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Predator  (Read 771 times)

Posted on 03 Apr 2014, 21:23:04
Never breaking through the surfaces
Sleek and silent in the depths
Approaching those which once was living
Biting down into the flesh

Feeling then a slight resistance
Pain and shock as it's pulled back
Fear will drive it towards the distance
Fighting never feeling slack

Taking the life of the killer
Pulling him from his deep dark home
Seeing the blackness in his stare
Is his life much different than your own

Slowly it begins to tire
Not knowing life's at stake
Drifting upwards towards the surface
An eerie feeling in the light

A black a flash of white and crimson
Reeling now in throws of death
A realm is left for total darkness
Leaking red into the depth

Taking the life of the killer
Dragging him from his deep dark home
Seeing the darkness in his stare
The killers stare is now your own


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