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Quick notes on livestream  (Read 1080 times)

Posted on 03 Mar 2014, 20:34:16
They promised to answer the rest of the questions and post everything on forums.. we'll see.

* March: bug fixes only
* April to June content: darkwhisper fortress (ML 20 raid), new DNA/cards, guild housing with gvg pvp map (forgotten payon, needs points from woe), new rune system (fix crystal issue, includes accessory punchers)
* new ranks/levels won't be soon - raid is for ML20
* gunslinger/sinx/merchant/crusader - trying to figure out how to implement (different than valentine's)
* in talks about updating union system
* jawaii - isn't soon.. only map exists, nothing else is done, not in next 6 months
* vcr system - one per each class meets with njoror to talk about bugs, issues, suggestions
* one week (until 3pm pst/server) - can nominate self, after, make poll per each class
* revoting every 3 months, can be reelected. if miss 2 in a row, reelection for VCR
* chefs - dayr recipes? in discussion about recipes for all crafting jobs
* no date for honing re-release, but it will be much different (was too random, unbalanced)
* doing internal testing of alternate honing systems - next time, will be preview to get ideas first
* njoror's favorite spot in game - small square in pront with high walls and water - out of bounds so can't bwing, need to drown or party warp.. "prontera prison"
* no plan to increase zeny cap
* localization project soon - players help with in-game text
* researcher pet - issue is known, "trying to fix it"
* working on pvp updates
* new customization system - don't know details
* no idea if gender change will be sold in kafra shop
* looking into greenseed rune rates
* shabby bags should be fixed this wednesday
* eventually, might try to do community design costume -> make in game
~ raela (ML20 assassin) ~ naenia (ML1 sorcerer) ~ dasity (ML8 rogue) ~
~ sarinelle (ML1 priest) ~ nayrin (ML1 monk)  ~ kaysera (ML1 warrior) ~
 ~ acercia (25 beastmaster) ~ forgeria (30 wizard) ~ darkyne (ML13 soulmaker)  ~

Posted on 20 Mar 2014, 14:58:13
guild housing sounds like a lot of fun! :love:

Thanks for posting this raela! :3

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