire wolf (lvl. 60)

Condors (lvl. 53)
Sandroll (lvl. 64)

Mospel (lvl. 67)
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Posted on 08 Jan 2014, 19:22:32
Thanks Faint! :sparkle:

WARNING - ENCHANTING YOUR WEAPON WITH AN ELEMENT IS PERMANENT. Zanbee stated that this might get changed in the future, but there is no certainty.

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Posted on 08 Jan 2014, 20:37:25
Also: AoEing with enchant on will crash your client.

Every time you hit something that has elemental weakness/strength, it will say funny things~
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Posted on 08 Jan 2014, 22:48:10
A solution for the client crashing is to mute the UI volume.i did it and everything seems fine
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Posted on 11 Jan 2014, 13:46:49
Muting doesn't help, since I have been playing soundless since ancient times and still crash while doing Double Attacks or Dark Illusions...

Mostlikely an overlap of sound effects of Critical hit and this mysterious... file... which play even if you mute your client.

I would recomend clearing out your comp as much as possible tho, if it has a lot of resources to spare, it might be able to withold the client sudden overload.
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Posted on 13 Jan 2014, 09:18:07
If you mob too much you crash :3 that's the bottom line.

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Posted on 13 Jan 2014, 11:03:50
I was crashing hard core and then someone in guild suggested turning off "flash on critical" I believe is what it is called and i grinded on 6-10 scorpions at a time for an hour without crashing. I was also muted.


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