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Ghost Town  (Read 1243 times)

Posted on 14 Oct 2014, 14:53:03

I return from my summer trip and there's noone to play with...


I miss you guys.

*hugs from afar, wherever you are*

Posted on 14 Oct 2014, 18:59:20
Heya Maxscha :sparkle:

Most of us (if not all) seem to have stopped playing RO2 due to the direction the game's taken in recent months. If you're interested, a bunch of us including Zell, Faint and Scribble have moved onto Final Fantasy XIV - I'm also going to try to promote the forum more so hopefully activity will pick up here soon again :smile:

Hope you're well!

Posted on 16 Oct 2014, 11:36:54
I also broke down (hate you tacky) and am now playing FF XIV.
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Posted on 16 Oct 2014, 15:21:14
nessie *hugs* hope your well. how was your summer working? hope it was good
Scribble92- beastmaster extraordinaire

Posted on 16 Oct 2014, 15:36:52
I wish it was summer everyday! Yippeee!
(JK; 100* weather is tiresome eventually)
I had so much fun that I stayed an extra
month, and I can't wait to go back again.
I really miss & love my once home-town.

I am not inclined to play FF at this time, and am still playing RO2 with Jac, tho not as much as I/we used to.
I do send infinite hugs to you all at FF. I wish you all unending fun, wherever you are and whatever you play.

I was abit sad to see someone cleared out the guild storage, as many khara items were put in there by me.
I am also sad that noone but me would be there to actively recruit (and noone there to boot), if need be...
I wonder if I can persuade Zell to log in if I manage to collect any more guild books? If so, pls lemme know.
It's lonely, but I don't wanna switch guilds for company alone. I'd rather revive a corner of the guild myself.

Noone rocks like RAWR. I luv the guild name and the type of player it seems to stand for. RAWR FOREVER <3

Posted on 17 Oct 2014, 14:33:43
I thought you'd ran off for good, haha. Welcome back, Queen!

Posted on 27 Oct 2014, 14:08:52
Hey there! I actually have been logging on every now and then (but never for more than a few minutes....) and I don't think there is anyone active left in the guild....

I'll long on now and give you invite powers, and will happily apply any new guild books you may find in the future!

RAWR guildmaster since 2004
Currently playing: RO2 - channel 5

Posted on 29 Oct 2014, 21:53:39
Maxscha was awarded 1 point/s for this post

I was offline that day due to ISP issues;
Sorry I missed your peek-a-boo!  :stronglove:

I noticed the 'Zell was here' message when
I was able to log in that night, and only just
now do I notice my new rank. TY! . . . :heart: . . .

So, of course, I peek into this forum again,
and yay! Forum life. Tag, You're IT!  . :love: .




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