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Inactivity Policy & Removals  (Read 1047 times)

Posted on 02 Sep 2015, 14:19:56
Sadly, sometimes those who join us unexpectedly go AWOL due to expired subscriptions, work or school related things, or unforseen ninja attacks. Sometimes they're kind enough to let us know when such things happen, but every now and again some of our members disappear off the face of Eorzea and as an incentive to accurately reflect our active member count and ensure we get prior notification of absences, we've decided to start removing them from the FC.

We've been relatively lax on removals, but have decided to toughen up on our stance regarding inactivity to create a better environment for the community - to promote a better sense of unification, we'd like to encourage all members to stay in touch with us via the forum or Whatsapp if they're unable to play for a prolonged period of time, or at the very least provide an explanation as to why they won't be around for a while.

The conditions for removal, effective as of 13/11/2015, are as follows:
  • Probationary - Inactive with no notice or alternate means of communication for more than 15 days.
  • Member - Inactive with no notice or alternate means of communication for more than 30 days.
  • Knight and above - Inactive with no notice or alternate means of communication for more than 60 days.
Avoiding removal is simple - join and participate on the forum, Facebook page, Whatsapp group, or even just drop a staff member a PM saying you'll be away for a while and intend on returning sometime in the future. Leaving with no notice whatsoever indicates a lack of empathy for friends that will miss you and that isn't the kind of direction we'd like to take.

Removals: 02 September 2015

Crunchwrap Supreme
Days Inactive: 64
Notes: Unable to contact.
E'jusana Jutah
Days Inactive: 281
Notes: Unable to contact.
Halcyon Genus
Days Inactive: 157
Notes: Unable to contact.
Lollium Rissac
Days Inactive: 157
Notes: Unable to contact.
Marcus Aureliuz
Days Inactive: 209
Notes: Unable to contact.
Snow John
Days Inactive: 130
Notes: He knew nothing.
Removals: 13 November 2015

Arc Loa
Days Inactive: 82
Notes: Unable to contact.
Aru Meru
Days Inactive: 95
Notes: Possible unused alt.
Asemu Zabel
Days Inactive: 343
Notes: Contacted.
Cormoran Strike
Days Inactive: 64
Notes: Unable to contact.
Dridri Adrien
Days Inactive: 115
Notes: Contacted.
Fenyx Torubashi
Days Inactive: 61
Notes: Unused alt of Nemesis Ombra.
G'intama Denma
Days Inactive: 89
Notes: Unable to contact.
James Condoin
Days Inactive: 66
Notes: Playing on a US server.
Kyoshin Bu
Days Inactive: 51
Notes: Zell's cousin, may return someday.
Malyon Chatas
Days Inactive: 119
Notes: Unable to contact.
Natsu Haru
Days Inactive: 313
Notes: Contacted.
The Switcheroo
Days Inactive: 310
Notes: Contacted.
Princess Mog
Days Inactive: 185
Notes: Contacted.
Star Smith
Days Inactive: 107
Notes: Second extended absence.
Veleda Redsteele
Days Inactive: 71
Notes: Unused alt.
Ysabella Thedas
Days Inactive: 73
Notes: Unable to contact.
Maitrepanda Decimus
Days Inactive: 106
Notes: Unable to contact.
Last Edit: 13 Nov 2015, 05:08:22 by Outrack

Posted on 13 Nov 2015, 04:36:24
List updated. I've added the names of those removed recently after becoming inactive with no explanation for an extended period of time - this should be the last mass removal we'll do for a while, as we don't want to get into the habit of seeing people park their characters for lengths of time that have days reach three figures and won't let it reach this point again.


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