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FC Ranks & Positions  (Read 849 times)

Posted on 17 Jun 2015, 16:14:12
This is a basic run-down of our ranking system, which we hope will enrich the experience of our members by utilizing the same tiered design that's so prevalent in FFXIV.

In absolutely no way do we want our members to feel as if they're less than or superior to anyone else, so to ensure fairness all ranks under that of forum staff will be attainable. Please understand that the lack of full access to certain features (gardening, chest, etc) is intended to prevent harm to the community through malicious actions and we hope the structure doesn't seem too restrictive - as always, you're more than welcome to contact us about any questions or issues you may have.

Please Note - 17/06/15: The current ranking system is under review and will be updated fully after the launch of Heavensward, with positions that will be more targeted and hopefully provide a better organisational structure that should benefit everyone in the FC. Stay tuned!



The leaders of the Free Company who oversees all administration tasks and ensures that everything runs smoothly, and that the vision of an environment in which our members can thrive is always maintained.

Two users are assigned this role:
  • Outrack Soulbrandt
  • Lena Ssur

Moderators are users that have been tasked with assisting in the running of the guild and can be viewed as "co-leaders", having the authority to make decisions on behalf of the admin. If you have any inquiries, don't hesitate to contact them! They probably won't bite.
  • Scribble Molkoh
Specialist Ranks


This rank is designated to our crafting specialists, those that excel both at their ability to manufacture items, oversee workshop projects, and assist others learning the craft. As well as acknowledgement for their high proficiency, there is also responsibility attached in the standards that must be maintained.

Users currently assigned this rank are:
  • Glaceon Fennec

Raid Organiser

The role of the Raid Organiser is to ensure that all scheduled guild runs are managed efficiently and effectively, with all players prepared with the correct gear and an understanding of what they're doing, together with the patience and willingness to teach others and ensure the team is lead to victory.

We currently have no users assigned to this rank due to the guild taking a break from static runs, but hope to assign this rank soon now that 3.1 has revitalised the raid scene.


Designated to our members with a green thumb, the Caretakers tend to the home by ensuring all Chocobo are fed, the stables kept clean, the garden constantly fertilized and the company actions always up.

Users currently assigned this rank are:
  • Gray Falllenhail
  • Lilico Ann

User Ranks


Currently the highest attainable rank for regular members, this title is awarded to those we feel make up our core - giving our guild it's identity and representing the ideals we wish to convey.

Promotion to this rank follows Vanguard and is based on a per-user basis, with guild staff evaluating each potential candidate individually.


Currently the highest attainable rank for regular members, this title is awarded to those that have proven themselves exemplary and are seen as the "forefront" of our group. Requirements for this rank are that you have been a member of the guild for at least 6 weeks, have three classes at level 50, and have proven yourself to be an asset to the community by assisting others and promoting a positive atmosphere.


This title is awarded to members that have settled into the community, and is automatically awarded after a 4 week period as you would have likely gotten to know most of our group and be considered a regular.


The standard user rank for guildies, this title is awarded after passing the probationary period and grants basic functionality as you get a feel for the community and get to know everyone. You'll be given full access to use the first page of the FC chest, and can stable and train chocobos.


New members are designated as probational for a 3-7 day period upon acceptance into the guild, giving us a window to determine whether you'd be a good fit into the community. It's nowhere near as scary as it sounds, and we do this just to ensure that high standards in the guild are maintained.
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