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TESO (The Elder Scrolls Online)  (Read 1949 times)

Posted on 06 Feb 2014, 12:38:05
Anyone thinking of picking this up?

Yeah, it's pay2play...but I kinda love The Elder Scrolls...

anyway, this looks awesome:

retired from RO2 - Playing FF XIV!

Posted on 06 Feb 2014, 13:37:48
I have a beta invite to it but I didn't play it :|

Lexy LoliPants

Posted on 07 Feb 2014, 20:09:35
Too expensive.

Posted on 11 Feb 2014, 00:09:38
I have a beta invite to it but I didn't play it :|

Exact same thing here - got access to the beta, but have little motivation to play due to the high cost and that Bethesda aren't developing it themselves. Have you tried the game out yet?

Posted on 11 Feb 2014, 02:54:14
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I played a bit during the last beta weekend. It's kind of fun, and it feels like an elder scrolls game (as much as an MMO can). I didn't get very far into the game though; we just started in the second zone. I've been looking for a quality themepark mmo to play between EVE online sessions, and I feel like this might do for a month or so. It really depends on how they encourage long term play.

Personally, I prefer pretty much any payment model that doesn't rely on micro-transactions, so I'm fine with paying for ESO. P2W and content gating are getting ridiculous.
- Vasi

Posted on 15 Mar 2014, 12:25:02
I gave it a look, as I am a HUGE fan of the Elder Scrolls Series. I did not love this incarnation. I really wanted to.  :cross:

EDIT: As I played more, I liked it more and more. Still wary of how PvP will pan out. It's still FULL of glitches. But it's got...
'Potential' (wait, where have I heard THAT before?). It was astonishingly cinematic at times. Mildly irritating at others.  :mischievous:
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Posted on 19 Apr 2014, 08:40:22
PSA for those either looking into the game or playing it right now - the economy has apparently been stuffed following an item duplication bug that Zenimax were made aware of during beta and hadn't fixed until a few hours ago (link to article), and the official forums are being flooded with complaints from users stating that they've been banned without warning or reason (link, link, link, link, and link).

The dupe bug has been fixed and accounts are being restored, though undoing the damage to the economy would mean performing a full rollback which is virtually impossible at this stage without losing a majority of their userbase. There's evidence that the bug was brought to their attention as far back as 7 February (link) so this was easily avoidable, and this sadly isn't the only indication of a loose reaction to bugs as the game launched with broken quests that halted progression, overpowered and poorly balanced skills, and issues with the engine that caused players to fall through the floor or be tossed off their horse every few seconds.

Are any of you guys playing this? I don't have any first-hand experience with the game so I'm not sure if things are being blown out of proportion or not, though the sheer volume of complaints I'm seeing indicates that these aren't just a handful of isolated incidents. If you're in, let us know how it's going!

Posted on 23 Apr 2014, 18:08:31
Thanks for the info, as I am still thinking of playing this game  in the fall...
No new games for me in the meantime; busy busy. You know the drill.  :hg:

Posted on 23 Apr 2014, 19:36:49
Fun from the TESO support forum!

Posted on 23 Apr 2014, 22:44:09
I've been playing since early access. I've never fallen through the floor. I've only encountered a few progress blocking bugs. Most of them could have been prevented by better QA.

The duping issues are less important than you might think: there is no central economy, so not much of the corruption was spread around.

As for the people getting banned, they probably shouldn't have used bots or abused bugs.
- Vasi

Posted on 26 Apr 2014, 05:38:01
Thanks for the input Vasi, it's been hard getting a moderate opinion as there's so much negativity and sensationalist press - I'm surprised people haven't started blaming Zenimax of funding the Syrian government and operating servers out of seized buildings in Ukraine.

Bugs/bots aside, how are you liking it?

Posted on 04 May 2014, 02:58:16
I played it for like 1 hour during beta and i actually didn't find any reason to buy/play it.
the combat system isn't new at all + it's kinda bad too imo... it just doesn't fit in there.
I rly think it's a game only for Elder Scrolls fans and even alot of those are like "wtf is this?!"
Maybe it would have been better to release it as a f2p model and/or maybe gaming industries should start taking a look on statistics based on
Streaming gets bigger and bigger every day and you can actually get alot of players into your game by giving early access to big streamers like ArcheAge is doing it right now , and it works!
ESO had like an average of 500 viewers at a time in beta and now even tho it's been released , the numbers haven't changed...
ArcheAge for example is in Alpha and has like 10k viewers constantly and it isn't a casual game at all...

I wish i would have dem $$$  ::>:  i could take the crown from blizzards head and make a bad ass mmo just cuz i've played games constantly my whole life and i know what ppl want.
I feel like the gaming industry is about to make everything worse and worse... they throw games on the market who are 50% finished just to make "fast money" /  they wait way too long to release games in certain parts of the world (Blade & Soul for example) until the fanbase find other games and don't even care anymore if it's released or not.
the teams testing endgame content etc. are like the worst players ever, well ... that's what it seems like imo...

Nvm i'm enraging right now , sry for that  :sweat:
I don't see ESO as a 2014 released game, even tho the graphics are rly good!
Keep in mind all of this is just my oppinion!  ::>:

~ Sythra


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