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Company Actions - Information & Rotation  (Read 2086 times)

Posted on 20 Sep 2014, 08:03:18
We'd like to get a rotation of Company Actions going now that we've hit the maximum FC rank, and as they're used to benefit the community we feel everyone should have a say in which ones are used and how we should compile our schedule. We can only activate two at a time and each lasts for a 24 hour period, so ideally we need to plan ahead and have designated days for crafting, gathering, DoW/DoM leveling, and so on.

For easy reference, here's a list of the company actions available to us - I've shamelessly stolen this chart from IGN and will make a prettier one later on with the amount of credits required to purchase them (all rank 5 actions are between 2,520 to 3,150, while all rank 8 actions cost 6,300 with the exception of Brave New World II). Though we have over 150,000 company credits available right now, we're going to burn through them very quickly if we activate both actions every day so we'll need to use them sparingly until we've got a steady amount of credits flowing in.

I'm going to monitor our credit income and post our gains up every week, though for the time being I suggest activating two rank 8 actions over the weekend (4 actions total) as most players will be more active then and get more benefit out of them and we can better stretch out our surplus. As for which actions to use, we can poll members on what they'd like to see activated and either mix actions up for diversity or use complementary buffs for dedicated class/job days (like using Eat from the Hand II and In Control II to help boost all crafters for a day)... What do you guys think?

Posted on 13 Jun 2015, 19:00:05
Lena Ssur
With more than 400.000 points and only using around 6.000 per action, we dont feel required to keep track of the times we use and buy our actions, been these only bought by the Staff team when necessary.

Since patch 2.5 (Before the Fall - part 1), with the introduction of the Aetherial Wheel we can get the actions for "free" with only a 2 star Alchemist recipes, some easily gathered and crafted items (Unaspected Crystal, Silver Ingot, Enchanted Gold Ink and Minium), and a wait of 3 days per wheel to fill. These wheels are only Grade I so the actions obtained are only the 16 first from the list. Each wheel gives only one specific action.

We have The Heat of the Battle II always active since we always have members leveling classes/jobs.

We activate other actions, Earth and Water I and II, Helping Hand I and II, Eat from the Hand I and In Control I, when we have members leveling either Gatherers or Crafters or when someone needs a boost of Control or Craftsmanship on their craft (these last 2 are only activated when asked to or when we are working with the crafters to build some specific and hard item).

If you need some specific action to be activated please talk with one of the Staff members to help you out. Mind that only 2 actions can be activated per turn and each activation takes 24 hours to end (the actions can be disabled but we prefer not to so we dont waste any Action we buy or make).


We accept any help you guys may want to give us so if you can get any of the items needed to craft the wheels we would be really happy!
(no need for HQ's!)

Unaspected Crystal
Logging 1 Star Unspoiled in Mor Dhona at 1 AM, 5 AM and 9 AM;
Quarrying 1 Star Unspoiled in Mor Dhona at 9 PM, 5 PM, 1 PM.

Silver Ingot
Goldsmith level 23 recipe with use of 2 Wind Shards and 3 Silver Ore;
Rewarded from Goatskin and Toadskin Treasure Maps;
Desynth from Aged Ring, Damaged Cudgel, Flame Sergeant's Earrings, Pince-nez, Silver Needle, Silver Ring, Silver Ring of Crafting and Stonewall Earrings.

Enchanted Gold Ink
Alchemist 1 star recipe with use of 3 Water Crystals, 3 Gold Sand and 1 Spoken Blood;
Desynth from Ifrit's Codex.

: Gold Sand is a 1 star Quarring Unspoiled in Wellwick Wood (Eastern Thanalan) at 5 AM. It can also be obtained from Highland Exploration XIII and Goldfish desynth.
: Spoken Blood can a reward from Boarskin Treasure Map, dropped from Lesser Kalong monster (South Shroud and North Shroud), acquired from Hunting Exploration Venture level 36 and obtained from Bloody Brewer desynthesize.

Sold by Flame, Serpent and Storm Quartermaster merchants for 800 Seals each minium;
Traded by 1 Ixali Oaknot with Ixali Vendor [[not worthy, the oaknots are really important to any crafter player so dont use them for these type of items]];
Rewarded from Leather Buried Treasure Map (Unhidden Leather map);
Acquired from Duty Treasures in Brayflox's Longstop (Hard), Halatali (Hard), Hullbreaker Isle, The Lost City of Amdapor, The Stone Vigil (Hard) and The Tam-Tara Deepcroft (Hard);
Desynth from Cupfish.

For more information about the patch 2.5 Before the Fall check our thread !
Reverence - Final Fantasy XIV:ARR » The Drowning Wench » Patch 2.5 - Before the Fall

Edit 08 July 2015:

With Heavensward, there was introduced two new Aetherial Wheels, a Level 2 and Level 3 machines. The Level 2 Aetherial Wheel can have Grade 1 and Grade 2 wheels charging at the same time. To get the Level 3 Aetherial Wheel its needed the schematic Wheel Stand Prototype II. Grade 1 Wheels are obtained via craft with Alchemist but Grade 2 and Grade 3 are only craftable via the Fabrication Station, in the FC Workshop (after getting Aetherial Wheel Schematics).

In the previous post you can see the list of Grade 1 and Grade 2 Actions - these are the ones we can craft and put on the Aetherial Wheel for now - although, only the Grade 1 are easy to craft, since the Grade 2 wheels need a item that we dont have enough information of how to gather its items - Deep Red Enchanted. The items needed to craft a grade 2 wheel are (no need for HQ):

Electrum Ingot
Goldsmith level 42 recipe with use of 5 Wind Shards
4 Electrum Ore (Quarrying level 43)

Deep Red Enchanted Ink
Alchemist level 51 recipe (on Master Book 1) with use of 1 Ice Cluster and 1 Lightning Cluster
3 Deep Red Crystal (unknowned how to gather it)
2 Deepeye Tears (drop from mobs Deep Eye in Coerthas WH)

Mythrite Sand
Quarrying level 51 , Coerthas Western Highlands

Unaspected Crystal
Logging 1 Star Unspoiled in Mor Dhona at 1 AM, 5 AM and 9 AM;
Quarrying 1 Star Unspoiled in Mor Dhona at 9 PM, 5 PM, 1 PM.


We have these items (wheels and machine) available to craft because we unlocked numerous Aetherial Wheel Schematics. First was the Wheel Stand I for Level 2 machine - in the future we will get the Wheel Stand II to unlock Level 3 machine. Then we got Aetherial Wheel Prototypes to unlock the grade 2 wheels - Aetherial Wheel Prototype I, Aetherial Wheel Prototype II and Aetherial Wheel Prototype III. We still have Aetherial Wheel Prototype IV, V, VI and VII to unlock.

Aetherial Wheel Prototype I
Aetherial Wheel Prototype II
Grade 2 Wheel of Confrontation - increased xp through battle
Grade 2 Wheel of Productivity - increased xp through gathering
Grade 2 Wheel of Industry - increased xp through crafting
Grade 2 Wheel of Longeing - increased xp for companions
Grade 2 Wheel of Rivalry - increased wolf marks
Grade 2 Wheel of Company - increased company seals
Grade 2 Wheel of Recreation - increased MGP at the Gold Saucer

Aetherial Wheel Prototype III
Grade 2 Wheel of Initiation - increased battle attributes for battle classes under level 49
Grade 2 Wheel of Capacity - increased gathering
Grade 2 Wheel of Observation - increased perception
Grade 2 Wheel of Efficiency - increased craftsmanship
Grade 2 Wheel of Precision - increased control
Grade 2 Wheel of Dedication - increased spiritbonding speed

Since Grade 1 wheels are in total 17 and with this 2 Prototypes we only unlocked 13 Grade 2 wheels, the next Prototype (IV) should give the other 4 wheels needed. I assume Aetherial Wheel Prototype V, VI and VII will unlock the Grade 3 wheels.

Aetherial Wheel Prototype IV:
Grade 2 Wheel of Nutriment - increased food effect duration
Grade 2 Wheel of Permanence - increased gear durability
Grade 2 Wheel of Revival - decreased weakness duration
Grade 2 Wheel of Pilgrimage - decreased teleportation fees

Aetherial Wheel Prototype V
Aetherial Wheel Prototype VI
Aetherial Wheel Prototype VII


The items we need for the next schematics are:

6 Empty Crystals for Aetherial Wheel Prototype IV

4 Empty Cluster and 2 Synthetic Resin for Aetherial Prototype V, VI and VII

6 Empty Cluster, 3 Synthetic Resin and 8 Red Clay for Wheel Stand Prototype II


Here is the list of Grade 3 Actions that were introduced with this expansion:

There were adjustments with Brave New World and Brave New World II:
Brave New World
Before: Increases the attributes of all Disciple of War or Magic members under level 10 by 15%.
After: Increases the attributes of all Disciple of War or Magic members under level 25 by 10%.

Brave New World II
Before: Increases the attributes of all Disciple of War or Magic members under level 10 by 15%.
After: Increases the attributes of all Disciple of War or Magic members under level 49 by 5%.

Besides this new 14 Grade 3 Actions there was added other 2 actions, a level 1 and a level 2:
Jackpot (Increases MGP payout by 5%. Duration: 24h. Cost - 2.800 credits);
Jackpot II (Increases MGP payout by 10%. Duration: 24h. Cost - 7.000 credits).


It will take some time to get to the craft Grade 3 wheels phase so meanwhile we will craft the Grade 1 and buy the Grade 2 until we can craft the Grade 2 ones too! If you want to stay updated with our work on our workshop you should check our Workshop Projects & Progress thread!
Last Edit: 08 Jul 2015, 13:20:16 by Lena Ssur
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