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Behold! I have arrived!  (Read 945 times)

Posted on 02 Sep 2014, 16:35:55
Grievers Vessel
Nickname: Lee, Age: 27

Location/Time zone:
England, GMT (London Time)

Char Name:
Griever's Vessel

Main Class:
DRG ilvl: 90

Downed: Coil 1-2, CT1-2
Training: Garu Ex, Coil 5

Other classes:
Gladiator lvl 26
Warrior lvl 15
Miner lvl 20
Goldsmith lvl 18

Please tell a little about yourself:
Casual gamer who has consoles, a desktop pc and a laptop to play with. I play fps, rpg, strategy probably a bunch of other types of games, but not fighting games. Uh, I have a cat called Rommi and he's stupid. I love lions and have a tattoo of one, a pile of plushie lions, lion earrings, pictures of them on my bedroom walls, etc etc. I'm weird. Uhh, yeah. 8D
Last Edit: 07 Sep 2014, 08:09:21 by Grievers Vessel

Posted on 06 Sep 2014, 10:16:42
Griever :sparkle:

Thanks for joining! Application approved on account of being awesome.


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