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[Live Letter] Fan Festival Las Vegas 2014  (Read 683 times)

Posted on 22 Oct 2014, 07:30:22

    • 00:03:55 - Patch 2.4 release date confirmed: 28 October 2014.
    • 00:06:40 - Sample of the Shiva BGM is played, heavy rock like Titan with female vocals.
    Final Coil
    • 00:08:42 - Video of The Final Coil of Bahamut is shown, demonstrating the environment without spoiling any of the upcoming boss battles.
    • 00:11:05 - A revision to the Coil lockout system is currently being worked on, Yoshi acknowledges that the current structure is too restrictive and would like to give players who have completed Second Coil the opportunity to help others in their FC.
    • 00:14:42 - Final Coil will feature four turns, with the latter two being hugely significant to the storyline.
    • 00:15:40 - Ninja will receive unique weapons, but will use PGL/MNK gear up until 2.3 content. DEX will be their primary stat.
    • 00:19:38 - Minimum iLvl unconfirmed, but the gear available up until 2.4 should be sufficient (iLvl 100-110).
    • 00:21:08 - Mounts and minions from Coil are a possibility, though Yoshi may have just been joking about this.
    • 00:22:24 - Responding to a question, Yoshi likes the idea of a 24-player Alliance battle for Coil but adds that it would probably be too difficult to get together a skilled group that size.
    • 00:23:34 - On the subject of 24-player Alliances, Yoshi stats that the final area of Crystal Tower will be in patch 2.5 with more Alliance-based raids to come in the expansion.
    • 00:24:28 - Video of the Typhon/Chupon and Ultros battle is shown, with the FFVI battle theme overlaying the action. They'll be part of the new Hildibrand quest line and retain the trademark sense of humor, please look forward to it.
    • 00:27:20 - A new Battle on the Big Bridge battle is coming in 2.5, with Gilgamesh featuring 8 arms instead of just two. Will not be an EX fight as they want the Hildibrand quest line to be fun and accessible.
    • 00:29:12 - The Hildibrand story will conclude in 2.5, though Yoshi's open to additional adventures in Heavensward and and beyond if fans want it enough - they hadn't planned ahead as they didn't expect the character to be so well received.
    • 00:31:39 - Yoshi reveals that Hildibrand's mother is "around", and was planned to feature in the story but was eventually omitted.
    Item Level, Allagan Tomestone
    • 00:33:16 - The new Allagan Tomestones will be called しがく, translated as "Poetics" but may end up with a different name once localised. Rowena will play a larger role than before and will have her own store soon (likely in the additions they've been gradually adding to Mor Dhona in the last couple of updates).
    • 00:34:57 - Again, confirmed that Tomestones of Mythology will be phased out. There'll be an NPC you can use to exchange Myth for Soldiery. Tomestones of Philosophy will disappear from the game entirely.
    • 00:36:23 - The same mechanic of upgrading Soldiery with Sands/Oil will be featured with the Poetics Tomestones, where equipment purchased with them can get an iLvl increase using drops from Final Coil. Yoshi shows off some of the new Poetic equipment for Ninja and Paladin.
    • 00:38:02 - There will be an iLvl upgrade for crafting and gathering classes. They're having issues with balancing that should be fixed by 2.45 - current higher level gear will be easier to get, though there'll be additional stuff to obtain for those already at the top.
    • 00:39:50 - Subdivisions are being added to the housing wards, effectively doubling the number of available properties. The new subdivisions will only be accessible via the aetherite shards spread throughout each ward. Prices will remain the same, this is solely just to accommodate players who missed the chance to buy a home before.
    Patch-Specific Questions
    • 00:46:44 - Ninja will require a level 30 Rogue and level 15 Pugilist. Lancer will make up additional cross-class skills
    • 00:48:55 - Yugiri won't reveal her face in 2.4, but it's been confirmed that she represents the new race.
    • 00:49:52 - No plans to set specific housing permissions for Eternal Bond partners, though it's something the development team will consider.
    • 00:51:23 - Players won't be able to form an eternal bond with more than one other character. The process involves applying via the Lodestone to acquire bracelets and then speaking to an in-game NPC to formalise arrangements and receive a ring - there will be a restriction on how many ceremonies can be performed each day and players wishing to bond will have to adhere to a schedule; Yoshi states that they're being "serious" with this feature, and that once a time and date have been decided you'll be able to send out invitations via Moogle Mail. The system will be available by 2.5. At 00:55:00, Yoshi shows off two pictures of the Eternal Bond outfits.
    General Questions
    • 00:56:19 - The Atma drop rate will be "more than double", and the number of Tomestones required to obtain the Trials of the Brave books will also be lowered.
    • 00:58:48 - No plans to lift the cooldown when changing classes in safe zones, but it's something they'll consider.
    • 01:01:52 - Possible revision to the way Stoneskin is cast is on the cards, to streamline the skill so that isn't as tedious to use (like being able to instantly cast it on all party members while outside of combat).
    • 01:06:53 - There are plans to allow FC branding on Chocobo barding in future.
    • 01:07:23 - In response to a question about dyeing Allagan Gear, the development team supposedly has something in the works for it that they don't want to reveal just yet.
    • 01:08:00 - The drops rate for the EX Primal mounts will be increased in patch 2.4, as will the drop rate for the Leviathan Mirror.
    • 01:09:49 - The Second Coil will be getting an echo buff as of 2.4, as well as having some restrictions lifted in the coming weeks. Players will soon be able to use the Duty Finder to enter and there will no longer be a weekly lockout. There will be some changes to make the content easier, but not by much.
    Post Q&A Information
    • 01:16:23 - Gold Saucer info! Pictures of Chocobo Racing shown first, with the promise that players will be breed, raise, and control their own Chocobo during races. Please look forward to it. Will be released prior to the expansion, but after 2.5.
    • 01:18:08 - Patch 2.5 will be segmented into two parts, with the Gold Saucer content being available in the latter part.
    • 01:18:59 - "Triple Triad?", "Yes.", "Yes?", "Yes.", "Yes!". Will be released with the Gold Saucer patch.
    • 01:19:55 - Optional Items Sale (Cash Shop) starts on 28 October 2014. Phials of Fantasia will no longer be be sold on a per-account basis and will only be given to specific characters now, and are grossly overpriced (one phial will set you back $10.00/£7.00/€5.75). Other items such as the Pumpkin Head and Wailing/Howling Spirit costume from last year's Halloween event will be on sale, along with minions and mounts. Will detail these in a separate thread.
    • 01:22:40 - The Art of Eorzea artbook will soon be on sale in the SE store, and come with a code for an Enterprise airship minion.
    • 01:23:39 - A Delivery Moogle Plush will also soon be on sale, paired with a code for a Wind-Up Delivery Moogle.
    • 01:25:10 - The All Saint's Wake seasonal event will run from October 20 to November 3.
    • 01:25:35 - London Fan Fest will be held next Saturday, with even more about the upcoming expansion.
    • 01:27:15 - Tokyo Fan Fest will be on December 20-21
    • 01:29:52 - The PVP rank cap will be increased (to the extreme excitement of exactly one person), with new rewards and additional balancing tweaks coming in the next update with new maps and areas to follow.
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