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Notification of Unavailability  (Read 1361 times)

Posted on 18 Jan 2014, 17:34:34
This thread is for general use to publish notification of planned absences, so that you can spare the community concern and prevent us with initiating unnecessary search and rescue plans which may lead to potentially embarrassing situations. I don't think Allu will ever recover from seeing Sheepy reenact Buffalo Bill's scenes when he neglected to specify the exact date of his honeymoon.

Going to be away for the next week or two as I need to give my hands a break from typing/gaming due to RSI, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tendinitis or a mutation that's about to give me bitching Wolverine claws. I'll still check in on the forum periodically but otherwise trying to avoid excessive typing, so I'll be avoiding IRC and other chat apps for a bit and will be catching up on films and shows instead.

This has nothing to do with my age and comments implying such are now a bannable offense.

Posted on 18 Jan 2014, 19:58:12
Ummm I had a break from RO2 for a week now, but I'll be prolonging it probably with another week or so.

Basically I've been playing too much in a short time that I just put too many other things aside. Jobwise things are extremely busy with sorting out our 6 closed library branches  :stoic:  Although I also might apply for another job in the city (youth services).

I'll be back though ^^

Oh, and take care of yourself Outrack. Those things sound rather painful :/

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Posted on 18 Jan 2014, 20:52:43
Pretty sure it's just repetitive strain, started up when I was pulling all-nighters in FFXIV and I haven't given it time to heal properly.  Look luck handling your workload! Always sad to hear about libraries closing.

Posted on 27 Jan 2014, 09:26:32
I'll be away for a week or so. Im extremely busy with stuff I should've done months ago. I'll hop on irc every now and then. I'll be back, when the things are done. Searching job and taking care that I apply for school for the next semester is time consuming, and I've been playing way too much lately anyway, so a break from ro is needed right now. I might be able to play on weekends. I can't promise that tho. What's app is gonna be the best way to get in touch with me.
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Posted on 28 Jan 2014, 07:47:21
Good luck Faint...

As for me, I've told Zell. I've retired from RO2 completely. I will lurk on the forums, but I can't seem to get time on IRC anymore...I'll try to pop on once in a while.

Take care Rawr, I wub joo all ^^

retired from RO2 - Playing FF XIV!

Posted on 16 Feb 2014, 01:36:59
i'll not be on RO2 much the next few weeks. ill get an hour or two here and there but ill mostly be working.  i have an assignment due in on friday., a research proposel and a dissertation to write. all within the next 3 months ( not included in the assignment i get two weeks from now) ill still be on IRC
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Posted on 10 May 2014, 19:22:17
Im not gonna be around next few days, except whatsapp. Im gonna be at my grandparents helping my grandmom out a bit. I'll have my laptop with me, but I only have my phones internet, which sucks. So yea, don't be scared if I'm not around for 3-4 days.
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Posted on 17 May 2014, 10:35:27
A bunch of you already know as I've been cursing about it in IRC/Whatsapp, but my internet's been down yet again over the last three weeks and I'll only be semi-active until I get it fixed.

I finally managed to get a technician out yesterday who promised he'd get it someone on it, apparently underground cables were damaged in a bad storm we had a while back - if I don't hear anything by Monday I'll ask him to put me in touch with the guys who helped me sort it out last time (whose numbers I lost as they were on a stolen phone).

Have fun and be active until I get back! I'll hang around IRC on my (capped and expensive) 3G internet over the weekend but won't be able to do much else.

Posted on 17 May 2014, 12:55:11
(whose numbers I lost as they were on a stolen phone).

Thats why stolen phones aren't reliable!
You have to use yours!
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