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The random photograph thread.  (Read 955 times)

Posted on 25 Feb 2014, 17:50:55
So I couldn't see this anywhere, and searching didn't provide any answers to this, so I figured I'd start it up.

just a thread, with random photos. doesn't matter what it is, just any random photos you feel like posting. people, places, animals, whatever.

I figured I'd start us up with 4.

Firstly, me and my father when we were approximately the same age. I think I'm a year or so older.

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Playing around with some friends on a rooftop in GTA V online mode.

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An Ashterian at his wedding day - getting ready.

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A walkway of trees in the York gardens, a place I go to every year.

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Posted on 05 Apr 2014, 09:21:39
Well, I've had a look around and from I see on this forum is that most of the picture thread do infact turn random. Loves it!
So here is one of some of me and my super l33t ironing skills.

& I don't want your thread to go unanswered ::>:


Posted on 16 Oct 2014, 11:56:59
If you aren't friends with my on Facebook you didn't get a chance to see what I woke up to the other morning. First to explain I live in Colorado right next to Pikes Peak. Also my house was in those clouds no the ground. I didn't know it was a sunny day until I got to work. You couldn't see much of anything in the clouds.

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