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A game I play on RO2  (Read 1319 times)

Posted on 29 Mar 2014, 02:32:44
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sometimes when I just log on for the sake of logging on
because I'm lazy and grinding isn't much fun
(well it's only fun when I die multiple times)

we play games in ro2
or charades, ie) i use an action and the other person guesses what it is xD
↓ and now we made a game using random items in our bag to make a ridiculous story
it's really confusing because I just typed everything out as soon as I saw a new sentence in the party chat,
so there's talking and story mixed in xD

S: Do you wear [Witch's Underwear]?
A: no no i wear wizard u ndies!
A: he's pretty hot so i stole them when he wasnt looking
S: Then, do you have a [Ripped Cape] around your shoulders?
A: that old thing! no no i bought a new one!
S: but what about your hair? i heard it's made out of [Very Thin Silk Thread]s!
S: Is it cause you wash it with [AGI PotionVI]s?
A: that's why i have on a hat
S:now you try
S:I know you have an [Old Purple Chest I] of words somewhere
A: Yup I opened it and got a [Pandora's Box]
A: lol my bags boring!!!
S: but you've gotta have a [Smelly Bandage] for first aid!
A: I lost it! It might be cause that wizard used [Cursed Mark of Immortality] on me
S:!!! :o
A:[Kiss Mark of Aromine] was left behind! It's a clue!
S: You should have fed him some [Desert Scorpion Shell]s to stop him!
A:I tried but he gave me the [Evil Spirit's Skull] face and leapt out the window
S: I remember! You gave that to me and I extracted [Sohee DNA Fragment] from it!
S: Do you know how I got it?
A: Please share!
S: I just drenched it in a [Wind Elixir] and used a [Instant Smoldering Heart Skewer] to dig it out!
S: I'm gonna type this all down
A: Okay pause, kids bothering me again!
S:About the [Sohee DNA Dragment]..
S:There was something odd about it.. can you tell me what it is? :P
S: *sits down and eats some [Instant Cajun] waiting for a reply*
A:Well I noticed after closer examination there was [Applied Element- Destruction]
S:What?! How could it be? [Applied Element -Destruction ] is made from [Sand of Life]
S: and as we know, [Sand of Life] is from Morroc!
A: Somehow the Sohee are recieving shipments from Dayr. I think it's cramps doing..
A: Look here it's an order form, [Cramp's Signature]   
E:give me time so I can see what the story is about
S:LOL, yeah
E: o-0
S:We're just doing it randomly
E: tsk tsk tsk
S:Ahhh cramp!! The guy who stole my [Desert Storm Quiver]!!!
A: Yea that bastard threw my [Pilanium Mace] into the [Eternal Flame] yesterday
S: Ely, you reply this xD
A: I gotta kill some stuff I'm running out of items xD
S: lol me too
E: -_ i have nothing ok my mind is off
S: okay then...
S: Maybe he stole our stuff because I took his [Instant Jellopy Pudding]?
E: i hate the both of you
A: what? you stole his pudding? I took his [Mountain Leather Hood] <3
S:uhhh some guy just asking me 'no tenddras un arco asi igual para mi'.. what does that mean?
E:...tell him to fuck off?
S:omg no thats mean
E: right
A: what?!
E: and you told someone to shut up
S: Yeah.. I'm horrible T_T
E: thats not really bad
A: no idea whats going on!
S: me neither
E: join the club sister
S: But the reason why I stole his pudding
S: is because ely put a [Rabong leg] in it!!
E: nope i made that leg in [instant crab soup]
S: then what did you do with the pudding?! :o
E: oh that I put [Blue PotionVI] into it
A: brb door, random item story amongst yourselves
S: okay lmao bye
E: oh no the [Instant crab soup] was full of [hard stony fragment]
S: !!! OAO
E: please give me a [spinel]!!![ im choking to death!!!!

i don't know what happened to ely after that, because I logged off before I could give him any spinel
*u* maybe he choked to death

Posted on 29 Mar 2014, 22:01:37
that was quite the fun read XD

I dunno why you had that many random shit in your bag tho! clean it more often!!
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Posted on 30 Mar 2014, 12:08:58
Ahem...[heavenly sausage] + [divine protection] combo forever ::>:

not like I ever played that game with anyone no no  ::>:

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Posted on 30 Mar 2014, 17:58:42
Hide and Seek <3
. . .  :naruto:

Posted on 31 Mar 2014, 08:57:21
This is pretty cute :sparkle:

Some of my best memories playing come from breaking away from the main game to do random silly things, like trying to clip through the map with ShiiN and raela at the waterfall in the beginning area or using Sword Leap to gain access to areas and heights normally completely inaccessible with Zell.


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