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Macros: A beginners guide  (Read 1165 times)

Posted on 04 Nov 2014, 18:19:07
What are macros and how do I make them?

Macros are user-defined automated commands. You can string multiple actions together and trigger them with a single click or button press. They can be used for various things such as marking a target to attack, performing an emote along with text or stringing multiple attacks together.

To create macros, go to the system menu and then user macros. You can create up to 100 macros, By clicking the Text Command button you can see all of the available commands you can use. By hovering over a command will give you a detailed explanation and available sub commands. Clicking on the command will add it to the macro. Or if you prefer you can type the command in the box.

Action Commands

Action Commands will allow to use a specific ability or spell and require 3 specific parts: the Command, the ability and the target.. There are 2 ways writing these, /action or the shorthand method. /ac. Next you'll want to specify the ability by typing the "ability". For example /action "Cure"
Finally you will need to specify a target <t> will use the ability on your current target.
so /action "cure <t> will cast cure on your target.

There are various other targets you can use
<p> will use the ability on your pet
<tt> will use the ability on your the "target of your target" (in the case of an enemy it will use the ability on whoever has highest threat)
<f> will use the ability on your focus target
<me> will use the ability on yourself
<1> will target party member 1 (substituting for other numbers up to 8 will target that party member)
<attack1> will use the ability on the target marked as 1 (substituting for other numbers will target that enemy)

Stringing together multiple commands
To string together multiple abilities you will need you need to take into consideration cast time and/or animation time otherwise the second ability wont trigger. to to this you will need to use the /wait command followed by how long you want it to wait (in seconds)
so for example
/micon "Ressurection"
/p Ressurecting <t>
/action "Swiftcast" <me>
/wait 1.5
/action "Ressurection" <t>

Line 1 will show the macro icon as Ressurection. This includes the MP cost and Recast time of that ability
Line 2 will tell your party that you are Ressurecting your target
Line 3 will use Swiftcast on yourself
Line 4 will wait 1.5 seconds
Line 5 will use Ressurection on your current target

You can string together up to 15 commands. However, should you move or your cast is interrupted the macro will stop. Clicking it again will start the macro from the beginning.

I hope this explains the basics of macro making if you have any questions or think you have a useful macro, please leave a comment.

Here are some more macro examples courtesy of the lovely Lena. Thank you

My macro named "Swiftcast Fire II T" is written like this :

/action "Swiftcast" <me>
/wait 0.5
/action "Fire II" <t>

Line 1 tells my character to use the ability "Swiftcast" on myself. <me> is a placeholder.
Line 2 tells my character to wait half a second. (this is the least amount of time my character must wait before using the next ability)
Line 3 tells my character to action the ability "Fire II" on my selected target."


 " My favorite variation of your posted Macro is:

/ac Cure <mo>
/ac Cure <t>
/ac Cure <me>

This allows the added ability to leave a priority target always selected if you choose to with the ease of a default self heal."


" This gives you a Cure macro that includes the MP Cost and Cooldown display, while making it so it heals whoever you are hovering your mouse over --
including the party list.

/macroicon "Cure"
/ac "Cure" <mo>


My macro for hunts (when i found/arrive to the hunt and target it)

/l1 <t> <pos>
/l2 <t> <pos>
/sh <t> <pos>
/p <t> <pos>
/fc ~ <t> <pos> ~


When someone found a hunt and no one in Linkshell knows

/l1 just teleported to <pos>, someone found hunt
/l2 just teleported to <pos>, someone found hunt


Ignore MOB, i'm going to put him asleep!

/marking "Target to Ignore 1" <t>
/p <se.1> Using SLEEP !! Don't attack !
/ac "sleep" <t>

Useful Links
Scribble92- beastmaster extraordinaire

Posted on 04 Nov 2014, 19:36:26
My favorite macro:

/ac "Limit Break" <t>
/p People of Eorzea! <se.3>
/wait 2
/p Lend me your Spirit Power! <se.4>
/wait 1
/emote throws Spirit Bomb on <t>!
/micon "Limit Break"


Posted on 04 Nov 2014, 21:11:22
Im not going to bother you with all my custom emote macros, but i thought i'd post a few useful ones.

Berserk, one of warrios ablilities gives 5 second pacification after its duration, i've set up a macro to help my healers know when it's coming:

/macroicon Berserk
/action Berserk
/p Berserk used, Pacification in 20secs
/wait 10
/p Pacification in 10
/wait 5
/p Pacification in 5
/wait 5
/p Berserk ended <se.1>

Basic healer stuff, swiftcast ress macro:

/action "Swiftcast"
/wait 1
/action "Raise"
/emote kicks <t>'s ass
/p YO! Get your lazy ass up NOW <t>
/macroicon Swiftcast

Imo every tank needs a provoke macro, makes it easier to know when you are provokin boss on tank swaps.

/macroicon Provoke
/action Provoke
/p <t> get your ass over here! <se.1> Provoke Just used it.

Also, you can turn HUD elements on and off with macros:

/hud "expbar" on
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Posted on 05 Nov 2014, 09:52:27
Thank you all for your contribution!

I noticed Faint's macros when doing dungeons with her, and am planning to use them :love: As soon as I get provoke, that is >_>;

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Posted on 05 Nov 2014, 13:26:31
Lena Ssur
Guys, you can always go to the The Drowning Wench and check the Reverence Greeting !
We have there 2 types of macros of our guild greeting !
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CRP lvl 59 : BSM lvl 60 : ARM lvl 57 : GSM lvl 60 : LTW lvl 58 :  WVR lvl 57 : ALC lvl 58 : CUL lvl 57  ::  MIN lvl 60 : BTN lvl 60 : FIS lvl 58

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Posted on 06 Nov 2014, 10:08:12
Hey, nice guide!

I gotta ask, though: what's that <se.1> for?

Also, you can type the wait command in the same line as the previous command, which saves you a line.
Like this:
/ac "your action" <me> <wait.3>
This is especially helpful with long crafting macros, which often (at least for me) tend to be longer than the 15 lines available.
Also, i think you can only put whole numbers for the wait time ( or at least the system only uses whole seconds), so putting wait1.5 will always result in a 2 seconds wait, afaik.

Posted on 06 Nov 2014, 10:14:13
<se.1> stands for sound effect number one, there's total of 16 available. They work only in party and alliance chats.
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