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Njorawr  (Read 1192 times)

Posted on 03 Apr 2014, 22:03:17

Pending official application!  :sweat:

Discuss/vote  ::>:

(In all seriousness, what would your take be on having a CM in the guild? Not saying it is a permanent thing in this case - I'm not sure if it is at this stage to be honest  :confused:)

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Posted on 03 Apr 2014, 22:53:34
Well, I dont mind the person himself joining us, its not like I have anything against him doing so, but I certainly have my share of worries of him joining on his CM character.

Well, I dunno, I wouldn't like to see RAWR in a bad political position :v (or a political position at all).
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Posted on 03 Apr 2014, 23:10:34
I'm not much for politics, but I love fun. If we can keep it fun, then I'm game.  :love:

Posted on 04 Apr 2014, 03:40:07
Oh Njo!

Lexy LoliPants

Posted on 04 Apr 2014, 05:31:54
I don't mind Njoror joining us, he's a nice guy. BUT I'm a bit worried, if this is gonna start spreading unwanted rumours, like Rawr is getting advantages from Njoror etc. And are people only gonna apply to the guild because we have CM in guild.

It also has it's positive things. We most likely will get information about updates before it's announced on the forums.

If he really joins to guild, I don't mind I don't have anything against him. But if we start getting bad reputation because of it, we should reconsider.
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Posted on 04 Apr 2014, 07:55:13
Personally i couldn't care less providing no special treatment was given to our members over other members of the community. And you know what the RO2 community is like. They always have to qq about something haha (myself being the exception haha jk
Scribble92- beastmaster extraordinaire

Posted on 04 Apr 2014, 08:14:53
QQ is gonna happen, yes. I don't want any special treatment, but I don't want our guild to be hated, because we have CM. Would it be worth it?
BRD118, WAR113, PLD111, WHM111, SCH110

coils 10/13
EX 7/7

Posted on 04 Apr 2014, 12:26:59
I don't think it would be much of a problem at all.
To be honest, it shouldn't matter so much what guild a person is in...the person themselves should matter more in decisions like this. And Njo is a very friendly CM with a great personality ^.^

I love this guild like family (*whispers* more than Exodus  ::>: ), but I have decided to join Exodus because the events and competitions they participate in are better suited to my interests. (Can I stay as honorary member please  :love: ?)

From my experience, I wouldn't want a kind soul like Njo to be pulled to pieces or tossed around between guilds. It was a horrible decision to make to decide between friends (RAWR, Ice, Exo, Uncrowned...each guild has some really really nice people, even though some may have mean ones...except RAWR of course  :sparkle: everyone's so nice here), and I don't want to see it happen to anyone else. It's an experience that I wouldn't want anyone else to go through...ever >.<. Personally, I think he'd fit in well with our friendly community here  :sparkle: ~ Please keep him!

Lotsa love,

Posted on 04 Apr 2014, 12:28:02
he could join in incognito?
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Leinzan -> Average Rogue!
Aiot -> Monkey Assassin!
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Posted on 04 Apr 2014, 12:53:39
so much joke very wow

ok, jk.

I think this is only temporary and I honestly don't see any problems with that at all? I doubt the guild will be hated and there's much qq anyway so why debating over something that probably isn't even long term anyway?  ::>:

Posted on 04 Apr 2014, 16:30:10

I think CMs SHOULD join guilds, every one of them! I think the more they participate with the community the better their bond with it will be. If CMs were in player guilds, players would know if/how much they play (or sleep, for that matter), what sort of concerns they have about the game (cuz seriously, we all know what OUR concerns are, and they know them too, lol, but do we know theirs?!), etc. I think there should be a CM in every active guild for a stretch of time, even if not permanent. IF a CM wants a permanent slot in a guild, then perhaps joining incognito is the long-term way to go? Regardless, I'm cool with whatever happens, because I know we will handle it together and with our warm hearts and cool heads. Peace.
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Posted on 04 Apr 2014, 22:14:39
Um, not that I'm terribly attached at this point... but we've been down this road before...


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