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Posted on 02 Nov 2013, 07:41:19
[22:37] <OutrackUSP> Sorry!
[22:37] <slutbucket> so sorry!
[22:37] <OutrackUSP> Anyway, time to try DP ;D

Posted on 15 Nov 2013, 12:38:15
[12:34] <penis> racky deepthroats processed chicken..

Posted on 16 Nov 2013, 21:46:02
Of all the random words it could have put together..,

Posted on 17 Nov 2013, 00:10:21
Double post, but too good to pass up...

<Daniel> cock is simple and its good

You don't say :sparkle:

Posted on 22 Nov 2013, 08:47:51
[15:39] <~Outrack> The world's falling apart man!
[15:39] <~Outrack> Holy shit, rain D:
[15:39] <Armonna> OMG RAIN
[15:39] <Armonna> WTF IS THIS SHIT
[15:40] <Snorkel> lmao
[15:40] <Armonna> You can really tell by her voice how serious she is
[15:40] <Armonna> She's like "OMG GUYS GUYS GUYS LISTEN
[15:40] <Armonna> RAIN
[15:41] <~Outrack> srsly!
[15:41] <~Outrack> People gettin' all wet and shit
[15:42] <Snorkel> i get wet all the time :<

Posted on 07 Dec 2013, 14:20:16
.:14:07:18:. < raela> allu still has to take the raela challenge
.:14:07:23:. < raela> and try to type on my phone when drunk
.:14:07:29:. < Zell> yes plixxx
.:14:07:38:. < raela> can do it sober now though.. hrmm
.:14:08:57:. < raela> okay so i am typing a message
.:14:09:17:. .:--> raelaalt <webchat@6F610FEE.3DA7CCD9.C0A5892B.IP> #RAWR
.:14:09:28:. < raela> idk raela this isn't that bad
.:14:09:44:. < raelaalt> imagine when drunk
.:14:09:45:. < raelaalt> also
.:14:09:51:. < raelaalt> when typing a lot and fast
.:14:09:58:. < raelaalt> you get to see a lot of the annoyances
.:14:10:13:. < raela> yeah no phone csn't be fast
.:14:10:35:. < raela> they just csn't handke it
.:14:10:45:. < raela> lol :(
.:14:10:46:. < raelaalt> my phone in particular is handicapped
.:14:10:48:. < raelaalt> it's not just me >:(
.:14:10:49:. < penis> it's just to be a counselor
.:14:10:54:. < raelaalt> no penis
.:14:11:05:. < raelaalt> counselor on the phone is the worst
.:14:11:11:. < raela> yrs judt be a counsekor phonr
.:14:11:15:. < raela> lol oksy
.:14:11:25:. < raelaalt> DIG DEEPER DIG DEEPER
.:14:11:26:. < raelaalt> IN THAT HOLE
.:14:11:30:. < raelaalt> just you wait
.:14:11:32:. < raelaalt> once drunk..
.:14:11:33:. < raela> di maybe it doed sucj
.:14:11:37:. < raelaalt> I will make sure my phone is changed
.:14:11:39:. < raelaalt> *charged
.:14:11:48:. < raela> lol thus us honba be grest
.:14:12:12:. < raelaalt> it's gonna be a hot goddamn mess
.:14:12:12:. < raela> kk love yoy all
.:14:12:20:. < raelaalt> hopefully people will be there to experience it
.:14:12:23:. < raela> bye whires
part 2 comes tonight...
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Posted on 10 Dec 2013, 16:39:51
22:49:56< raela> whi id freling bressts ebat
22:50:01< raela> EBAT
22:50:11< scribble> EBAT!
22:50:18< raela> u fycking ate tsrks's phobe
22:50:36< raela> skree dkree nither fucrtd
22:50:54< raela> shots shots shot
22:51:19< raela> biych i eikl zmter dnter yoyr fsce
22:51:24< raela> oksy si
22:51:25< penis> si
22:51:35< raela> rsr'd phone sycjd
22:51:40< scribble> bitch i ............ your face?
22:51:47<&ZellKFF> raela
22:51:48< Ishkar> youre drunk allu, go to bed >O
22:51:57< raela> i  an't
22:52:05<&ZellKFF> raela go talk to Ben
22:52:08< raela> wr sre still st thr edding
22:52:13< Ishkar> oh
22:52:15< raela> alsi no
22:52:18< Ishkar> thats a late wedding
22:52:19<&ZellKFF> make him your bitch :>
22:52:21< raela> he dud apiloguzr
22:52:26<&ZellKFF> yeah well
22:52:27<&ZellKFF>  a bit late
22:52:31<&ZellKFF> after caling you a bitch
22:52:37< raela> i daid ojsy snd kept trying to msne irc work
22:52:38< raela> lol
22:52:54<&ZellKFF> your IRC works
22:52:59<&ZellKFF> you are talking on IRC
22:54:06< raela> im alku
22:54:08.:--> Mirilene <Miriene@C1506CA:5370915F:E73D3327:IP> #RAWR
22:54:11.:mode/#RAWR <+o Mirilene> by ChanServ
22:54:12< raela> rRkshas my phobr
22:54:16<@Mirilene> now we have both of us
22:54:19<@Mirilene> bitches
22:54:22< raela> ser
22:54:30< raela> my phone id nornsl
22:54:36<&ZellKFF> so, from what I gathered
22:54:37< raela> ers id a goddamn mrds
22:54:42<&ZellKFF> you are still at the wedding
22:54:44<@Mirilene> my phone is a glorious beast
22:54:46<&ZellKFF> ben is there
22:54:49<&ZellKFF> and he apologised
22:54:56< raela> RAELA ID ALLU
22:55:00< scribble> wait allu = rae and rae= allu?
22:55:04<@Mirilene> he wants to fuck Allu tonight
22:55:07<&ZellKFF> and raela IDed allu
22:55:13<@Mirilene> she has makeup on
22:55:14< raela> MIRI ID RSELA
22:55:21<@Mirilene> raela is using ally's phone
22:55:33< raela> GUYS
22:55:39<&ZellKFF> raela is typiing almost coherently
22:55:43<@Mirilene> Allu is taking the drunk raela phone challenge
22:55:45<&ZellKFF> could it really be a phone thing?
22:55:50< raela> TIGHT HETE
22:55:55<&ZellKFF> no allu
22:55:57< raela> MIFDLE OD EEDDING
22:55:59<&ZellKFF> keep your eyelashes on
22:56:12<@Mirilene> Zell
22:56:13<&ZellKFF> you'll freak him out
22:56:16< scribble> i understood that one too
22:56:17<@Mirilene> she fell on the floor
22:56:20<&ZellKFF> <3
22:56:22<@Mirilene> because of you
22:56:30<@Mirilene> laughing
22:56:30<&ZellKFF> allu fell on the floor?
22:56:32<&ZellKFF> ahaha
22:56:40< raela> YEAG HI
22:56:40* Armonna 's translation module overheats
22:56:40< scribble> typical allu..... keeping the floor warm
22:56:41<@Mirilene> she said she would roll on it if she could
22:56:55< raela> NO
22:57:03<@Mirilene> this floor is dirty
22:57:05< raela> I HAVE STSNDARDS
22:57:07<&ZellKFF> :(
22:57:35<&ZellKFF> raela, your phone is amazing
22:57:38< raela> FYI ny phone id autocorrecting rarka
22:57:44<&ZellKFF> it makes anyone who touches it speak raelish
22:57:46< Armonna> You must be killed before you roll on the floor?
22:57:47< scribble> soooooooo when are u gonna let ur butts see u singing beautifully?
22:57:47<@Mirilene> my phone is a pain in the ass
22:57:55< raela> her phonr is not aurocjrrecting ne
22:58:16* ZellKFF humps raela
22:58:17< scribble> completley alien language
22:58:20<@Mirilene> scribble
22:58:25<&ZellKFF> whoever that is at this point in time
22:58:29<@Mirilene> you have to wait until we get home
22:58:34< scribble> :D
22:58:41<@Mirilene> so Allu can upload
22:59:17<@Mirilene> shot time!!!!!
22:59:28< scribble> have one for me!!!!!!!
22:59:28<@Mirilene> Allu again :3

23:02:25< raela> zell    mmmnmm
23:02:32< raela> iys sheepy
23:02:33< raela> 8
23:02:36<&ZellKFF> yes
23:02:38<&ZellKFF> sheepy is 8
23:02:59<&ZellKFF> also HELLO DANIEL
23:03:00< raela> i lobw ypy bgian ssdhole
23:03:04< raela> hiiiii
23:03:09< raela> diioo ribk
23:03:13<&ZellKFF> and very happy
23:03:15< raela> klol
23:03:23< scribble> congratulations :D
23:03:27<&ZellKFF> we love you <3
23:03:35<&ZellKFF> pls survive this ordeal
23:03:35< raela> want me to grind thr girls
23:03:39< raela> *
23:03:41<&ZellKFF> yes go grind raela
23:03:41< raela> ?
23:03:47< scribble> and allu
23:03:48<&ZellKFF> that would be glorious
23:03:54< scribble> 2 at a time
23:04:02< scribble> be a real man haha
23:04:04< raela> i duf it
23:04:21<&ZellKFF> if you can grind raela without dying
23:04:23<@Mirilene> FYI he dys grind on Rae
23:04:27<&ZellKFF> you will be me new hero
23:04:35<&ZellKFF> NO WAY
23:04:36< scribble> <3
23:05:09<&ZellKFF> SHEEPY
23:05:12<&ZellKFF> GRIND ON BEN
23:05:19< raela> ee grinded
23:05:20<@Mirilene> no
23:05:25<@Mirilene> no Ben
23:05:27< raela> raela allusheepy train
23:05:33< raela> allu sandwich grinding
23:05:37< raela> sheepy left
23:05:38< raela> well
23:05:40<@Mirilene> it was beautiful
23:05:41<&ZellKFF> :(
23:05:45< raela> hes humping bridesmaids
23:05:54<@Mirilene> I was the muddle of a Rae Sheepy sandwich
23:06:17<&ZellKFF> that sounds dangerous
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Posted on 13 Dec 2013, 20:15:08
[17:13:06] *** AndroUser [androirc@64F9D20F.8D7DDE82.2342F2A4.IP] has joined #RAWR
[17:13:06] <%penis> now we guess which androuser

[12:55:35] *** Zell [androirc@64F9D20F.8D7DDE82.2342F2A4.IP] has joined #RAWR
[12:55:35] <%penis> you killed the channel, zell

Penis is onto us ;(
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Lexy LoliPants

Posted on 11 Jan 2014, 00:23:59
[00:21:26] <penis> a very creepy gift for raela to cure all her ailments:


Posted on 27 Jan 2014, 15:32:48
Slutty was looking kinda lonely, so I decided to let her into #rawr.. but she's been up to trouble
<@Mirilene> shut up scrawny
< penis> i filed for this
< slutbucket> and, my body would *totally* shut up penis, i watched!
< penis> ive seen some fat and muscle mass, he won't be scrawny forever
< penis> the kitten would *totally* steal makeup
< slutbucket> weed and the other girly girls and penis is pretty retarded in the head
< penis> and heal them, and judged her for her taste
< slutbucket> actually that's the only kind of metal through your skin and they tend not to heal limit break
<@Lexy> ok bots calm down
<@Lexy> shhh
* Lexy pats penis
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Posted on 12 Mar 2014, 01:32:33
Penis dealing out some secrets today:

< penis> kurie and i lived together

< penis> watch out zellkff strokes lein's face

< penis> sheepy learned to make better decisions

Lexy LoliPants

Posted on 24 Mar 2014, 23:03:30
Oh bots say the darndest things...

[19:59] <penis> but i see in that pic james slaps outrack around a bit with a large fishbot
[19:59] <slutbucket> taralis slaps james around a bit with a large to really do anything else
[20:04] * James slaps penis around a bit with a large trout
[20:04] * James slaps slutbucket around a bit with a large trout
[20:04] <penis> james slaps allus ass
[20:04] <slutbucket> allu: this is a random dude dancing with his ability to write sentences, and punctuate!
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Posted on 29 Apr 2014, 10:25:00
< penis> kurie inside lein's rectum and rips the fuck out of bad things

what the fuck kurie >:|
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Posted on 09 May 2014, 11:42:06
[17:37] <raela> also, maaan, my hips hurt ;_; while still semi-drunk, I walked 2.5 km downhill to fernando's house.. just to find out he left before I got there and didn't let me know.. so then walked another 1.2 km uphill.. got really drunk.. then went the final 1.3km back uphill
[17:38] <~Outrack> lol semi-drunk
[17:38] <~Outrack> I picture raela's semi-drunk as Richard Simmon's being semi-flamboyant
[17:39] <raela> well I mean I drank a lot in the morning, but then took an hour break and had lunch
[17:39] <raela> so while I was still sorta feeling it
[17:39] <raela> I wasn't reallllllly bad
[17:39] <Lein> hmm
[17:39] <Lein> so
[17:39] <Lein> you do more excercise while drunk?
[17:39] <~Outrack> Wouldn't be surprised..
[17:39] <raela> I was too drunk to drive and don't have a bus pass
[17:39] <raela> so, if I wanted to go anywhere, had to walk D:
[17:39] <Lein> sounds like you should get drunk more often :|
[17:40] <raela> jerk ;_;
[17:40] <slutbucket> hey hey leave you're a jerk >:(

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