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We all build us a yellow submarine  (Read 579 times)

Posted on 01 Feb 2018, 21:53:15
Ahoy, me Mateys!

TL;DR - see at the bottom

As some of you may have noticed, Reverence has its own submarine now, the Moensyngi. It is on it's three year's mission to boldy dive where no ship has dived before... Well, jokes aside: It is a fine ship that we can send on expeditions to the deep seas to gather materials for crafters to craft nice stuff, possibly in the likes of glamour items, housing items (at least it was like this with the air ships).

The ship levels up (or rather so does her crew...) by going on these expeditions and when it reaches a certain level it can be upgraded by new and shiny parts (there are four kinds, bow, stern, hull and bridge).
These parts require a tremendous amout of crafted materials - which makes building a ship a FC wide effort (we were lucky enough that on Tuesday we had nearly all the material ready from the FC's, Vals, Psy's, Racky's, Ed's and mine coffers, so we could get the Lvl 1 ship on its merry voyage right before the emergency maintenance...)

A bunch of merry gatherers got almost everthing we need for the next stages of the boat together today and yesterday... good work everyone! The next phase will be to craft the stuff we need from the material we gathered.

That's what this event will be about: We'll meet in the workshop and burn through the materials, feed it to the big combombulator crafting machine in the workshop and built the new parts so we can add them to the ship as soon as it is leveled up to the necessary rank.
That's were we need help - it is very boring to grind through hundreds and hundreds of materials to finally get it done and much more fun to do this together (it is really a nice mood in the workshop when a whole party is minting and hammering and boiling stuff...)

So let's meet on Sunday at 5 pm server time in the workshop, we should be done an hour or so later :) . To organize what to do I'll put up an online spreadsheet with different lots to craft (ordered roughly by level), link see below.

  • What's happening? Crafting Event @ The Reve Workshop.
  • When? Sunday February 4th 5pm servertime
  • Who can take part? Crafters beyond lvl 45 - but everyone is welcome to stop by!
  • How long will it take? I estimate about one hour.
  • Where do I sign up? Visit the Crafting Spreadsheet at: to pledge for a crafting lot on Page 2 ("Crafting Lots"). Don't start in advance, please! And don't vandalize the spreadsheet
  • What will it cost me? Nothing but your time. Materials will be provided of course
  • What's in for me? Decent XP (if your crafter is a the right lvl range), socialising, fun, mats and (at some point) crafts from our most esteemed crafters using the mats the sub's voyages.
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