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P!nkie WISior!!!  (Read 938 times)

Posted on 31 Aug 2014, 05:10:34
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Thought i'll give it a go at introducing myself so here we go ^_^

Most of you who already knew me before FFXIV will probably know me as the p!nk WISior of morroc in iRO2 haha yeah yeah I know its a bad game (good up to lv50 and then it fails).   I kept hearing all the babbling and rambling from Pandee about FFXIV and thought to myself I need to get the game and tell her how stupid it is... Turns out I already bought the game on steam xD So after installing and playing, I really grew to love the game (despite the original reviews).   FFXIV:ARR really made the best recovery any game could possibly ever make and I am happy to say I won't be playing another mmo for quite some time.

When I started trying FFXIV I was on Shiva server and learned a few tips and trick from the Heavenly Strike FC leader Eris Discordia by reading and taking SS when he was giving advice in the FC channel.   I was in my lower 30's when moving over to the Moogle server (where all my friends were playing).   Clearly had no use yet for the SS I took of Eris's knowledge and wisdom, I carried on leveling and got to lv50 on my bard while everyone was still in Lions FC.   After blah blah happened, the united "FOUNDERS" of Reverence FC joined and started working on the new FC under the leadership of Racky.   Here we are today still in the early days and having a blast with a close group of people who help each other when help is needed and really get to be like a FC should be like.   A small family away from home ^_^

After that boring intro... I will tell you more about myself, since that's the reason of this post.. I think xD

First I would like to start off with the fact that I am in a happy loving relationship so sorry ladies!!! =D now onto the other not so important stuff xD

I come from South Africa, been living in the Garden Route for all my live and traveled to a few very interesting destinations as I was growing up.   I started working earlier than most for certain reasons and was forced to excel in whatever I did to prove a point to myself.   Since I have found the love of my life, I have had a change of heart and excel in whatever I do for new reasons.   Reason being for a better future and building the foundation that will make for a prosperous life one can make a family and raise children in.   Yup I am an open book with nothing to hide, I offer support to strangers and will stand up for what I believe is right even if it means standing up against those who I call my friends.   I prefer honesty and integrity above all else and still believe in respect.   Some might call me old school but I was raised by my grand parents and since when has old school not been cool? xD   This year I will be turning 23 and feel it is time for a big change and have some really amazing dreams for the near future and despite some setbacks, I have faith and believe with the support I receive from my beautiful Coco, we can accomplish the goals set in front of us.

Activity wise, I haven't played sports since high school (used to play hockey and cricket) but recently started jogging again.   I work 8-5 or 8-8 depending on the season, helping to manage a guesthouse name having 5 active houses currently.   After work I tend to make dinner and take a shower and then log onto FFXIV lately.   Pretty boring life currently but being young is all about gaining knowledge and experience.   I have been working in the hospitality industry for 5 years now and studied for only 3 sadly.   I have never had financial support from my family to study and got my qualifications solely by staying top of my class (and the course throughout the 7 colleges that offered the course in South Africa at the time).

I like pizza (Debonairs tripple stack pizza's are the best ;_;).   If someone tells me they don't like pizza, please go away... just... just go... ;_;

Since I grew up in the Garden Route, it is almost normal to expect me to love nature.   Growing up in this area really made me value life and the beauty this world has to offer.   My idol when I was small was Steve Irwin the crocodile hunter haha It was a sad day for me when he passed away and the end of my childhood dream of moving to Australia and opening my own wildlife ranch and doing what he did xD

Anyway This wall of text is just about long enough for you to be distracted so I can be true to my name and be a Khon Artist in game!!!

Take care and don't comment... or else =D


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