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Personal Achievements  (Read 1223 times)

Posted on 14 Sep 2014, 07:29:18
Get something done recently that you're proud of and want to share the news? Post your personal milestones here, no matter how big or small!

Around a week ago I hit 300 commendations (would have in excess of 500 if the data from my prior character carried over but oh well), but more recently I've broken through iLvl 100 and got all the Oils/Sands for my BIS Noct equipment.

Also downed Moogle EX yesterday with several FC members which was a lot of fun! :sparkle:

Posted on 27 Oct 2014, 14:12:31
Got my first level 50 (warrior!) and my zenith weapon :love:

RAWR guildmaster since 2004
Currently playing: RO2 - channel 5

Posted on 27 Oct 2014, 15:25:51
Bit old, but I maxed out my reputation with the Amalj'aa and Kobold beast tribes! I should finish off the Sylph this coming week too, and hopefully the Sahagin within the next two/three (haven't even started on the Ixali though :sweat2:)

Posted on 05 Nov 2014, 09:58:42
Atmaaaaaa :love:

RAWR guildmaster since 2004
Currently playing: RO2 - channel 5

Posted on 06 Nov 2014, 07:53:35
I finally got enough gil to furnish Val's room!
It's almost done and exactly what I had envisioned. (I'll post some screenshots)

Now I only need two workbenches, a telescope, scale and microscope and I'm done.  :sparkle: And then I will have exactly one more spot for another item.. I'm guessing it will be more papers haha!

Posted on 11 Dec 2014, 04:03:01
Come so far since I last posted here! :sparkle:

Got over 500 commendations, have all gathering classes at level 50, and I've maxed out every single one of the Beast Tribes. I also finally got Stoneskin which I've crossclassed to my PLD and have been spamming at any given opportunity, and have continued to level my WHM to 46 and with any luck should have it ready for things like coil within the next week or two (I already have a few High Allagan items from grinding T6 and the full Daystar set, so as soon as I git 50 I'll be able to elevate my iLvl to at least 105).

Posted on 15 May 2015, 14:04:34
Lena Ssur
My Zeta !!
DRG lvl 60 ilvl198 :: WAR lvl 60 ilvl 192 :: WHM lvl 60 ilvl 183

CRP lvl 59 : BSM lvl 60 : ARM lvl 57 : GSM lvl 60 : LTW lvl 58 :  WVR lvl 57 : ALC lvl 58 : CUL lvl 57  ::  MIN lvl 60 : BTN lvl 60 : FIS lvl 58

COIL :: T11 / T13 | Alexander Savage :: AS1

EXTREME :: Thordan

Posted on 17 Jun 2015, 15:50:19
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Man, been so long since I posted here! Hard to read over my last message thinking of how much was done since then and now...

The most notable achievements I've attained have been getting over 3,000 achievement points, getting all crafters to 50, hitting the current iLvl maximum (130), getting WAR and WHM to level 50, and making solid progress with my DPS classes with the lowest one being 20 now. I also revamped the FC house and am quite proud of the result, though it's an on-going process and I can't wait to update it with all the new stuff Heavensward will provide.

I think the one thing I'm happiest about though is getting the FC to a point where chat is almost always active and people are helping each other, with few requests for assistance being overlooked - while I always feel like we should be aiming to be better than we were yesterday, it's nice reflecting of how much the community has grown


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