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(v O .O)/ Franchi the new guy..  (Read 893 times)

Posted on 14 Jan 2014, 21:44:00
Heya.. well i dont have much to do atm since work is a bish so i decided to do an intro so you atleast you got an idea of who i am... or somethin (v O _O) here goes nothin so bear with me lol

Hi am Franchi, real name is Gilbert my friends call me bert or gil for short and sometimes bortz just for kicks. Am from the philippines in the city of Manila, just turned 25 last dec, currently workin in a family business with my dad ( yes i work for my dad am a lazy bum in terms of lookin for a job (v = .=)  ) . People always tell me that i dont act my age, hah forever young.. hehehe   i only like bread when there's nutella in sight else (/ > .<)/ ~ [ | ) screw the bun.. oh i and i love pizza and i hate clowns.. (/)  - O)> damn childhood ruined it for me...

Hobbies are games, watchin anime, listenin to music, playin guitars aaaaaaaaand messin around w/ these * ( ) / ^ > < . _ * to make these (v O _O) yep boredom gave birth to these unusual emoticons.. (v = 3=)

Well i guess that's it..  lookin forward on a fun experience with you guys \( O ^ O )/ RAWR!

Oh and *cough* single *cough* (/) . O )/)

Posted on 15 Jan 2014, 04:19:39
lol...thanks Bert, it's good to know a bit more about you :sparkle:

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