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Ragnarok 2/RAWR Guild Application.  (Read 868 times)

Posted on 12 Mar 2014, 16:03:30
Hello everyone, I am Kinetec but  friends calls me Tec.

I recently started Ragnarok 2 to check it out, and I found myself to be liking that game a lot.
I used to play WoW and I found a lot in common with it, a few fast example are classes and skills.
I met a guild member of your's and I liked the name, of course I must admit that I am an opportunitist, so I figured that the guild benefits will be great if I join you guys, but besides that I met a great guy from your guild, and that motivated me mostly to ask for entrance in your guild.

I am a level 17(soon to be 20 ^_^) thief, my in-game name is Kinetec(ofc it would be)and one thing about me is that I am a really relaxed guy, most of the time at least.And my profesion is artisan.

Furthermore, I find it intruiging to be a member of your guild.And I hope that we get to co-operate as guild members in the future.


Um, I am from greece.I enjoy drinking tea and I just love sitting by the sea and listen to the waves.One of my hobbies is Bike racing(Yes, I do have a license) and football.I am 18 and I study philoshophy(not sure if I spelled it right) at college.

That should suffice on what you posted Ginnie.
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Posted on 12 Mar 2014, 16:08:17
well i'm think you need to add something about your hobbies and about your studies or about your nationality and interest.

that's all i know you can enter the guild but you need to let us know an info about yourself  :sparkle:
"the cat i'm that cat! i'm that cat!"
"GinNeko - Monk"
"LucyNeko - Sorceress"

Posted on 12 Mar 2014, 16:23:41
well i guess Zell will ask you some weird/normal questions so be prepared .

anyways have patience and wait for him  :smile:

have a nice day :D
"the cat i'm that cat! i'm that cat!"
"GinNeko - Monk"
"LucyNeko - Sorceress"

Posted on 14 Mar 2014, 13:50:49
Hi, whisper me in game when u are online and ill invite u too the guild. IGN: Scribble92
Scribble92- beastmaster extraordinaire

Posted on 20 Mar 2014, 14:56:45
Hi, I see you have been added, but we haven't seen you in-game or on the forum in several days. Have you given up on RO?

I will wait a little bit longer before...purging you ::>:

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