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XCOM Story part!  (Read 2844 times)

Posted on 29 Sep 2015, 06:58:39
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I Decided to split the event in two; one part will be the sign up, discussion and comments (( the main part ))

And the other part will be purely the story! That will be posted here

First things first; a link to the main page,2363.msg23346.html#msg23346

Secondly a shout out to my amazing partner Lumi! while i love writing and creativity, i very easily lose track of spelling and grammar in favor of the creative flow, Lumi offered to correct the story wherever she could, and for that all the love!

As stated earlier, Sign up is STILL possible, and i hope to acommodate as many of you as i can, so without further ado, the story!:

The REVE base, deep down in a hidden location in South Africa (Racky's basement) is where humanity's last hope resides. Just as Doctor Shen, the chief engineer, and Doctor Vahlain were explaining to the fierce leader what their research has accomplished, a distress signal went off…
 "Sir! we have a distress signal from Germany, aliens are attacking the city of Hamburg!"
but just as the commander wanted to issue a strike order, a new signal appeared upon the levitating globe. Racky knew what it was, an opportunity. Finally one of the alien ships had flew low enough to be detected! and within range of the REVE base fighter jets! The call was daunting, but the young leader made the only decision he could.
 "We will send two squads... " he commanded.
It remained silent. Sending out two squads was incredibly risky, divided resources, no room for backup. Not to mention one squad would have to be literally dropped off without means of retreat.

"Terin, Lumina, Luma and Ari! you will be dropped off at the German border, meanwhile Big Sky (the name of the transportation ship) will double back to Nigeria for the UFO. Binx, Talia, Talo and Lyle, you will investigate the enemy ship"

The plan was daunting. It assumed that Big Sky's drop would be flawless and that Voodoo 1-3-7 would take down the UFO. Yet Outrack kept his calm as he finalized the orders and with that, Big Sky headed off to Germany.

Team Alpha all lined up, heading off to be dropped in Germany.
Once landed the inexperienced team was met with a sight of chaos, people covered in green stringy goo with little else of them seemingly remaining. Luma felt a bit ill as she witnessed it...

Within a few steps a sudden squeaking sound alerted the team. Aliens! Ari took the charge, followed by Terin and together they stormed the door which looked into a seemingly abandoned bookstore. However on a second glimpse Ari saw movement.
 "I'm going in..." she said nervously.
Terin nodded in acknowledgement while Luma went along the sides of the building and Lumina took cover behind a car, setting up her gun for cover fire.

Ari kicked open the door and while storming inside, she took her shots at the alien. Caught by surprise, the creature got hit and scampered off trying to run to cover.
"Oh no you don't!" Luma shouted,
as she smashed open the window and took down the first kill.
The other alien bolted trying to escape the store, it then clambered out a nearby window, allowing Ari to safely enter.

Just as Terin was about to follow a sound came from the building next to them.
"Enemies!" he called out, as he ran to position and ducked beneath cover.
Ari meanwhile was drawn to something glowing and went to investigate.

A firefight erupted in the streets. Terin, Lumina and Luma fought the alien invaders. A total of five of them remained and the squad was heavily outgunned. Bullets were exchanged and then two more aliens were killed. Luma and Lumina were then pinned down by another two hostiles. Against advisement, Terin pulled out a grenade and lobbed it at two aliens clustered together.

Meanwhile Ari tried to reach more of the mysterious chemical and came across another alien. She tried to shoot it from behind but the creature felt drawn to the material she collected and sensed her. In a mere moment the alien rounded on her and Ari was forced back in a corner.

Terin rushed in the store and took down the threat ending the mission safely.

Meanwhile in the African Skies...

Talo was looking out of the Big Sky’s window. They were told the ETA was close but unknown, that was weird. What could that possibly mean? At that moment the clouds broke and a F16 Raven fighter jet emerged from the clouds, blasting its cannons at something. At first it didn't seem like it was shooting at anything, but then there was sparks and explosions. A large purple aircraft was hit! It slowly descended from the sky, smoke billowing out behind it.
"This is Voodoo 1-3-7! Bogey has been downed, I repeat bogey has been downed!"
The message to command was relayed throughout Big Sky, and it wasn't long before the bird started her descent.

"We are going in hot, prepare Strike Team Two, this will be messy!”
A wreckage lay before the landing grounds of Big Sky, an area completely plowed over by the impact of the big ship. Strike Team Two quickly dispatched and found themselves in a hot zone with the aliens! Those that survived the crash had wasted no time in setting up a counter offensive.

However the team quickly mowed through them, only stumped by what appeared to be a psychic shield the aliens made on one another. It was through Lyle's quick thinking that this horrible strength quickly got turned to a weakness...

Lyle's later report would read: “It was astonishing, when the one focusing its shield on the other was shot, it seemed to shortfuse the shielded ones brain, like a psychic overload. Once we knew this, we made quick work of the aliens”

Things seemed progressful until the crew approached the ship. A warning flashed through their instruments, 100.000.000 Volts were detected in a single instant from within the ship. In the blink of an eye a menacing creature formed out of pure energy. Talo was the first to see it and opened fire, he missed and the alien retaliated, but not against Talo.

Her sunglasses reflected a green flaring light as she gasped, soldier Binx was hit by a bolt of pure plasma. Not sufficiently covered, her shoulder ripped open and her arm was at the brink of separation.
 "AAAAAAAAAAAAH!" she screamed in absolute terror, opening fire on the alien.
The mere image of this shook her loved one, Talia, to the core. Binx was a tough woman, if she panicked then what were they up against?! Talia lost it and ducked down, curling up in fear. Lyle then took charge bravely as he saw the alien take aim for Binx yet again. He entered the alien ship from the sides and killed its captain.

It was a bag of mixed feelings upon returning to the Big Sky. Binx was severely wounded and would take time to recover, Talia was scared and realized what war could be. Talo felt guilty. He shouldn't have missed, he couldn't have... If only he was better prepared, if only he could do more.

Upon return, Lyle briefed the Commander on the situation. It was then that Doctor Shen entered with news:
"Commander, we have discovered great properties in the substance Private Ari recovered, it will provide us with many capabilities! Doctor Vahlain is still researching her possibilities with it but we... we can mechanise our soldiers down at engineering!"
In long terms the doctor explained the results of the process; body amputation but the gaining of a robotic body in return with capabilities far beyond any a human could hope to have. When asked for volunteers, it remained silent.

"I'll do it" Talo said suddenly as he stood up.
"I want to protect the people... also being a robot sounds cool as hell" he laughed as he was asked again if he knew what this implied,
"Yeah I know, don't worry, I’ve wanted this all my life!"
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Posted on 29 Sep 2015, 11:43:44
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REVE HQ – 2 Days after the first operations.

Still in a mixture of disbelief and amazement, the REVE unit did all they could to catch their breath. Most of them were assigned specialist functions, and with that, they had new weapons to deal with. Others were studying up on alien physiology, and others were just literally recovering from a horrid first encounter.

“Will they be alright, Doc?” Racky asked as he stood before a young man in a doctors coat, his name? Mark Andersson.
“Cadet Lions was extremely lucky, but I believe she will live to fight another day. Cadet Heartly saw more than she was mentally prepared for, and for Sqd Fennec— by that I mean Ari, her confidence suffered quite a blow. I believe in the case of the former two, their problems lay mostly in trust issues” the doctor spoke as he started to take off his coat, underneath it surprisingly a REVE soldier uniform "I recommend that they see action as soon as possible, should this not develop into a trauma.”

Racky closed his eyes breathing out a sigh as he contemplated what was at stake,
“What about “her”.. is she alright?” the young commander asked as Mark smiled.
”Ah yes, the sole survivor of first contact… Do not worry commander, she is at your disposal once more”  Racky nodded then stood quiet, contemplating.
“Right, I want you to go with them, give me a psychological exam of the team upon return, I am counting on you”  Racky was right to do so. Originally from a medical background, Mark had proven himself a capable soldier as well, no one else from within the team displayed his mixture of medical, psychiatric and combat studies as good as he did. Normally Mark would find himself working in the hospital, but he wasn’t afraid of a little dirty field work.

“Very well commander… I will prepare for an op then, was that all?”  Racky placed his hand on Marks shoulder,
“No, there is one more thing. Take “Her” with you...“
“If they are afraid of aliens, she might come in handy”
“Understood sir”
With that mark left the Command centre and headed out, ready to prep for the next mission.

Talia and Ari were set in the prep room. Talia’s mind ever lingering on poor injured Binx, were as Ari double checked her weapons again and again. The failure of her shot had made her feel inadequate to shoot. She cradled her brand new firearm; a 12-gage shotgun, perfect for leaving aliens little room to escape, but could she really do it?

Mark entered the room and called for attention,
“You both have suffered through the aliens, but it's important that you realize you are humanity's best chance--“
“AND IF THAT ISN'T ENOUGH!?” Talia shouted.
Ari flinched at the outburst “not..good enough..?” she repeated slowly.
A Silence followed.

“Not good enough? Then get better.” a feminine voice resounded as a woman walked into the room, her eyes covered by a wave of ice blue hair, the backside of her head betraying that she used to have a long curtain of hair up until recently. Her uniform was equally cold blue, and her expression stern.
“You are alive aren’t you? Then you already did better than most that have fought them”
“That’s... I didn’t even hit one” Talia responded.
“But you live”--she interrupted her and stepped forward--“My name is Glaceon Fennec, and I am supervising this mission” Ari Gasped,
“The sole survivor…”she quietly murmured,
“Yes that’s me, but that’s a story for another time. Suit up and get ready, Canada is waiting for us” she spoke as she tossed a set of armor towards Talia.
“I said move it cadet!“
Glaceon turned around and walked away, Mark followed and caught up to her,
“You really have to be so cold…?” he asked to which the young woman sighed.
“I do… I don’t want to bring more bodies home, especially not those of whom I care for” she shrugged his hand off and moved towards the ship. Operation 3 was about to commence.

During the long flight almost not a word was spoken, until the experienced soldier opened up “Check your weapons, and whatever you do, stick together. Stay behind cover and don’t take risks you don’t need to make. I promise I'll watch over you”

The ships hatches opened up, with a hot LZ it wasn’t possible for Big Sky to land close to the fighting. Four ropes dropped to the ground and the Strike Team descended in rapid succession. Positions were quickly taken up; Talia and Mark took the flank, Ari had point. Glaceon walked behind them.

The fight took place at a gas station. Cars had been left abandoned in pure terror as the aliens attacked. Reports said the LZ was clear of stragglers and the team was Fire Free. Ari charged for the door, standing off to its side, as she had learned from her previous mistake. Covered by Mark and Talia, Ari slowly opened the door.

There they were, sifting through packages and consumables, two ugly sectoid type aliens. Ari looked on, this was her chance! She could take them by surprise she thought, just a quick shot... But as she walked in, shotgun aimed forward, the alarms tripped, Alerting the critters to their presence.

The firefight inside was over quickly, although some aliens had cornered them outside the gas station.
“We can take them now!” Ari shouted
“But where is Glaceon?! Wasn’t she supposed to watch us?!” Talia asked, not able to find the team leader, she started to think she might have made a mistake.

Suddenly Ari rushed out. She jumped out of a window, right next to one of the sectoids,
“DIE!” she shouted out as the large shotgun splattered one of the invaders all over the wall.
“Ari! Take Cover!” Mark shouted as the grinning Ari looked up, her eyes grew large and her skin turned white. Yet again she saw one of the aliens aiming right for her. The green light she had tear through her last time shone bright in her eyes yet again,
“No….” she whimpered, no cover to dive too.

A sharp shot rang out, but it wasn’t Ari who got shot at. Instead the alien made a high pitched noise and fell to a pulp on the ground. A shell hit the ground as a quick movement was used to reload,
“Way too close…” Glaceon whispered to herself, then turned to Ari and Talia, “I told you, as team, we got each others back! Now let's get these bastards!”

With Mark giving back up fire, and observing the performance of the two, a newly confident Ari led the charge. Hesitantly Talia followed. Each time an alien would surprise them, a sniper shot would clear out the enemy, cleaving a path for the two to move on. Things seemed to be going beyond smoothly, when suddenly Ari found herself flanked by another alien. Mark fired his gun, and hit the creature, but he wasn’t able to kill it. Ari grinned at it, expecting a sniper bullet to put the beast out of its misery.
“Meet the vengeance of Glaceon, Alien scum!” she shouted, laughing.

Sure enough, the Sniper was taking aim but when she pulled the trigger, no bullet ran out.
“Empty?! But How?!” she exclaimed, quickly reaching to reload as she saw the beast take aim--
“No no no! Ari Run!!!” Glaceon shouted towards the young trooper.
Upon seeing Ari in peril, recalling the advice of her team and reminding herself of poor injured Binx, something snapped inside Talia. Fearlessly she broke formation, and ran straight for the alien.
“I WON'T LET YOU!” she shouted out, emptying a whole magazine into the beast, successfully killing the last alien in the area.

Glaceon dropped her sniper and radioed in to the airplane,
“Big Sky… Get us out of here”
“Acknowledged Strike Leader, pickup inbound.”
With a chuckle she watched as Ari and Talia jumped happily, knowing that they too, were capable of fighting these monsters.
“I’d say they passed” Mark spoke as he joined Glaceon.

Posted on 29 Sep 2015, 16:12:34
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Comeback Kid Binx, a Second UFO.

In multiple ways, today was an exciting day for the REVE unit. All activity was around the hospital ward, where two people would be released from their recovery periods.

Days had been long and hard on Talo, his body felt so heavy, but there was not a trace of pain to be found.
“I believe we are ready..” Doctor Shen said to him, to which Talo opened his eyes and took a deep breath.
“Okay Sir…. What first?”  Shen looked over his pad and looked over Talo to start explaining,
“First you—”
“OH MAN I'M A ROBOT! HOW COOL IS THAT!?” Talo shouted out as he laughed about it, until Shen interrupted him with a stern look.
“Sorry sir..” Shen then sighed and continued,
“Try to stand up…”

With arms and legs now made of metal, Talo slowly pushed himself up, controlling the machine parts as if they were his own. Sitting up before pushing himself into a stand, rotary sounds echoed through the room, and in mere moments Talo was moving around.
“Omg I’m so sexy!” he spoke as he tried to jump, causing the floor to tremble.
“Careful! You weigh about five times as much now!” Shen warned him to which Talo flinched,
“I need a diet..”

But this wasn’t where Talo’s improvements would end. As he was taken along, the true pride of his transformation was shown to him; his very own mech suit.
“This is the MK1, our very first prototype, and you are it's only pilot.” Talo’s body was linked to the suit, his movements controlled that of the mech. The center of the chest unfolded and Talo took place in it.
“It is equipped with a state of the art tracking system, a forty gallon Flamethrower, and a Minigun. Further modules will come with time, as the commander sees fit” Shen explained, while Talo donned his suit. The time of the mech had arrived, the time of Talo.

Commander Racky was on his way to check up on Binx, who was released from the hospital ward.
“I can't be arsed to do that, just sign me sheets and let me be on me way!” could clearly be heard across the hallway. Racky chuckled as he heard the familiar voice of Binx Lions echo through the halls.

“But Binx! Its procedure!” Mark tried to tell her, as she got out of bed and put on her sunglasses.
“I want my payback at those fuckers aye, so just sign me the sheets!” She protested as she pushed past Mark. Racky just entered the room and laughed,
“I don’t think an evaluation is needed Doc.. we don’t call her Badass Bonx for nothing”

Binx turned to Racky and laughed,
“Ye gonna let me go then? I want some payback on those fuckers” she spoke, heading straight for the commander.
“Yeah Binx, I want you back out there… I know you aren’t gonna be scared of them just because of a wound” Outrack smiled as he gave Mark the all-clear, at that moment a familiar signal alerted them. Another UFO had been sighted.
“Ready for payback?” Racky asked her to which brave Lions gave the only response possible,
“You bet I fooking am”

Swiftly the UFO was brought down by the F16 Raven, and the task force assembled. Racky knew two of his crew members right away; the eager to prove herself Binx, and of course Talo, who after his upgrades deserved a test drive. Looking over the roster, he had to decide who to send with them. Lyle and Talia again? No,Talia and Binx seemed to worry about each other too much, not to mention Talia had just returned from a mission. In the end he decided to dispatch Terin and Lumina among them. Terin had proven himself a steadfast field captain, confident and strong, he seemed to be a good choice. Lumina, one of the two snipers REVE had access too, seemed to be a logical choice to finish up the team. Satisfied with his picks, Racky assembled the strike team, Operation Dark Jester was a go.

Having crashed straight through a highway pass in Nigeria, the UFO had caused collateral damage already. The eerie thing was that no reports of any aliens were made, only casualties. Strange deaths like plasma burns and strangulation were confirmed, and it had the team on edge. If there were no aliens, then how did the people die?

Binx and Terin patrolled the streets, as Lumi held back. She was still getting used to the weight of the sniper, and it made it hard for her to act mobile with it.
“It seems clear…” Terin stated looking through the window of a pub.
“Yah… ya reckon they all died in the crash?” Binx added.
“Doubtful…” Lumina replied as she fine tuned the scope of her large weapon.
“HAHAHA GUYS THIS IS AWESOME!” Talo shouted as he ran up and down the street, his movement impeccable, though not at all subtle.
“Who wants to race?” the mechanical man asked as he tried to perform a handstand with the large machine and promptly fell over.

Terin was watching the machine in utter awe. He was considering it before but didn’t know what to expect from a project like this. Watching Talo made him think of the things he could do in such a suit...
“HAHAHA This is—” Suddenly Talo stopped as he pointed his gun at Terin and Lumina,
“Don’t move…” he spoke.
“Talo what the hell!?” Terin shouted as he saw the gun spinning up, Talo was about to shoot... but with good reason!

Behind Lumina and Terin two squid like machines appeared, their tentacles splaying out like an umbrella. One near Terin, and one right next to Lumina. A rain of bullets was fired from Talos gun, nailing both of them down just before they could attack.
“What the hell!? They weren’t there before!” Lumina exclaimed as she drew her handgun and took two steps back, shooting at the thing to make sure it was dead.
“They weren’t.. they just appeared” Talo said
“Cloaking then?” Terin reasoned from it as Binx peared around the corner back at them,
“Guys, I think I found the ship--- the fook happened here?” Binx asked as she saw the alien corpses “Oh bugger off, don’t tell me I missed all the fun!”

Terin double checked the aliens, then called his team together.
“Stick close. I don’t know what those things will do, but it seems they are trying to get us within melee range, our best bet is to cover each other…” the team nodded and then moved on.

They found the ruins of the highway, a mess to say the least. Burning cars, shattered remains and chunks of concrete littered the once grassy children's playfield.
“Terrible..” Lumina muttered as they walked over it. Terin raised his hand, signaling them to stop as he pointed forward,
“If there were no survivors…who are they?”

Appearing human, two men in black suits stood before them, and when they saw the Strike Team, they let out high pitched reptilian screeches. Suddenly they opened fire,
“TAKE COVER!” Terin shouted as he moved toward the debris, shooting at the strange men. He managed to take one down, riddling it with bullets. However the other one was able to return fire and hit Terin through his leg causing him to fall face first in the dirt.
“Shit, this is nothing, I can still do this!” he shouted out reaching for his handgun and shooting at the alien. A few yards back, Lumina took a deep breath and muttered something along the lines of “Silly Terin..” lovingly under her breath before she pulled the trigger. Laying flat on her belly at the top of a truck, she had managed to set up her sniper rifle, and immediately proved why she was given one; One bullet was all it took her, a clean headshot.

Binx rushed over to terin and started to treat his leg.
“Ye’ll be fine, stop thrashing like that!” she told him, bandaging his wound and looking into the ship. It was then Binx saw a familiar light,
“Well damn, I didn’t realize I'd literally be able to get my revenge” she spoke as she approached the ship.

After a quick patrol to make sure the surrounding area was clear, Talo noticed binx moving towards the ship.
“Wait Binx! I’ll come too!” he shouted, heading over towards her. The moment he crossed in front of the ship a bright light expanded from it. A green glow was building up on the downed ships front cannons, as the glow converged together it took aim at Lumina, Terin and Talo. The ships weapon system had not been disabled.

“I DON’T THINK SO,YE ARSEHOLE” Binx shouted as she opened fire on the alien. As she shot, quickly and from an inappropriate stance, the recoil ripped into her arm. Her old wound opened up and made her drop her rifle, “Sheit…” she moaned as she looked at the alien. Slowly the creature stood up. It was unarmed as well, and made its way back to the weapon consol. Binx took off her sunglasses and sighed,
“Fook me… ya gotta be a persistent bugger don’t ya?” she slumped over to the alien, who was not considering her a threat anymore. Aiming his cannons right at the rest of the team, Terin was just getting up and Talo still ran toward the ship. Lumina had abandoned her rifle, but it seemed unlikely she could get away from the blast. Binx drew her knife and smirked, her eyes twinkling the sweet way she always hated to show.
“They said it be bad to get close to ya.. but you know what..” she spoke as she suddenly lunged at it “FOOK YAAAAA” her knife penetrated the aliens core, and it screamed in agony. However, a being made of light isn’t meant to be attacked with a metal knife. A high electric current zapped through Binx, clenching her teeth she grabbed the aiming stick of the cannons and yanked it to her. The blast of light fired high into the sky, missing the team, and more importantly, the entire city. The alien cried out one last time before it crumbled to dust, and Binx took the full hit of the electricity currents. She was launched away, straight into Talo who just came around the corner through the ship interior,
“Ha… Nice catch Robocop..” she coughed. The stitches in her shoulder had melted, and her left arm was no longer attached to her body. Blood edged at her lips, and it didn’t take a medical specialist to see that this was Binx Lions last mission.
“Binx..I-I'm sorry.. I was-- I was supposed to protect you this time”
“Oh fook off Talo… Ye can't always save everyone.. I'm just accident prone is all” She spluttered, as Lumina and Terin joined them. Lumina gasped in shock at the sight of the injured Binx and Terin clenched his teeth, hitting the ship interior with his fist, “Dammit…” was all he managed to say.
“Hey…Would ya do me a solid? Mind not telling Talia? She would be fooking pissed with me…” binx smiled as she said it, her eyes slowly dimming.
“Don’t worry Binx… we will tell them everything”
“Ah piss off…don’t need that crap… just.. tell Racky not to get all worried about it aye? Hes got more to do then worry about sheit like this….well… I’ll be going then… Ya all take care ya----“ her breath was rasping at the end, as life left her body. REVE had its first victim. And her name…

Is Binx Lions, Our beloved Badass Bonx.


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