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How was your August?  (Read 994 times)

Posted on 03 Sep 2014, 15:01:17
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Yes, it is I, Eurosius, checking in for once!

How's it going guys? Summer has flown by, and I have noticed that activity within the forum has been down (especially in the last month), and because of this I have a grand question: How was the month of August for you?

I figure that we could all give a brief description of how the magnificent month of August went for us, considering that for many it is a busy summery time. I suppose that I should probably go first:

Here in TC (Traverse City, MI, USA) the month of August began with a film festival, and on a personal note it began with my birthday (on the third!). The TC Film Fest is a lot of fun, and they show a lot of cool films. Due to it also being my birthday weekend I only went to see three of them, but they were all a lot of fun. I saw Snowpiercer (a visually beautiful movie, but a dumb ending), Coherence (a super cool sci-fi ish movie that I highly suggest), and Bachelor Weekend (or Stag Weekend in Europe, which was absolutely fantastic, and if you enjoy comedies you should definitely check it out). To celebrate my birthday we went sailing on the bay, boating on a local lake, and we cooked some delicious steak.

The next weekend (9th/10th) I went camping in the UP (Upper Peninsula) of Michigan, and I got to utilize a new high performance, low weight tent. It was a lot of fun, and it rekindled my love for sitting around a camp fire (see what I did there?). As such, I have been building camp fires in my back yard quite a bit this month. I also got to see some cool places in the UP and do some hiking.

On the 14th of August I rolled my ankle severely while running, causing me to have to go to the hospital to ensure it wasn't broken, and putting a damper on an August that was going really well. It turned out that it was just a severe sprain, but it still hurt like hell. I'm still recovering, but managed to go for a two mile run the past two days, which has made me quite happy. The next day my girlfriend and I went down to Grand Haven to visit with some of my girlfriends' friends, and enjoy the scenic view from the bluffs overlooking Lake Michigan. I brought a couple of kegs of home made beer down with me, and a good time was had by all. During this time I mostly recovered from my foot injury and drank, but it was still an enjoyable time (unfortunately I didn't get down to the water because I could barely walk). Oh! And I won a flippy cup tournament, proving once again how much of a champion I truly am (even in the face of ankle adversity).

The weekend of the 22nd/23rd was the annual Traverse City Music and Microbrew festival, and being a brewer, I was there representing Ferment (the brewery at which I work). I had a blast, served some great beer, and drank quite a bit (mostly good beer). The festival draws in breweries from all over the state, as well as some interesting stuff from out west. The music portion was alright, but I didn't pay it much attention (Brandy Carlile was the headliner).

Finally, this past weekend my girlfriend and I headed down to Asheville, NC, to view it as a viable place to eventually move. We drove down, and enjoyed the scenery of middle America (most of it was boring, except for when we got into NC because the freeway goes through the little mountains there, which are lovely). We checked out a bunch of breweries (Wedge and Wicked Weed were by far the best), did some hiking (my ankle was just healed enough to handle it), and ate some fantastic food from food trucks and one Indian restaurant (so damn good). Then we drove back to TC, and September began!

So there you have my August, friends! I look forward to reading about your goings on, and seeing what kind of trouble you guys got up to this month!


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