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Possible Newbie 'Do not sell/Save for later' guide?  (Read 910 times)

Posted on 05 Apr 2014, 08:55:59
Im not sure if something like this exists anywhere on the is not being my friend today. But I cant tell you how much I am kicking myself right now after looking at the auction house for the first time & rereading my Khara quests!

I run out of space super quickly upon my questing travels and mostly just sell the worthless junk to NPCs, only finding out a little while later the 'junk' isn't actually junk and could fetch a decent amount of 'gold goodies' (z) to a noob like myself. Of course, once I find out and run back to the npc I sold it to (if i even remember the correct town it was...) it is no longer in the buy back. gr.  :sweat2: :stoic:

Are there any items which come to mind that are worth holding onto, either to sell, or for later khara quests?


Posted on 05 Apr 2014, 12:29:27
well, we have a guild storage and put in there whatever khara item you might need for... a khara!

for some odd reason they dont clear as soon as you pick them up from the guild storage but you can take them and put them in your kafra storage then take them out into your bags again and the khara will clear, make sure to put them back in guild storage tho :v

Most of the items you get through story that could be sold in AH are bound to your character so not much gain there... if anything I would focus on bag space for now :|

From the helping newbie bags you can open once every 5 levels you'll get a few costumes with a lapse of use, you can NPC them before activating if clearing your bag is a priority, make sure you sell them without putting them on even once if so, because you won't be able to get rid of them until after expiration date if you do. Luckily, they also include 2 Large Bags, so they will help you out a ton in regard to space.

About selling an item, you can recover it from any NPC shop at the "recover" or "rebuy" tab, I don't remember the name... but it is temporary, NPC shops can't remember more than 10 of the items you sold to them... (and I thought I had bad memory), any item you sold past the 10th position will be lost FOREVER AND EVER. Take note that if you logged out or returned to your character window this tab will be cleared too.

Bag space has always been a pain in the butt, and when you get to master level is only gets worse :|
It makes no sense just how much gears drops at dayr desert or the temples... but oh well... money is money... at least...

If there is anything worth from pre-AoV, seems to be the mats for runes... altho it seems they want to revamp it (or remove it) by the next overhaul, which seems to be due to 23/4, so if you want to make some quick money at the AH, you might want to do some business related to them.

It will be easer to make money through AH with the mats for Runes and Rocket Punchers than the Runes themselves. So if you want to save something, keep those Radiant Crystals and Gold Ignots you could find on the way. (depending on if you are an Artisan or a Blacksmith)

Lucky for you, Pandora Boxes are now stackable (up to 99 per stack), they can be open with the use of Pandora Mallets which costs 1z each a the kafra, but the boxes themselves are always a popular product for the AH. With the Mallets the items you can find in the Pandora Boxes that can be worth some AH Zeny are the Phantom Stones (which is recomendable to sell rigth after a kafra shop update), Gold Ignots, Polinium, and Wind Elixires (since these ones can be traded). There is also a VERY small chance to get some stat elixir for a rune, you can't sell or destroy those so if you want to recover some bag space you'll have to make a rune to enhance it with xP (good luck getting the one you need).

Enhanced runes can be sold by a good price too!

Oh well, hope this much info is of help for you xP

Good luck!!
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