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The Dorktor is IN  (Read 895 times)

Posted on 12 Sep 2014, 19:43:56
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Location/Time zone:
Germany (precisely, some separatist patch of wannabe-alpine state where people wear Trachten, eat WeiƟwurst, talk a funny dialect  and drink beer)

Char Name:
Valennya Tiralan
Val Papadoa
(yes, I have two characters... but just call me Val ^^)


Main Class:
Valennya: Warrior - 50
Val: Blackmage - 50

tanking and spanking (rather casting and putting mobs to sleep)

Other classes:
Just about every crafting and gathering class at various (increasing) levels
strongest: Armorer - 50, Blacksmith - 50, Miner - 50 (Valennya) and Weaver - 50 (Val)

Please tell a little about yourself:
I am the Dorklord and I enjoy being among friendly, respectful, tolerant and capable fellow gamers. I enjoy (rpg) games both digital and irl, cycling, art, music...
Just talk to me in game, I'm usually happy to chat. :)
Oh, and I am a labmouse on stilts.

Thanks for having me! :D
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