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How was your week?  (Read 1351 times)

Posted on 23 May 2014, 19:46:48
Thought of doing this a while back and not sure if it'll catch on, but here goes!

The idea behind this thread is to simply tell us how your week went. You can give as much or as little detail as you like, and talk about whatever you want whether it's related to online activities or not - think of it as a kind of mini-blog where you can sum up everything you've done in the last seven days and brag about how awesome your life is or unload if you're feeling down.

Probably seems like an anti-climatic start but I don't have much of anything to say about this past week. My internet finally gave in on Thursday morning and I've been trying to get it sorted since; I managed to regain the contact details of the manager who installed my DSL a year ago though and he's already written back saying he'll get someone out this weekend, so I shouldn't be away for much longer (I know I keep saying that - this guy's helped me twice before and got my line back up within hours so I'm very confident it'll be soon).

Aside from that, I've been doing a lot of reflection on all the things I've wanted to do but never gave enough time to, such as learning new languages and developing my programming and art skills. It's like I've fallen into a complacent mindset where I assumed I'll eventually get around to a lot of things without ever considering when I'd actually do them... I've had a long break due to my wrist issues and feel like I can look at everything again with a fresh perspective, so I'm going to make serious efforts to reconnect with old hobbies I enjoyed and will keep this thread updated with my progress.

So, how was your week?  :sparkle:

Posted on 23 May 2014, 20:00:03
Aw, what a sweet idea.

Last weekend my father-in-law visited and stayed at the new house for the first time. I have major anxiety when he's around because he's super old, can't hear, and has a hard time moving around. We actually had a really nice weekend with him and no disasters happened. Yay!

Date night was Sunday and we went to my favorite Italian place, sat on the patio in the perfect weather, and shared a bottle of wine and some small plates. Perfect date.

I got some weeding done in my new garden and now I'm planning what kind of vegetables I want to plant. We also had a guy come out to give us an estimate for a fence, and will have a nice privacy fence installed in a few weeks so the dog can run around freely. :)

I'm still running on a pretty ridiculously low amount of sleep, but I think that's just something that most responsible and irresponsible adults alike have to face. I'm super cranky BUT I have a three day weekend to look forward to and perfect weather for the next few days.  :love:

Posted on 23 May 2014, 20:17:56
I went home to my mums last weekend as my sister turned 24. on the friday we went for a family meal to a little french resteraunt where i had fillet de coup de la mer (or something like that it was sea bass anyway)

On the saturday i went to visit one of my cousins who i havent seen in 6 months. She has 9 month old baby triplets and there uber cute haha

Monday i had an exam it went okay i think. tuesday started playing ff14, wednesday i had my last exam which went well.  so guys.... I'VE FINISHED UNIVERSITY!!!!!!!!!!!! thank god. i was starting to get sick of it haha.
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Posted on 23 May 2014, 21:48:22
Monday was one of those days that I hated work (all bedbugs all the time, including two face to face "I'm sorry you can't check out because bedbugs" conversations -- the worst).

But things took an upswing for the week (even if I did kind of accidentally throw a CD at a coworker... I just kind of threw it in frustration and he was right there I swear I am not a terrible person... that kind of terrible person? I'm not convincing any of you am I?) and everything was pretty okay.

Now I'm chilling with a bottle of wine and realizing I have to work tomorrow. Fuuuuuu.

Posted on 23 May 2014, 21:51:57
Grats Scribble!  :sparkle:

My last 7 days has been really big emotional rollercoaster. Last Friday morning, I got message saying that my dad has fallen off a ladder, and has been unconscious for 10minutes. Whole Friday was just anxious waiting for new information, luckily my dad only had broken bones. Even tho he had 7h facial bone surgery on Saturday. Could've been much worse. That accident forced me to think about stuff, and thank god it was not too late to realize few things. That accident scared the crap out of me. Also I was a derp myself, and hurted my ankle Saturday morning. Stepped a bit wrong outside, and twisted my ankle. Nothing is broken, and yesterday I finally could walk like a normal person again  :sweat:

This week has been full off ups and downs. I kinda promised my dad to go visit him as soon as my ankle recovers, but now the thought of going there makes me super anguished. All the old stuff still bothers me, and last time I was there, I had to leave earlier than I was supposed to , because of this same thing. I really don't wanna break my promise, but I dunno if it's worth forcing myself to that kind of situation. What I remember from my last visit was that I cried myself to sleep every single night, cause I got anxiety attacks. So contradictory feelings. Almost at the dead end with my thoughts. Being heartbroken is not helping me feel any better. Good thing I have my friends, who always manage to make me laugh, even on my worst moments.
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Posted on 24 May 2014, 01:58:14
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My week has been fantastic :sparkle:

I found out I can graduate 4 months earlier than I previously thought. My ceremony will be in June ::>:

Also, the game that I work on at work has been released worldwide and featured on Google Play

It's called Criminal Legacy and you can download it here :> /shamelesspromotion And yes it will be coming out on iOS soon. The reason why it's not already out is really dumb and I'm probably not allowed to say  :stoic:

Then I kicked stuff too hard at Muay Thai and got a lovely bruise on my foot  ::>:

Lexy LoliPants

Posted on 24 May 2014, 09:05:56
Elections tomorrow. So work and political talk -_- And lots of anime.

Fun question at the library this week from a kid: 'I need a book with lots of difficult words in it'. I suggested a dictionary  ::>:

Into anime?

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Posted on 26 May 2014, 12:01:28
I guess this could be fun maybe? Last week was quite busy for me.. the class I help with had their final Monday, so I had an hour of grading some exams, 2.5 hours or staring down students taking exams, followed by 4 hours of grading more exams.. yay for 12 hour days. ._. Also had an end of the year barbeque thing (got sent home with lots of extra beer), so um, kinda fun. Graduation was this weekend, so my adviser was up in town (she moved), and my mom, so this whole weekend I've been running around to various events (and receiving more free booze.. I think I have more alcohol than food in my fridge right now).

But uh, I guess that's something. I graduated and did some hooding thing so yeah, now I officially officially have my PhD (before it was only partway official I guess). hores doctor yeahhhh
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