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Progression Tuesdays/Farming Thursdays (2000-2200 server time)  (Read 1243 times)

Posted on 28 Feb 2015, 21:11:45
This may or may not be a terrible idea.

At 2000 until 2200 server time on a Tuesday I plan to run a group whose aim is to pass content that they've been stuck behind. Know the strategy, practice in duty/party finder, and then let's down it on Tuesday! Week 1 - I'm thinking Tuesday the 3rd of March - will be turn 5 of the binding coil of Bahamut.

At 2000 until 2200 server time on a Thursday I plan to run a group whose aim is to farm content previously passed for loot drops. Ideally this would be for people who've already cleared the content, but it's difficult enough that duty/party finder has been failing. Name your preferred item in the raid, and don't roll on someone else's choice if they named it first. We would do multiple runs so that as many people as possible could get there items. I still want my High Allagan Mask Of Casting so it'll be turn 2 of the second coil of Bahamut first, on Thursday the 5th of March.

WEEK 1: 3rd of March and 5th of March

Progression - 3rd of March
The Binding Coil of Bahamut: Turn 5 -
Recommended video guide:
Loot drops: (calling dibs on: Allagan Grimoire of Casting :sweat2:)
iLvl requirement: 82+

Notes: We will likely run one tank, two healers, five dps and handle the last phase with a tankier DPS standing the the neurolink and eating hatches, although we could easily run two tanks to fit people in. Please practice the fight beforehand and watch the guide as it's very, VERY easy for one person to get another player killed or even wipe the raid.

Farming - 5th of March
The Second Coil of Bahamut: Turn 2 -
Refresher video:
Loot drops: (calling dibs on: High Allagan Mask Of Casting :sweat:)
iLvl requirement: 95+

Notes: We'll be running a pretty standard set-up, with a bard or summoner kiting the Renauds and the healers keeping the middle for themselves, unless someone has an alternative suggestion. This isn't a progression party, but there might be space for one or two people who haven't been able to pass the raid.

I've an iLvl 112 Summoner, an iLvl 110 warrion and an iLvl 105 Scholar (with Keeper's Hymn ready), and I've passed everything up to and including turn three of the second coil (static is sort of stuck on turn nine's second meteors/golems), Ifrit Extreme and Leviathon Extreme (Ramuh Extreme is hard  :cross:).

Any takers? Any comments? Is this a terrible idea? Is there already a group for this? Have I got the right forum?

Posted on 01 Mar 2015, 03:36:15
Hey Knott, this is a cool idea, and I appreciate you taking this initiative!  :love:

I, too, am stuck on some content, and I would make sure to run with your group, if I am online at the times. Only problem from my side is that I cannot make promises to be online at that exact time (although I likely will be). So don't count on me to be there 100%, but I will happily take a spot in your group if there is a free one left. ^^

Saying that... I still need to run Wanderer's Palace HM to unlock EX roulette...  :cry:
And a few Ex primals, too, Titan is still dancing on my grave... But that just on a side note.

Edit: Surely won't make the Thursday groups...

Posted on 03 Mar 2015, 17:23:51
Tusday was a bust. Arrived 20 minutes late due getting caught in traffic along a route I wasn't familiar with, and when I asked in /fc chat noone seemed interested :/

I'll see what happens on Thursday, but I suspect this is a bust.

Posted on 03 Mar 2015, 18:37:06
Lena Ssur
Hello Knott!!

I'm sorry for the late response and sorry to hear that no one was available or interested in the T5 run today :\

We saw your post but decided to wait and see if we could get enough people online at a Tuesday, tho, as I suspected, almost everyone is fully focused in CT's runs so they can get their loot and weekly quest :\

For that, and because we already have Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays for Static runs and Sundays for Treasure Maps, we were thinking about getting Saturday Night's for T5 runs so we can get more people to pass on content and get to the Second Coil of Bahamut. After getting more members through this Turn 5 (probably in 2 weeks) we can start to organise other static where Racky will be leading it so he can help you guys with strats and help with the organization in future runs :)

Our forum isnt being 100% active at the moment and not everyone checks it so its normal not to get any others news here :\ Forum activity is a work in progress tho we use more Facebook and What's app for this kinda of stuff ! :)
If you are not in some of those give me a PM and i will make sure you get invited :p

About Thursday you might not get any luck too since 8 of us will be in the static run x.x

What you think about Saturdays? :)

Annnnd, we informed in our WA group about your post and about Thursday run ! Maybe you will be able to get more people online and available :)
Last Edit: 03 Mar 2015, 19:03:28 by Lena Ssur
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Posted on 05 Mar 2015, 12:30:54
Eternal Chimera
I'm happy to do any 50 content like Ex Primal s and Coil
I can play Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

I'm on from 2:30 am to lunchtime which is UTC + 10:00 timezone


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