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Current weekly raid schedule  (Read 867 times)

Posted on 09 Jan 2014, 15:13:57
This is only for fixed raid times and it doesn't stop you from organising raids / pugging outside of this schedule.If you feel like raiding at other times, don't be shy and ask in guild chat!

Raid registration threads will typically be posted every Tuesday in the events section.

Cliff notes:
* Friday raids used to key people for Chaos
* Skipping colo might be required
* Feedback? Post in this thread!

Please find below the experimental new raid schedule for the beginning of the year  :love: We will test it for a few weeks and see how it goes. The goal here is to use both Friday raids to key people for Chaos dungeon, so, depending on what everyone needs, there will be several runs of CoA H and/or AoD H in quick succession.
Please note that these raid times might (and will) interfere with colo, if we are going to do proper full length runs.
Here is what we expect to happen with regards to colo:
* Friday EU, Saturday and Sunday: Raid starts 2 hours before colo starts. Late colo entry might be possible, but if runs are still going, it might have to be skipped
* Friday NA: raid starts 30 minutes after colo starts, so if you want to colo on one char, do it right as colo starts

It is also obvious that you can participate in both Friday raids if you wish to do so  ::>:

for the SUNDAY CHAOS DUNGEON RUNS, we will accept more than 10 registrations. If we can get enough players to make 2 workable lineups (14+ with 2 healers), we will make 2 teams. Otherwise, the first 10 who registered will participate in the raid, and whenever someone has to leave, the next person who registered will get added to the raid. Note that you are expected to be able to skip colo if we are still busy with runs, as the very principle of Chaos Dungeon involves running it over and over to get the gear you need. Aso note that if there are more than one character of the same class who need the same item, the item will be rolled.

Here is the EXCITING AND NEW raid schedule!

Please help us recruit so we have new people to bully raid with  ::>:

Would you like to organize a mid-week raid? Let us know!

Times don't work out for you? Raids don't work out for you? People don't work out for you? Give us your opinion in the Raid Revamp thread! Post multiple times if you're really unhappy!

Friday @ 11.00 server time (PDT) (14.00 eastern, 20.00 central Europe) - CoA H & AoD H
Friday @ 18.30 server time (PDT) (21.30 eastern, 23.30 central Europe) - CoA H & AoD H
Saturday @ 16.00 server time (PDT) (19.00 eastern, 01.00 central Europe) - Tomb of Osiris
Sunday @ 11.00 server time (PDT) (14.00 eastern, 20.00 central Europe) - Chaos Dungeon
Need help converting to your timezone? Try this link!

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Posted on 10 Jan 2014, 04:47:35
I've been promptly avoided due of my XMas Vacation the whole AoV and aside from a pair of CoA H raid I'm not aware of the whole difficult of Raid is right now.

So I've to make a question regarding the new Raid Calendar, lot of them will be stupid question but bear with me.

Are Bapho N, CoA N and AoD N, Fallen Fortress obsolete right now or doable solo? I've character that still didn't have completed this Raid Quest, Khara or that didn't even have the requisite to do some of the dungeon in the raid list or that are not even full Colo.

My Knight if I take a Pre - AoV perspective can't even go in CoA H due of lack of Quest - Equipment.
My Rangers has still some CoA N quest unresolved and prolly lot of AoD N too since I've never set foot there. And doesn't even have completed Fallen Fortress (so no Chaos quest even the one in Bapho are fullfilled).

I've to go PUG for this?

How much Being ML 1 or more is required? Right now (my Issue with the game aside) I'm pretty wary of take any ML.

What is the new Gear Requirement for the Raid now, HP are not an issue anymore.

Any chance of Chaos any other day than Sunday (if right now AoV has made me inactive, sunday will made me inactive even if AoV wasn't an issue)?
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Posted on 10 Jan 2014, 18:27:09
The N raids are doable with very small groups and maybe solo.  Lein's monk, raela's priest, and my wizard easily downed the first two bosses in PvE N (we didn't go further because we just wanted to test damage to see if our broken classes were fixed acceptably).  I'd be happy to bully some guildies into doing some quick runs for you sometime we're both on (I need some CoA N quests and any AoD N quests as well).


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