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Progression Guide: Levels 01 - 50  (Read 1355 times)

Posted on 16 Oct 2014, 19:31:34
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FFXIV has a progressive method of unlocking content so as to not overwhelm the player right from the start, and if you're either you're new to the game or just came back after a long break you may want to know what to expect and when you'll have it available. Have no fear! Here's a chart to help you plan ahead and to show off all the awesome stuff you'll find.

Level 1

Hunting Logs
To unlock this, just complete the level 1 class quest given to you by the relevant guild proprietor. The hunting logs are lists of regular enemies that you can hunt down for bonus EXP, with an additional bonus upon completing the full list - these are definitely worth doing and can save you a lot of time when trying to level up.

Level 5

Residential Access - Mist (La Noscea)
Upon completion of the quest titled "Where the Heart is (Mist)", you'll gain access to the Mist residential district. This is where we live! Stop by Ward 2, Plot 30 to visit us.

Residential Access - The Goblet (Thanalan).
Upon completion of the quest titled "Where the Heart is (The Goblet)", you'll gain access to the Goblet residential district. No one likes this place and those that buy homes here usually only do so because they can't get into one of the other two.

Level 10

Armoury System
You'll automatically be granted the ability to take up additional classes upon reaching level 10, and can assign gear sets via the Character window (hotkey: C) to easily switch between them without having to re-equip your stuff each time you want to play another role.

These are unlocked on completion of the quest Simply the Hest (Limsa Lominsa), Simply the Hest (Ul'dah) or Simply the Hest (Gridania) - you only need to do this once so just take on the quest in the region closest to where you are. Guildhests are your first foray into multiplayer raids/duties, which will pair you with three other players as you work together towards a single objective. These are usually far shorter and less complex than the dungeons you'll unlock later on.

Duty Roulette: Guildhests
Gained after you complete your first Guildhest (Basic Training: Enemy Parties), the roulette will randomly select an available Guildhest and award you bonus EXP upon completion (even more if you enter with an "In Need" class, which you can do once a day).

Complete either Leves of Bentbranch, Leves of Horizon, or Leves of Swiftperch to unlock this feature. Leves are optional class-specific tasks you can undertake to obtain a large chunk of EXP and additional rewards (gil, items, crystals), though their use is limited based on an allowance of 3 every 12 hours with a maximum attainable limit of 100. Levemetes are spread throughout the game and offer a variety of tasks based on class and level, and you'll likely be making extensive use of this when leveling crafters and secondary classes (don't bother on your starter class; better to let your allowance gradually build up while taking advantage of all that delicious story EXP).

Residential Access - Lavendar Beds (Shroud)
Upon completion of the quest titled "Where the Heart is (Lavendar Beds)", you'll gain access to the Lavender Beds residential district. No idea why you get this at level 10 and not 5 like the other two, guessing it has something to do with the elves being elitist snobs.

Level 15

Dungeon: Sastasha
Your very first dungeon! You'll enter Sastasha in a group comprised of one tank, one healer, and two DPS units and will be queued-and-paired with other players accordingly when using the Duty Finder system (DPS may have to wait a while to get in due to there being far more of them out there).

Challenge Log
This awesome feature gives you a set of objectives to complete each week, awarding a large amount of EXP and resetting at 09:00 GMT every Tuesday morning. To unlock this, take on the Rising to the Challenge quest - unlike leves, you don't have an allowance holding you back so try to get this done each week before the reset to level up your alt classes.

Airship Access
You'll get this by completing either the  The Gridanian Envoy, The Lominsan Envoy, or The Ul'dahn Envoy quests which are part of the main storyline. Airships are used to quickly travel from one of the three main cities to the other for a much lower cost than teleporting, and are pretty useful at the start when you don't have much gil on hand.

Party Finder
As the name implies, this is a system designed to help establish a party for a specific purpose and is generally a better option than jumping into the Duty Finder with random players, though it can take more time. Benefits of the PF system are that you can meet players from your own server and talk about things before jumping blindly into a new dungeon.

Dye System
Complete the Colour Your World quest in Western Thanalan to dye your equipment, and no longer be seen as a multicoloured monstrosity. You can get the Orange Juice item for this quest in Central Thanalan, off an NPC at the bar just south of the aetherite.

Leave your friends mirin' by finishing the Beauty Is Only Scalp Deep quest to unlock this feature in all Inn rooms, which will let you change your character's hair style, colour, makeup, and so on. Note that full physical overhauls can only be done using the Fantasia item.

Level 16

Dungeon: Tam-Tara Deepcroft
You'll need this to progress through the storyline so you'll unlock it naturally after completing the quest Fire in the Gloom. Players higher than level 19 will be automatically sync'd for balancing.

Duty Roulette: Low Level
Much like the Guildhest roulette, this randomly selects a dungeon from all available duties up to level 50. The completion bonus for LL Roulette is 60 Allagan Tomestone of Mythology (soon to be phased out), 5 Allagan Tomestones of Soldiery, Experience, Gil and Company Seals.

Level 17

Dungeon: Copperbell Mines
You'll gain access to this one upon completion of the story quest Into a Copper Hell, and players higher than level 21 will be automatically sync'd down.

Level 19

Materia Melding and Converting
This is a big money-maker and something you should unlock as soon as you're able. Materia Conversion is accessed by completing the quest titled  Forging the Spirit, and it will allow you to convert spiritbonded equipment into a random materia, which can either be sold on the marketboard or be used to strengthen future equipment via Melding which you gain by completing the Waking the Spirit quest. This is an optional quest that isn't tied to the story, so be sure to look for it.

Level 20

Dungeon: Halatali
This is your first optional dungeon that won't fall under the main storyline, so once you hit 20 make sure you keep an eye out for the Hello Halatali quest. This is a good place to look for purple/green iLvl 19-22 equipment, and players above level 24 will be automatically sync'd down.

Trial: Bowl Of Embers
Unlocked after the storyline mission Lord of the Inferno, this will be your first battle against one of the legendary Primals, which is pretty much a multiplayer boss battle. Like other duties until now, you'll take this on with a Light Party consisting of one tank, one healer, and two DPS. Sunblock optional.

Grand Company
These are in-game factions run by NPCs that are strongly tied into the game's story, and as such you'll be able to select from one of the three available after completing the "The Company You Keep" quest from the main storyline.  The differences in what each GC offers are largely cosmetic or insignificant so you shouldn't give this too much thought - though if you're a member of Reverence you'll want to side with Maelstrom (especially if interested in exploring PVP content later on). You can change allegiance at any stage so you're not stuck with the decision, though try to give it a bit of thought anyway.

The main benefit of joining a Grand Company is that you'll start receiving a new currency called "company seals", which you earn by either completing F.A.T.E. missions or undertaking supply tasks. They're used to purchase a variety of equipment and other items that are either impossible or difficult to otherwise obtain.

Chocobo Mount
By finishing the "My Little Chocobo" quest after joining a Grand Company, you'll gain the ability to ride your Chocobo unrestricted in the field as well as access all other mounts you may have obtained and will obtain in future. Humming along to the Chocobo theme music is optional but highly recommended.

Sightseeing Log
Probably the most useless optional feature right now, but still nice if you're into exploration. After completing the optional sidequest called A Sight to Behold, you'll gain access to the Sightseeing Log which will give you cryptic clues about key locations for you to discover. You'll get a Fledgling Apkallu minion from completing the log and hopefully some nice screenshots.

Level 24

Dungeon: The Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak
Gained after the storyline quest titled Into the Beast's Maw, this is a fairly straight-forward dungeon. Players over level 27 will be automatically sync'd down.

Level 25

Advanced Materia Melding
This skill further improves your ability to meld materia by granting the ability to attach more than just one per item (when applicable), after completing the optional sidequest Melding Materia Muchly. Try saying that five times quickly.

Level 28

Dungeon: Haukke Mansion
Complete the Skeletons in Her Closet storyline quest to gain entry. Stun the succubi, use /return after beating the Jester and Steward. Players above level 31 will be sync'd down.

Level 29

White Wolf Gate
Finish the Broadening Horizons optional sidequest to open an entrance connecting New Gridania to Central Shroud. No idea why this isn't unlocked from the start, I guess Franchemontiaux is just being a dick with the little authority he has.

Level 30

Soul Crystal
On completion of your level 30 class quest, you can begin working towards your Soul Crystal which will upgrade your current profession and allow for more powerful skills to be learned. As well as completing a specific mission for your chosen class, you'll need to get a sub-class leveled up to 15 and for easy reference I've provided a chart of the requirements right here:
  • Bard = 30 Archer / 15 Pugilist
  • Black Mage = 30 Thaumaturge / 15 Archer
  • Dragoon = 30 Lancer / 15 Marauder
  • Monk = 30 Pugilist / 15 Lancer
  • Paladin = 30 Gladiator / 15 Conjurer
  • Scholar = 30 Arcanist / 15 Conjurer
  • Summoner = 30 Arcanist / 15 Thaumaturge
  • Warrior = 30 Marauder / 15 Gladiator
  • White Mage = 30 Conjurer / 15 Arcanist

PVP - The Wolves' Den
This forgotten feature can be accessed upon completing the optional sidequest called "A Pup No Longer". Can be fun, but except infinitely long queues as most players interested in PVP have since moved on to Frontlines instead.

Chocobo Summoning
Once you've done the optional sidequest My Feisty Little Chocobo, you can summon your faithful steed to fight alongside you by using Gysahl Greens. This is a pretty elaborate feature, but the jist of it is that your Chocobo will gain EXP when fighting alongside you which go towards upgrading a skill tree based on offense, defense or healing. Also be sure to complete the Bird in Hand so you can stable your Chocobo at our FC home!

Item Desynthesis
Once you've got a crafting class at level 30, you'll want to complete the sidequest called Gone to Pieces to gain the ability to desynthesize items which restores the original crafter materials to you as well as some additional goodies that can be used to make more advanced items.

Level 32

Dungeon: Brayflox Longstop
Also known as an early-tank's worst nightmare, this dungeon's accessed through the main storyline via the The Things We Do for Cheese quest. Players over level 34 will be sync'd down.

Level 35

Dungeon: The Sunken Temple of Qarn
An optional dungeon often used for generating quick EXP, you can unlock this by completing the Braving New Depths quest. Kill the giant heads on the platforms! Players above level 37 will be sync'd down.

Level 36

Treasure Hunts
Complete the Treasures and Tribulations quest, grab an unhidden treasure map from either the Market Board or your gathering classes, and try to strike it rich! Bring along a friend as some of the fights can be surprisingly hard.

Level 38

Dungeon: Cutter's Cry
Another optional dungeon, you get this by finishing off the sidequest called Dishonor Before Death. Players above level 40 will be sync'd down.

Level 41

Dungeon: Stone Vigil
Unlocked during the main storyline, you get access to this upon finishing the In Pursuit of the Past quest. Surprisingly, this is far harder than the eventual Hard Mode you'll unlock during end-game. Players above 43 will be smacked... Err, sync'd down.

Beast Tribe: Kobold
Grab this by completing the optional Highway Robbery quest, which becomes available after the one mentioned above to unlock Stone Vigil. The Beast Tribes have you perform basic tasks to progressively strengthen your rank, opening a bunch of cool things from their vendors when you become either Friendly or Trusted - but the catch is that you only have 6 allowances per day, with the counter resetting every afternoon at 15:00.

Beast Tribe: Ixal
Based in North Shroud, you'll be able to undertake tasks from this tribe after completing the quest titled A Bad Bladder. This is a crafting-centric tribe so you may want to keep that in mind if you're looking for something to kill instead.

Level 42

Beast Tribe: Sylph
Centered in East Shroud, assist the floating vegetables by finishing the Seeking Solace quest.

Level 43

Beast Tribe: Amalj'aa
Access to this tribe is gained after completing the Peace for Thanalan sidequest, which will have you running around Southern Thanalan for hours on end.

Level 44

Dunegon: Dzemael Darkhold
Obtained as a sidequest via the Fort of Fear quest, this dungeon is best known for being the place that drops the Mage's battle bikini. Stay in the purple areas! Levels above 46 will be automatically sync'd down.

Trial: The Howling Eye
Your third Primal battle, you'll access this after taking on the Lady of the Vortex quest in the main storyline. It can be surprisingly hard so pay close attention to the fight, and good luck if you go in via the Duty Finder with PUGs.

Beast Tribe: Sahagin
This fishy tribe can be found in Western La Nosea, and their quests can be unlocked following the They Came from the Deep sidequest.

Level 47

Dungeon: The Aurum Vale
Goddamn Aurum Vale. You unlock this through the optional Going for Gold quest, and will likely be using it to level your alts in the last stretch. Players above level 49 will be sync'd down, as the game's devs want to torture us further by robbing us of our glorious level 50 abilities.

Level 49

Trial: Cape Westwind.
This is your first 8-player duty, and will be unlocked through the main storyline quest Operation Archon. Can take a while to get into due to the high number of players required, so let everyone in the FC know when you're ready to join you so we can help you through it!

NOTE: This is a work-in-progress and I'll refine and update the list over the coming days; I know I missed a couple of things and the formatting isn't as sharp as it should be, but I'm tired and this has taken way longer to do than I anticipated :cry:
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Awesome Nick, thank you <3

As a noob who hasn't reached level 50 yet, this is really useful for me to check and see what comes ahead ^_^

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