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Musings of an old Lalafell  (Read 703 times)

Posted on 08 Nov 2015, 10:28:31
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Today I had one of these moments in the game, where the brutal reality of Eorzea just really hit me in the face and reminded me how deep and rich that game world, in which we joyfully sweep the floor with the computer animated beasts every day, really is.
And since Val has long been a "true" character to me, I figured it would be a nice idea to write a little piece from his point of view.
I post it here for you to read, even though I feel that my active English vocabulary is not nearly doing Val's thoughts justice! :P


What makes a Warrior of Light?

It is strange sometimes, looking back at a lifetime. Especially the long life I was fortunate enough to be given. So full of memories, emotions and adventure. Filled with the faces, the laughter and joy of the many people that crossed my path or accompanied it for a while. I am an old Lalafell now, blessed beyond comprehension with all that happened in my life and made it worthwhile.
I wonder; what impact did I leave in other people’s lives? Small feet leaving footprints on the pages of their own stories.

Whenever I came back from my adventures to visit my family at home, the grandchildren and great-grandchildren were wide eyed and full of excitement for the stories of adventure and peril I was able to tell them. Their gramps, a Warrior of Light!

Do you kill monsters, gramps?
Did you face the Garleans in battle?
Can you show us a magic trick?
Did you protect the people from the bad guys?

I guess I did all those things. Fought numerous battles and did play my part in this whole story, this messy war. As a Warrior of Light I did bring hope to those who could not fight for themselves, protected their lives.
But I don’t think that was all that mattered. And it is actually those deeds that I did while the cane and the sword were sheathed, which linger and stay the most vivid in my mind.
I have always been busy, I think that is part of my Lalafell nature. Bustling about, pottering around, learning the crafts to support both me and my friends in battle as well as during the quiet times. I amassed quite a fortune that way, way too much to spend in one lifetime. Most of the time my life was one big commotion, rushing me to and fro and back again. And too many times forbidding me to stop, breathe and look around me. Maybe I should have stopped more often.

What makes a Warrior of Light, you ask me? I say it is shining a bit of that light on other people’s lives, letting them glimpse the good that is in this world.

I think and I hope I might have done just that. Once in Ul’dah, in this pulsing, vibrant metropolis, I stopped, took a breath and a look around.

I didn’t even notice her at first. Like too many people probably never notice her, pushing past with no heed for her. I don’t think she even wanted to be noticed. Why would she have hidden behind that sign if not for staying out of sight. A young Lalafell girl, her simple linen clothing sticking out of the silk and gemstone around us like sore thumb. She did not move, just stood there, wide eyed and admiring the sparkling splendor of the displayed jewellery, the beautifully wrought gold and silver. Maybe to grasp some idea of the riches and the power mirrored in the polished gems. Maybe just to venerate their delicate beauty. She sensed it would never be in her life’s path to hold one of those noble tokens. All she could do was look while being overlooked by the world around her.
I stopped, looking into my own hand that was holding a piece I had just crafted. A small silver ornament, a little bird with ruby eyes, one that was hastily commissioned by one of the busy nobles to be placed among an array of others on a jewellery box meant to hold a rich girl’s trinkets.
The Lalafell girl had noticed me and the little bird in my hand, and shyly moved deeper into the shadow of the sign when she noticed me looking at her. Maybe she had experienced rejection before, people in silk and velvet shooing her to move away from the place, because the next moment she quickly took off and vanished into the lively crowd populating Onyx Lane. I sensed she was still nearby, her auburn eyes fixing me from afar, where she was hiding behind an ever moving wall of people hurrying by. 
I looked back at the small bird in my hand, then placed it carefully behind the wooden frame of the advertising panel, right where the girl had stood before.
It would be easy to craft another bird for the client.

A few days later I was given the opportunity again to halt for a moment, breathe and look around me. It was when a Lalafell girl timidly looked me in the eyes from across the busy street of the Sapphire Avenue, lovingly cradling a small silver bird in her hands, and a soft, hesitant smile playing around the corners of her lips.

And that is what makes a Warrior of Light.


If you want to know what Lalafell girl I was talking about, she can be found in Ul'dah, Steps of Thal at X10 Y12. :) (And ignore her dialogue box. I saw it too late.)
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