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Raid Organisation & Scheduling  (Read 1260 times)

Posted on 06 Sep 2014, 08:19:50
EDIT 17/06/2015: All of this information is horribly outdated and will be revised tomorrow! Please look forward to it.

Even though we have a small group right now, I know some of you are eager to get HL content done and it's about time we got things properly organised. Our numbers will make finding full FC parties a challenge, so what I suggest is that we get as many people together as possible at scheduled times and fill the gaps using the Party Finder - as we expand and improve our skill we'll be able to elevate other members and hopefully form static groups soon  :smile:

To be clear, while we're aiming to complete some of the hardest content in the game we will never consider ourselves a "hardcore" gaming guild and we'd like to maintain a calm, friendly atmosphere as we progress through all end-game stuff. Participation is optional, though if you commit please make sure you can make it!

A full schedule will eventually be added here, but for now I'd like to ask everyone which content they'd like to see us doing on a regular basis - such as Binding Coil of Bahamut Turn 5, Second Coil, Frontlines, Syrcus Tower, and so on. Feedback is really important here so please don't be shy to let us know what you'd be interested in! If you have experience downing anything here and are willing to help run an event, it would be great to know as well so we can include you.

Personally, the content I'm interested in doing and will commit to includes:

• Binding Coil of Bahamut Turns 1-5 - Priority on T5
• Second Coil of Bahamut - Forming a static group
• Frontlines
• Crystal Tower and Syrcus Tower - Priority on the latter, though willing to help anyone with the prior
• EX Primals - Yet to complete any of them

I'd like to establish some basic rules for those that wish to participate in future runs to help things go a little smoother, and while we obviously don't want to come off as being elitist, I think it's important to lay solid foundations to ensure a comfortable environment and increase our chances of success.

1. Be prepared, and be on time.

We'll take our time to assist inexperienced players as they adapt to the unfamiliar mechanics, but please don't just jump in blindly expecting to wing it and have the entire thing laid out to you if it's too difficult. Coil runs are usually complex and require a high degree of precision playing, and we ask that all players watch a guide before attempting to run with the static.

If you need help setting up your gear, macros, voice chat, or anything else, please contact someone prior to the run.

2. Know when to be serious.

Having fun and keeping things light-hearted is extremely important to us, but constant dicking around that impacts on the enjoyment of others is inconsiderate and frustrating - especially when they lead to repeated wipes. Joke around and enjoy yourself by all means, but when you step into the fight please take it seriously.

3. Be calm.

We're probably going to die. A lot. The coil runs are notorious for being very difficult and one mistake can lead to disaster, which can result in a lot of aggravation and table flipping - don't take it out on other players as a tense atmosphere would only diminish performance further, and instead take a couple of deep breaths and communicate with the team to productively move forwards.

Deal with disagreements respectfully and politely, and if things steer towards a confrontation please spare everyone else from witnessing a messy argument by saving it until after the run. If necessary, let everyone know that you'd like a 5 minute break to walk around and clear your head if things are getting too pressured.

4. Do not progress outside of the static.

This is a rule I'm not entirely comfortable about adding, though hopefully everyone will understand why I'm doing so. Sadly, Coil features a lockout where players that have progressed through one turn can't play prior ones until the weekly reset hits - which means if you go from T6 to T7 outside of the static, you won't be able to participate with the group and we'll have to find a replacement and adjust to a completely new teammate.

The lockout is being revised and will likely switch to a loot-based one similar to Syrcus Tower's in future, so this won't be an issue from 2.45/2.5 - but until then, please run with the group and don't weaken it with impatience.
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Posted on 06 Sep 2014, 10:49:53
You have done Garu Ex racky :P

Anyway, I'll start running Frontlines ASAP, few things to sort out first.

What I wanna see:

- t1-9, t1-5 for alt gear mostly, since I'm currently working on getting all DoW/DoM classes to 50 (someday I'll get it), and t6-9 static
- CT1-CT2, ct1 just for the funziez
- EX primals ofc
-some random fate/dungeon stuff together?
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coils 10/13
EX 7/7

Posted on 07 Sep 2014, 08:17:22
Grievers Vessel
I'd be more than happy to arrange some CT runs on alternating weeks depending on my schedule for funsies and/or gear. Maybe every other Tuesday afternoon/evening? I finish work at 5pm on a week 2, so I could get something going after I've had a bite to eat.

Otherwise I'm interested in mainly Coil T5 (though I haven't done 3 and 4) for the weapon and the ex primals. I really want to get Garuda out of the way.

I know we're a lovely bunch of weirdos and pretty relaxed but I've not led anything before so I will be super nervous even with content I've done before, but I'll try to be more talkative and encouraging! 8D
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