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A Dragoon guide  (Read 2297 times)

Posted on 06 Nov 2014, 00:20:05
Lena Ssur
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This is my first guide ever but I will do my best to tell you everything I know about dragoon's job and how to play it at your highest dps!
Will be editing this accordingly to new things I found out about this job.
Enjoy and feel free to give me some feedback !

welcome to

So you think you look badass with that huge spear?! Well… to actually be a hardcore Dragoon you need to learn various things!

What exists on this guide:
A little bit of history of Dragoons on FFXIV (and Etymmology)  |  What class is this and what is its focus  |  Classes needed  |  Where to put the Attributes you gain  |  All abilities from Lancer  |  Some basic combos and rotations (low level) from Lancer  |  Abilities from Marauder (+ basic combo/rotation and a little help to know how to tank)  |  Abilities from Pugilist until lvl 12 (+ basic combo/rotation)  |  Cross Class skills  |  How you can level the classes to get the Cross Class skills  |  Rotations with Marauder and Pugilist until you unlock Dragoon  | 

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First let's see the story behind it:

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Now, what actually is a Dragoon in FFXIV:

Is a polarm-wielding job that specializes in lances, leaps and piercing style of combat. It is a melee damage dealing class specializing in single target DPS. Dragoons are powerful physical attackers who wear special armor meant to invoke the imagery of dragons, including helmets shaped like a dragon’s head, spikes, and wing and scale designs. Theirs focus is in increasing its proficiency with critical hits and AoE damage, as well as adding the iconic Jump ability. Dragoons have all the abilities and traits of Lancers and may use some from Pugilist and Marauder.

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What you need to start Dragoon:

Lancer lvl 30
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Marauder lvl 15
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Pugilist to lvl 12
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(level pugilist when you reach lvl 50 or meanwhile you level other things, you only will need one ability and only be used in lvl 50 dragoon rotation)

Put all stats at STR (Strength)

When you reach lvl 30 as Lancer and lvl 15 as Marauder you may obtain the Soul of the Dragoon crystal by completing the “Eye of the Dragon” quest (talk with Ywain in Old Gridania and you will be sent to Coerthas Central Highlands), and learn additional job abilities by finishing new quests that become available every five levels.

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So, if you want to get your Dragoon as your main job first you unlock Lancer class when you create your character! Just keep going with the story line quests and do your class quest. You will start to unlock new things as dungeons and hunting log and make sure you do this, it gives you a good boost exp. We have a thread called "Progression Guide" in "Guides & Build Information" where you can actually see what and when you unlock which things! While you keep leveling up you will start to gain new abilities, I will explain each one in the next spoiler.

:: All abilities from Lancer ::

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While you will be unlocking this abilities you will need to know some basic combos, combos that you will use always as Lancer and Dragoon, depending on the level you are of course. Check the next spoiler.

:: Basic Combos and Basic Rotation (low level - lvl15) from Lancer ::

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From Marauder you wont need all abilities from 1 to 15 but I will still say all those abilities you gain (till lvl 15) and will try to explain how to play as Marauder, since you will need to level at least 15 levels. If you are interested to level that tank class, so you can be Warrior, you can search our Warrior Guide and have better and more information about this Job.

:: Abilities from Marauder until lvl 15 (+ basic combo/rotation) ::

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Like was said before, you will only need to level pugilist to lvl 12 and you will only use one ability. Still, I will do a list of abilities you will gain while you level and the basic combo you will use. I only leveled Pugilist when I got my Dragoon to level 50. If you are interested to level this melee DPS, we have a guide for Monk and Ninja here on the forum.

:: Abilities from Pugilist until lvl 12 (+ basic combo/rotation) ::

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Now that you can see all abilities you can get from the classes you need, I will show you the skills you will need (from Marauder) for the LOW rotation and which ones you can use on the future (from Pugilist). Check the Cross Class skills' spoiler.

:: Cross Class skills ::

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I first leveled Lancer until level 30 and then Marauder to lvl 15. With that I started a rotation with both class' abilities and then started to join the Dragoon abilities. If you dont want to level Lancer until lvl 30 and then Marauder until lvl 15, you can always vary the leveling like this:

Lancer to lvl 15 (unlock other classes),
Marauder to lvl 6 (unlock Foresight and Fracture),
Lancer to lvl 30 (DRG requirement),
Marauder to lvl 15 (unlock Bloodbath and DRG requirement),
Pugilist to lvl 12 (unlock Internal Release and Second Wind),
Then Dragoon until 50.

Some people keep leveling the other classes: Marauder to lvl 26 so they can get Mercy Stroke and Pugilist to lvl 42 so they can get Mantra.

Here on "Rotations with Marauder and Pugilist" I will show you some rotations with cross class abilities until you unlock the Dragoon job. I will put a rotation with Lancer (lvl 30) + Marauder (lvl 15), Lancer (lvl 30) + Pugilist (lvl 12), Lancer (lvl 30) + Marauder (lvl 15) + Pugilist (lvl 12) abilities. This is what I think its good and better, certainly other people will use other rotations and each one is different from player to player since everyone use different gear with different stats.

:: Rotations with Marauder and Pugilist until you unlock Dragoon ::

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