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Reverence Weekly Events  (Read 1346 times)

Posted on 09 Sep 2015, 02:03:57
Lena Ssur
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Hello everyone and welcome to our thread for Weekly Events!

Before the expansion Heavensward we spent our weeks doing 3 different events: training/down for Bahamut Coils in different days for each of the 2 Static groups we had; in the weekend we got people together to run some Primals for down and other times we worked on early Coil turns for members in need; and every week (or 2 in 2 weeks) we did treasure hunts, mostly for fun / social experience sake - and for the minion, ofc! We tried to use Mumble in all these events and I was able to take some screenshots of the group on some of these events too - which both things are still on our interests to do again now!


When Heavensward came out almost all of us got sucked into the new world that was presented to us which made us stop doing almost all of these events we were doing. Beyond the leveling of our main jobs from 50-60, we had to explore each new area (for the famous and annoying Aether Currents) and enjoy the new story part added - this took easily 1 month to each of us. If our nerding for this wasn't enough, many of us just leveled the new jobs, leveled crafters and gatherers until 60 and others just tried to get Bismark/Ravana extreme down and worked on their gear with Alexander, Centurio seals, and after, Esoterics gear! Well, we were all busy af. Besides all this entertainament we also started to work for the FC's best and initiate our work on the forum/facebook to make best information sources, social events, share of screenshots/pictures, and many other things. In other words, we got distracted with the new content and put the past events on hold.


We are back on track and ready to restart our events and start new ones! Despite Heavensward have now the new end-game content (Alexander Savage) and two new Primals (Bismark and Ravana), Coil of Bahamut and Primals from ARR will still be a thing! It's true that we do not need to have the Final Coil of Bahamut finalized to access new content, however it's on interest of many of us to know the story behind this, and to at least beat Bahamut Prime once! Well, for the Primals it's a different story, we need to beat them once at least and even it's rare to not have downed some of the ARR primals, we will still be doing these runs for those who need the Extreme Primals downed - if nobody need them (ARR Primals)... then Bismark and Ravana Extreme baby! In a different event we will do Pony Farm 'cus... Kirin is da best.

We will be doing Treasure Hunts again but with different maps! We were using Timeworn Peisteskin maps alone but with the new expansion there were introduced 3 new maps and those will be the ones we will be gathering - althought, after some treasure hunt runs, we will start to only use the maximum obtainable treasure map: Timeworn Dragonskin Map! Two new events are Hide & Seek and Late Night Friday - for the latter I can't yet explain what it consists and what plans we have for it.

You will encounter various sections with a Event banner where you will be able to access more information about each event, like: what it is, day of the week, hour, requirements, and others. In case of questions or need to warn the staff of something please do it via what's app, ingame messages, steam, or private message through the forum!
If you have any suggestion please leave a reply to this post. Many thanks and I hope I can see you in these events !


As global requirements:

be preparedbe on timebe calmhave patiencehave time  and  be serious when needed!

Keys to have the most wonderful, organized and funniest experience of your time!


  Garuda      : :      Titan      : :      Ifrit      : :      Moogle      : :       Leviathan      : :      Ramuh      : :      Shiva      : :      Bismark      : :      Ravana

We will be dealing with Extreme Primals here, from A Realm Reborn and Heavensward. This is not farm but yes down of the content so its possible to continue with the story and unlock the next primal. In total we have 9 Primals, 7 from ARR and 2 from HW. The group for this event will not be always the same so the way this will work is: at the hour and day the event was scheduled for, the interested members will group and form a 8 player party. With the party formed they will decide between them which primal is still in need, starting with the first primal of the game (Garuda) and going foward until they reach a primal that a member need. In case of Bismark or Ravana training, at the end the group should check if it is possible to all of the players be together in the next day of this event so it's possible to down more easily the content. If the same team can't group next time then the same process should be done from the begining before resuming the Bismark/Ravana training. In this event it's possible to do other primal of the game having these the priority compared to others - e.i Ultima's BaneBattle on the Big BridgeDragon's NeckBattle in the Big KeepUrth's Fount.

    Organizer:   Yet to decide
    Day of the week:   Yet to decide
    Hour:   Yet to decide
    Requirements: Mumble (not totaly needed for ARR and Bismark EX but it would be better to use it),
                                Have watched at least 2 times a video guide of the battle (select the primal's name under the banner for a battle guide page),
                                Serious gaming,
                                Have enough Level and Item level for the battle (for HW primals try to have at least more 5 ilvl than the recommended).

[ Garuda 50/65+ | Titan 50/67+ | Ifrit 50/70+ | Moogle 50/80+ | Leviathan 50/80+ | Ramuh 50/85+ | Shiva 50/95+ | Bismark 60/160+ | Ravana 60/170+ ]


Nightmare     : :     Xanthos     : :     Gullfaxi     : :     Aithon     : :     Enbarr     : :     Markab     : :     Boreas     : :     Kirin

Farm = Grind = Doing the same thing over and over - in this case, doing the same Extreme Primal over and over to obtain a loot, which for the ponies are the whistles. Not all Extreme Primals drop whistles. Nightmare drop from Garuda/Titan/Ifrit, Xanthos from Garuda, Gullfaxi from Titan, Aithon from Ifrit, Enbarr from Leviathan, Markab from Ramuh and Boreas from Shiva (click on the pony name - under the banner - to see body screenshot of the respective pony). You can obtain Kirin if you get all other primals specific pony (6 ponies). The drop rate of the item is not great but it was buffed with the past patchs - you'll still need luck but it's worth it. Like the Extreme Primals event runs, the interested members should group at the hour and day the event was scheduled for and then decide which primal should they do, although its not needed to start from Garuda and instead of one run it should be done at least 3 runs of the primal. No lootmaster, no priorities - unless the group is not full FC members. In a perfect world the group should make enough runs to let everyone get the drop.

     Organizer:   Yet to decide
     Day of the week:   Yet to decide
     Hour:   Yet to decide
     Requirements: Mumble (not needed but it would make the runs way funnier),
                                 NEED to have downed the content at least one time before,
                                 Have enough Level and Item level for the fight (higher ilvl the fastest will the run be),
                                 Have TIME - it's not a one run thing so have at least 40 min to stay with the group.


Treasure Hunt event is where people group, open maps they gathered during the week before the run, teleport to the area of the map and fly/run to the spot where the treasure is and kill all the monsters that spawned after opening the treasure so they can obtain the reward - sometimes the reward is awesome, other times its meh - you can check the list of possible items if you click on the item's name under the banner. The way we do this is: Scribble, Lena and Outrack gather the Dragonskin maps during the week (one map for each person per day) and then on the event open a map in turns - we accept donations and we really apreciate all the help you guys give us! Before Heavensward we were doing 10-15 maps which was taking 1 hour of treasure hunting. Since the new maps are on the new areas we will be reducing the amount of maps we will be doing or it would take the double of time to finish since these areas are twice big compared to the areas from ARR. More likely we will be making 7 to 10 maps per run. For this event we have rules since it's loot related and organization is needed:
:: All Gil from chests are donated to the FC (the "providers" will note the money gathered in each chest and at the end of the event will report how much gil each participant should put on the FC chest) - the maps open by other party members that are not the providers will not count to our gil math unless those maps were given to them by the providers or they mention that the money is for the FC -,
:: You may roll on any loot except unhidden leather maps which will be used for the future runs or sold on the market board (the Gil earned is donated to the FC),
:: Minions have lockout system (3 runs after the one you obtained the minion - the runs only count if you participated on them) - this is to give opportunity for everyone to win the minion.

     Organizer:   Scribble Molkoh
     Day of the week:  Sunday
     Hour:   8:30 PM WEST/GMT+1 (FFXIV Server Time)
     Requirements: Do at least 2 treasure hunts,
                                 Don't get distracted and have fun.


T1   : :   T2   : :   T3   : :   T4   : :   T5   : :   T6   : :   T7   : :   T8   : :   T9   : :   T10   : :   T11   : :   T12   : :   T13

The Binding Coil of Bahamut (Turn 1-5), Second Coil of Bahamut (Turn 6-9) and Final Coil of Bahamut (Turn 10-13) - serious stuff, ARR end-game content. In times this content was really hard but with patchs and the expansion the fights got nerfed. Apart from the nerfs, we now can get to level 60 and have a high item level which will make this content even easier - either way, knowing the fight, being focused and have some practice is necessary for down. To run this event members interested in doing Coils of Bahamut should group and choose between: down a turn its in need before T10, farm a turn for loot or make a practice team to down Final Coil of Bahamut - the priority should be turns from Binding Coil of Bahamut (T1-5). Since the Final Coil of Bahamut still asks for some practice and time, making a team to do these practice runs more than once would be the best - like in Bismark and Ravana Extreme, the team that wants to do a certain turn (10-13) should try to regroup in the next time the event happens (if the team is different then the group should decide again what they will be doing together that day).

     Organizer:   Yet to decide
     Day of the week:  Yet to decide
     Hour:   Yet to decide
     Requirements:  Mumble
                                  Have watched at least 2 times a video guide of the battle (select the Turn under the banner for a battle guide page),
                                  Serious gaming.
                                  Have enough Level and Item level for the battle (preferable high item level),
[ T1  70+ | T2  73+ | T3  70+ | T4  77+ | T5  82+ | T6  90+ | T7  95+ | T8  100+ | T9  105+ | T10  110+ | T11  115+ | T12  120+ | T13  123+ ]



Alexander Savage
Hide & Seek
Late Night Friday
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CRP lvl 59 : BSM lvl 60 : ARM lvl 57 : GSM lvl 60 : LTW lvl 58 :  WVR lvl 57 : ALC lvl 58 : CUL lvl 57  ::  MIN lvl 60 : BTN lvl 60 : FIS lvl 58

COIL :: T11 / T13 | Alexander Savage :: AS1

EXTREME :: Thordan

Posted on 19 Sep 2015, 10:24:48
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We could really use some feedback on this!

Right now, it seems like pony farming and coil progression/glamour farming are in demand and we'd like to schedule more runs for this, so if you're interested please post a comment and we'll set specific times for them.

Hide & Seek will resume from next Saturday (26th) at 18:00 UTC, which will have players gather at the house and then simultaneously try to locate me on a random map, with the prize being 50,000 gil and having your retainer on the lawn for a week.

Posted on 21 Sep 2015, 03:47:12
Nice! I really like the idea of weekly events!
Besides helping people progress with content, it will help strengthen our community.

I really hope I will be able to participate in as many of these events as possible.

As for your question, Racky, I would very much like to run Coils again. I have not progressed past T6 and would be interested to see what the other parts of Bahamut look like :P So count me in on those. I could parttake as any class in that - given that some veteran will share the details and secrets of how to use that class in the given Coil.

Next I'd like to tackle Alex sometime. I still haven't even touched that raid, so if you run it, please let me know. For now I could join as BLM, as that is my only lv 60 class at the moment.

That also brings me to my last "request": I would like to level up more classes beyond lv 50 (namely WHM, SMN/SCH, PLD and MNK) but doing so on my own is boring as hell. So it would be great if we could find some scheduled time during which people come together to just run high level dungeons to grind their way to 60.

Thanks :D

Posted on 24 Sep 2015, 14:13:37
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it all sounds grand :D im not very active in regards to pony farming/raids and whatnot but id love to give it a try!!
as for everything else, the treasure hunts, hide and seek, etc, im 100% up for it all :D

if you need me for anything, organising or whatever, im happy to help out!



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