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[NEW RAID SCHEDULE] - [10-12 JAN] Raid registration + discussion  (Read 1082 times)

Posted on 09 Jan 2014, 15:15:17
Please find below the experimental new raid schedule for the beginning of the year  :love: We will test it for a few weeks and see how it goes. The goal here is to use both Friday raids to key people for Chaos dungeon, so, depending on what everyone needs, there will be several runs of CoA H and/or AoD H in quick succession.
Please note that these raid times might (and will) interfere with colo, if we are going to do proper full length runs.
Here is what we expect to happen with regards to colo:
* Friday EU, Saturday and Sunday: Raid starts 2 hours before colo starts. Late colo entry might be possible, but if runs are still going, it might have to be skipped
* Friday NA: raid starts 30 minutes after colo starts, so if you want to colo on one char, do it right as colo starts

It is also obvious that you can participate in both Friday raids if you wish to do so  ::>:

for the SUNDAY CHAOS DUNGEON RUNS, we will accept more than 10 registrations. If we can get enough players to make 2 workable lineups (14+ with 2 healers), we will make 2 teams. Otherwise, the first 10 who registered will participate in the raid, and whenever someone has to leave, the next person who registered will get added to the raid. Note that you are expected to be able to skip colo if we are still busy with runs, as the very principle of Chaos Dungeon involves running it over and over to get the gear you need. Aso note that if there are more than one character of the same class who need the same item, the item will be rolled.

Here is the EXCITING AND NEW raid schedule!

Please help us recruit so we have new people to bully raid with  ::>:

Would you like to organize a mid-week raid? Let us know!

Times don't work out for you? Raids don't work out for you? People don't work out for you? Give us your opinion in the Raid Revamp thread! Post multiple times if you're really unhappy!

Friday @ 11.00 server time (PDT) (14.00 eastern, 20.00 central Europe) - CoA H & AoD H
Friday @ 18.30 server time (PDT) (21.30 eastern, 03.30 central Europe) - CoA H & AoD H
Saturday @ 16.00 server time (PDT) (19.00 eastern, 01.00 central Europe) - Tomb of Osiris
Sunday @ 11.00 server time (PDT) (14.00 eastern, 20.00 central Europe) - Chaos Dungeon
Need help converting to your timezone? Try this link!

Once the event is over, this thread will also be used to discuss how it went and post EPIC SCREENSHOTS  :smile:

1. snork (priest)
Reserve: scribble, Faint, Shu, Ish

1. Zell (war)
2. Lexy (late)
3. Allu
Reserve: scribble, Faint, Snork, Ish

1. scribble (bear)
2. Faint (ranger)
3. Snork (priest)
4. Shu (rogue)
5. Ish (ranger)
6. Fiph (ranger)
7. Kyr (sorc)
8. Allu (wiz)
9. Healmmighty (priest)
10. Wsabi (knight)
Reserve: Zell, Lexy

1. Zell (war)
2. scribble (bear)
3. Faint (ranger)
4. Snork (priest)
5. Shu
6. Allu (wiz)
7. Healmighty (priest)

Reserve: Lexy, Ish,Wasabi

Be there early if possible and on time please, etc, butts, etc.  :sparkle:

PSA: We will require someone to step up as raid leader if Lexy, Allu, or I cannot make the raid. You will be responsible for making sure the raid happens, grabbing pugs if needed and harassing people on IRC. We will ask people closer to the weekend if all 3 of us cannot make a raid.
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Posted on 09 Jan 2014, 15:23:44
Put me as reserve for both friday ones if u need me and im online ill help.
saturday sure thing i wanna run tomb of osiris
same with sunday i want a new wep
Scribble92- beastmaster extraordinaire

Posted on 09 Jan 2014, 15:45:15
Put me on reserve for both friday raids, if i have loads of mp im not risking losing them. Put me on for saturday and sunday.
BRD118, WAR113, PLD111, WHM111, SCH110

coils 10/13
EX 7/7

Posted on 09 Jan 2014, 15:58:21
Friday EU
Reserve Friday NA (kind of late)


Posted on 09 Jan 2014, 16:06:16
Friday EU reserve, Sat (rogue) and Su (on sm or rogue, whatever we need).

I know I told duckie I'm not online often this week but if you catch me online on Friday I will most likely be there to help you out with the raid :>
tomb of osiris on saturday yaaaaaay

Posted on 09 Jan 2014, 16:13:58
I will be late for Friday, reserve Saturday, and reserve Sunday if I'm awake on time!

Lexy LoliPants

Posted on 09 Jan 2014, 18:38:31
Put me down on reserve for the friday ones, ill try to make one or the other, but not sure ill feel like gaming at 11 cuz its kinda early to just jump on to a comp. I'd like to come on saturday but i might have to leave early cuz i've got plans, so if thats cool sign me up otherwise toss me in reserve again. And for sunday i'd say reserve cuz im not sure what condition ill be in, but if im alive and around ill jump on for chaos.

Posted on 10 Jan 2014, 04:28:08
I will not partecipate in any Raid this Week. I've RL and Game issue right now.
Have Fun Storming the Castle.
C'è potere nelle parole così come c'è potere nella passione.
Dimenticarlo a volte può risultarci fatale.
- Inquisitore Arion Athreides.

Posted on 10 Jan 2014, 08:23:43
Put me in for Friday (NA), Saturday, and Sunday.

Posted on 10 Jan 2014, 08:34:25
Signing for saturday an sunday. No prequest n3eded for osiris?

Posted on 10 Jan 2014, 12:12:02
Put me down for Saturday :)

Posted on 10 Jan 2014, 14:57:08
Put me on saturday, hope we do coa i need to finish my quest to unlock aod.

Posted on 11 Jan 2014, 10:15:01
Saturday on Knight

Reserve on Sunday as Knight if i'm online (probably i'm eating dinner at that time)

Posted on 11 Jan 2014, 17:36:34
If someone wants to take my spot for tonight they can.


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