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FC Budget  (Read 968 times)

Posted on 16 Sep 2014, 11:56:32
Now that we've purchased our house, a lot of new avenues have opened up to the guild - while we won't be aiming for a large house any time in the foreseeable future, I believe there are a lot of ways we can still use FC allocated gil to the benefit of the community and would like to discuss our budget planning openly for complete transparency.

Planning the exact allocation of funds is going to be difficult without a fixed income, so instead I think we should look at what's considered "essential" or of prominent importance and distribute the funds accordingly. I think our focus right now should be on ensuring all members have a comfortable amount of Chocobo-related items (greens, fruit, etc), furnishing the FC home, and covering the cost of equipment or mats to promote crafting/gathering classes as we're in urgent need of them. In regards to the latter, if you're currently considering leveling any DoH/DoL jobs please post more information about it here so we can evaluate the cost and divide funds accordingly between all active players.

One other thing I'd like to note is that if you intend to purchase anything on behalf of the FC, please post a message in this thread so we can consider reimbursing you, and kindly do so before buying anything to avoid any potential issues (don't expect us to pay up if you dropped 200,000 for a pack of Fishmeal on the MB!). While we really appreciate any effort made to make the guild stronger we don't want it to come at a heavy personal cost, so let us help you help us by covering the cost when possible  :smile:

Posted on 16 Sep 2014, 12:04:26
yeah we'll grow krakka roots its best to use the shroud soil that increases crop yield for that.
for cross breeding we'll need to get thanalan top soil.
I can obtain any seeds anybody needs if they post a request in my botany thread. I'll start working on levelling miner so that i can gather the soil too.
Another thing we'll need are the stable brooms to clean the chocobos.

I agree we need to furnish the house too and start working on crafting classes.
Scribble92- beastmaster extraordinaire

Posted on 16 Sep 2014, 12:10:09
Growing anything with less than grade 3 soil is a complete waste, so I agree we should pay for G3 Shroud/Thanalan to make sure we're always using it (at least until we get more willing gatherers to assist in getting this). I'll post about the soil in your thread later on though I know it might be difficult for you to get due to your working schedule and that it has to be gathered at a specific time of day...
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Posted on 16 Sep 2014, 12:26:08
Botanist can only get seeds and miners can only get soil
Scribble92- beastmaster extraordinaire

Posted on 17 Jun 2015, 16:56:07
I'll be creating a new thread for budget allocation soon, though I wanted to follow-up on how we've used our income since we started the FC and how we intend to use it in future.

Our main focus has been on planting crops that have been beneficial to the raising of Chocobos (as having a companion helps greatly when leveling alt classes), and I believe we've done a good job of providing a steady stream of Krakka Root which we've fed to all stabled Chocobos at no additional cost to our members. While the initial process was costly as we had to purchase soil ourselves, we've been able to cut back on expenses greatly by having our staff gather the necessary Grade 3 Shroud and Thanalan soil needed for both general planting and crossbreeding - the latter of which we've also had good success with and have been able to build up a stock of Thavnairian Onions which we sell at a discounted rate to FC members who have broken the level 10 threshold.

More recently, we made use of a designated FC retainer to sell off all excess goods which has also provided a healthy income, mostly from items donated or left for long periods in the chest, unplanned or unneeded yields from crossbreeding, and so on. Outside of treasure hunting, this has been a solid source of profit that has also helped with chest organisation.

Currently, we have close to 11 million gil in the FC chest. While this will help us quickly obtain the crafting basement for the FC house and go towards other needed features (materials for airships, aetherite wheels, etc), I do feel that our approach to utilising FC funds could be sharper and we'll be putting together a business plan within the first days of Heavensward's launch to better utilize our funds.

Thanks to everyone again that contributed anything, no matter how large or small! :smile:


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