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Obligatory Screenshot Thread!  (Read 2045 times)

Posted on 27 Jun 2015, 15:28:48
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Nice pictures, Racky :D

After my game crashed I thought I'd also take a moment and rake through my screenshots to post some of them here. A few you have also already seen on FB, but I figured why not post them here, too! After all, those are all great memories and I am happy I can share them with you all!

Some memories of a VERY old interior design of our home:

The exterior also looked different way back when:

Watering Val...

The greedy bunch at a treasure hunt!

Tsk.. Leo....

Tourist time after beating T5


Are you crying there, Racky?

Uhm.. I feel undergeared...

:D We built an airship together!
Sadly a few contributors are missing in this shot :(

Posted on 28 Jun 2015, 08:09:47
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get ready for a whole lot of probably bad quality pictures of me, talo

a heartwarming session of bonding courtesy of viper

a feverish waiting line to get a good look at my crotch

a dramatic ride on carue

a fancy dramatic ride on carue

enjoying the massive pineapple outside the fc estate


and enjoying some lovely scenery

enjoying death

a beautiful eyesore

and finally, another pic of me dying

Posted on 24 Feb 2016, 12:07:06
This forum is waaaay too quiet, so...
More screenshots!

I LOVE running new dungeons with friends and I love it even more if everyone in the group runs it for the first time, no guides, no secret knowledge of mechanics, and we all try to figure out together how things work. And of course: we all get to experience the new scenery together! :D
So, when patch 3.2 came out, we shouldered our weapons and ventured to the new dungeons together, not knowing what awaited us there. Here are two images of our first steps in the new Ruins of Amdapor HM dungeon with Racky, Lena, Lleo and myself:

Lleo, you look way too pretty in this shot. 

What great scenery! And the music is great too! Gotta love Ruins of Amdapor!!

And to complete the collection and also introduce two new players to this forum: Here's a screenshot of our run in Ruins of Amdapor NM to unlock it for F'iaho and Thaisia, Lleo and Val being the veteran guides here.

(Edit: commas...)

Posted on 14 Mar 2016, 06:34:24
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