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Guild Application  (Read 871 times)

Posted on 02 Apr 2014, 03:40:08
Be warned: Wall of Text Follows

A little about myself I guess is in order.

I have been part of the MMO community for well over 15 years now. I have worked for gaming companies in the past and enjoyed it very much. I only recently started playing RO2 but had been meaning to try it out for a while now. But, with the amount of games I have been testing I had not been able to get around to the game till now.

I have played WoW since before it was released to the public. I could tell you so much about WoW that it would any normal persons mind blow up due to the amount of information. While playing WoW I was known as one of those Auction Whore because I would spend countless hours making gold and multiplying it ten fold. With the most recent expansion I have stopped playing WoW as making gold had become so stupid easy I could make 500k+ a week. So I sought out new challenges.

So I ventured to private WoW servers and eventually had managed to become part of staff on a few of these servers. While there I was Lead GM / Lead Helper / Event Coordinator. I stayed off and on for the next 2 years as staff for one server helping it restructure their staffing ranks and provide them with the ability to move forward. I left then shortly after since I felt my services were no longer needed and started to search for a new challenge.

Over the next few years I had begun to heavily work on a number of games in Alpha, Beta, and Pre-released versions of games. While doing this I had obtained a great knowledge about many different types of genres of games and continued to expand upon this knowledge until I recently came upon RO2.

RO2 feels more like a early pre-released games along the lines of beta. The game has many bugs and issues but along with these issues are a dedicated group of players who will go with the game to were ever it may lead the players. So I have taken up RO2 as my new home and challenge.

I plan on becoming a Event Coordinator for RO2 in the future. And will be bringing about a variety of events either by forum events or ingame events to stem out and attract new players and bring back the old.

Well I believe I have rambled on for a while now. I do have friends in other guilds but I believe getting to know more guilds and their communities will provide me with an insight on what needs to happen to brighten players smiles.



Posted on 02 Apr 2014, 04:36:13
Hi! Thanks for your application :smile:

That was a nice piece of text, but sadly, you missed almost every key element xD

Char name and level? Are you applying for your main char? Are you part of other guilds already? What is your name/age/gender/location? (really, we would like to know at least age and timezone)

Are you studying/working? Do you have any hobbies outside of gaming?

Looking forward to your answers :sparkle:

RAWR guildmaster since 2004
Currently playing: RO2 - channel 5

Posted on 02 Apr 2014, 16:26:06
Lol. I totally forgot about those other important things :D Was totally caught up in explaining my gaming history and forgot the cream filling to that Banana Cream Pie.

Char Name: xPhire
Level: 41 soon to be ML 1+
This is my current main
I have friends in the Pavilion guild so I have a character there so I can talk with them.
Name: Tom
Timezone: Alaska Standard Time - Yes I've got my own timezone were I live :D

I work at a retail job. Were everyone is treated like family. As for hobbies I love photography, books, music, and movies.

Hope that is everything :D If not let me know :P

Posted on 03 Apr 2014, 19:35:16
Thanks! I have a friend in pavilion too xD

We've been trying to add you but no luck so far, let us know when you're online!

Alternatively join our IRC channel ( , channel #rawr) and request to be added  :smile:

RAWR guildmaster since 2004
Currently playing: RO2 - channel 5


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